• Emily Kim (Emirichu) is a 25-year-old Korean-American comedian, social media personality and digital illustrator.
• She is self-taught in animation, voice acting and drawing.
• She enjoys movies, anime, Disney movies, traveling, playing sports and reading.
• She started her YouTube channel in 2011 and has collaborated with other YouTubers.
• She is estimated to be worth $350,000.

Emirichu is a well-known Korean-American comedian, social media personality and digital illustrator. She does voice acting and has a YouTube channel, “Emirichu” where she posts illustrations and story time animation.

Age, Early Life, Education Background

Emirichu was born Emily Kim under the zodiac sign Virgo on 27 August 1995, in New York City, USA, which makes her 25 years old as of mid-2021.  She was born to parents who are Americans originally from South Korea, who moved to the US in the ‘80s. She has not disclosed the name of her mother who was a nurse and worked  at a local hospital; her dad was a pastor, and a construction worker by profession.

The social media personality, who is a Christian, revealed that her family was ‘super religious’, and that they would regularly attend church as a family when she was a child.

Shortly after Emirichu was born, her family moved to L.A., California where she was raised together with her siblings, two younger brothers, John Kim (alias Sim) and Josh Kim . One of Emirichu’s brothers, who had nicknamed her “Clumsy Ox” once revealed that the famed illustrator grew up as a very clumsy child who would frequently fall down for no obvious reason.

Surprisingly, Emirichu, who is currently more balanced when she is in high heels as revealed by her brother, never broke a single bone despite the fact that she was unbalanced.

The YouTuber attended an elementary school as a child, where she expressed huge interest in learning Taekwondo. Unfortunately, her dad didn’t tolerate the idea, as he termed the art “boyish”, which forced the now famous YouTuber to explore other interests, and in no time she had found comfort in watching anime and drawing.

Emirichu joined a local high school located in L.A., where she taught herself various skills including how to make animations and drawings using a computer.


She later matriculated to college where she spent her free time working as a camp counselor and a teacher. Emirichu boasts of being a self-taught YouTuber and artist, having joined YouTube in June 2011, revealing that her greatest source of inspiration was Arina Tanemura, who is a Japanese illustrator.

Hobbies and Interests

Emirichu enjoys watching animated movies as well as Japanese anime – her favourites are “Howl’s Moving Castle,”  “Princess Mononoke,” and “The Take of Princess Kaguya. ” She also likes Disney movies such as “How to Train Your Dragon.”

The accomplished YouTuber has toured many US states, as she loves traveling a lot.

Emirichu can be described as a kind hearted lady who is eager to donate to charities and non-profit organizations.

She is physically fit and active, and finds pleasure in playing tennis, basketball, and in skiing.

She enjoys a quiet environment and is regularly spotted sitting in calm environs while reading a book.

Emirichu is a pet lover who likes taking care of animals.


Although she joined YouTube in 2011, Emirichu’s videos were first made public in 2016.

She posted an animated video on her channel the following year., and since then has been posting animated videos that look like Japanese anime on her well-liked channel.  Her videos come with a little fluid movement, and are mostly composed of stills which makes her stand out from other famous YouTubers such as JaidenAnimations. Her animated persona comes out with brown hair, black skirt, and a top that is horizontally stripped.

In the course of her career, Emirichu, has collaborated with some of the most gifted personalities YouTube has to offer, including Wolfychu, Tabbes, TimTom, TheAMaazing, and ChillyPanda among others.

She has maintained a close friendship with CDawgVA. Apart from being on YouTube, Emirichu works for MOONSHINE ANIMATIONS as an animator and voice actor.

Of all the videos Emirichu has hosted since she started her career, “Childhood Crushes 2” has been the most liked, leading with tens of millions of views. Although she is inconsistent with her postings, she is continuously gaining followers, and now has millions of subscribers.

Personal Life

Emirichu is not religious despite the fact that she was born into a very religious background.

She had conflict with the Christian faith as well as her own personal beliefs as she grew up. She was once dismayed during a seminar, that one of the leaders believed that invert people would only make it to heaven if “they refrained from acting on their lustful desires.”

As most celebrities prefer, Emirichu has kept her romantic life away from the limelight, completely normal as she has been brought up in the traditional ways of the South-Koreans. She has never been engaged, however, she had been in at least one relationship in the past.

On her alleged boyfriend’s birthda, in October 2017, the well-known YouTube star posted a tweet, a drawing of her boyfriend working.

She hadn’t gained popularity then, and the tweet had only 20 likes and a few comments. However, it’s  believed that the duo broke up for unknown reasons later that year, and she hasn’t disclosed anything about having a boyfriend since then, but it’s speculated that Emirichu has been dating a YouTuber, Daidus, for close to a year now. She has not come out to address this speculation which was started by one of her fans. As of 2021, she isn’t married, and doesn’t have children. Currently, the YouTube sensation lives in California.

Body Measurements

Emirichu is allegedly an exceptionally gorgeous looking woman, and voluptuous in physical appearance.

She stands at a height of 5ft 6ins(1.68 m) and weighs approximately 128lbs (58kgs). She has fair skin and  dark brown eyes, with long black hair.

Net Worth

Emirichu’s career as a YouTuber has earned her fame and wealth. She lives a lavish lifestyle and earns an annual income of approximately $32,000 from her YouTube channel alone.  She is reportedly worth close to $350,000 as of mid-2021, a figure that is expected to rise very soon judging from her popularity and the passion she has for her job. There is no information regarding Emirichu’s property and any other assets.


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