• FitMC is a famous American YouTuber known for his baritone voice and captivating Minecraft Let's Plays and playthroughs
• He is a fitness enthusiast with hazel eyes and brown hair and is currently bald
• Fans find him unique as he remained anonymous after creating his channel until 2016
• He has earned his net worth through his YouTuber career and is worth close to $1 million
• FitMC was involved in a controversial feud with fellow YouTuber, TheCampingRusher, during the Rusher War.

FitMC is a famed American YouTuber, known to many for his eponymous channel – he’s caught public attention with his baritone voice, and his captivating Minecraft Let’s Plays and playthroughs.

Age, Early Life, and Education Background

Peter ‘FitMC’ Michael Larsen was born under the Aquarius zodiac sign on 1 February 1990, in the US, which makes him 31 years old as of 2021. His parents are American, but whose names he hasn’t revealed, nor whether he has any siblings or not.

FitMC has not shared any details regarding his education background, but it’s strongly speculated that he completed his studies in a good education facility, as after he presumably graduated, Peter worked as a fifth grade teacher at a local school; at the same time, he continued making short videos for his channel, so claiming to be a tutor by the day and a vlogger by night. Fans find Fit a unique vlogger, because he remained anonymous after creating his channel, only to reveal his face several years later, in December 2016.

Interesting Facts

Larsen enjoys playing 3D games, which feels better than the 2D as he’s said; he prefers to play Minecraft more than Terraria.

When he’s streaming, he likes calling players and viewers ‘comrade’, and calls viewers from Florida ‘Freaks’ and ‘Native Floridians.’

He likes using the phrase “The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft,” which has become one of his slogans

He’s said that he’ll never wear the shoe brand ‘crocs’ in his life during a stream, but not why.

FitMC is proud of being bald, and his slogan is “Bald is Beauty.”

He is a dog lover, who has posted several photos with his dog on his social media platforms.

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One of FitMC’s students discovered that his teacher was a YouTuber, and soon the whole school and the faculty knew about his second profession. Most of the staff were fine with the fact that Fit was a YouTuber, as long as he performed his teaching duties accordingly, without swearing or talking about Minecraft in his science, history, and social studies classes.

FitMC began his YouTube career in November 2008, but didn’t quit his teaching job until 2019 to focus on vlogging. He has been consistent with his Minecraft related posts. made primarily for 2b2t, and has attained a massive following due to his skillful video editing abilities. One of his recent and most watched videos is the “2b2t’s History of Incursions,” which has close to four million views now. He has captured the attention of millions of gaming enthusiasts with his Minecraft Let’s Plays and playthroughs.

On top of the Minecraft videos, he has uploaded a video entitled “Sneaking into a Luxury Resort Gym.” Some of his notable well-produced YouTube videos that have been considered top quality entertainment pieces include “The Day 2b2t Almost Died,” “POPBOB’S CASTLE (2b2t.org),” “2b2T History t’s of Kings,” and “How a Base Survived 8 Years on 2b2t.”

For close to a decade now, 2b2t has been a popular Minecraft server which has no oversight and rules, and players are allowed to do anything that pleases them, including trolling, trash-talking, grieving and spamming – there are no restrictions. FitMC has created a captivating aura through his server, and fans are excited about the 2b2t, which has naturally become meaningful to Minecraft fans. After he discovered what fascinates his fans, the famed YouTuber started using his skillful story-telling abilities to narrate great stories that came out of the server in anarchy.

Some of the stories that FitMC has covered in 2b2t include the “Dragon Egg History,” “Some of the Best Builds and Buses Ever Made,” “History of the Kings,” “The Underground Fight Club by 2b2t,” “2b2t’s Most Legendary Griefs,” among many more. Most of the videos created by FitMC are viewed by hundreds of thousands of fans, which reveals that they are of high quality. Most of his fans like him because he’s not only very interesting and entertaining, but his 2b2t videos are also very informative.

Larsen chose the name FitMC, because in addition to being very passionate about keeping fit and being in his best physical health, he has a twisted sense of humour and he uses it to ironically refering to Minecraft gamers, who are typically overweight and not caring about their physique.

FitMC is active on several social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram. He uses the latter account to promote his career, updating his fans about his recent career endeavors; he also likes to post pictures of himself and his pet dog on this platform.

FitMC has been awarded a silver play button for his YouTube achievements.

Rusher War and Controversies

Camping Rusher (Brayden Wheeler) is a Canadian YouTuber famous for his Fortnite and Minecraft Let’s Plays and playthroughs; He was FitMC’s biggest rival in the fourth incursion of the Rusher War. The rivalry resulted in TheCampingRusher banning FitMC on TheArch on when he (the latter) attempted to ruin him as he was recording a certain faction episode. The two YouTubers have now ended their feud and are friends.

During the Rusher War, there was speculation that FitMC was working closely with TheCampingRusher but was pretending to be his rival – according to the rumours, FitMC was planning to give TheCampingRusher Crystal Island co-ordinates and in exchange Rusher would promote his career. Many fans believed that those allegations were true because by the end of the Rusher War, FitMC had gained many more fans in barely a month. Many people including Offtopia, a famous YouTuber, believed that FitMC was a sellout, but he denied the allegations, saying that a random person had leaked these co-ordinates to TheCampingRusher via Twitter.

Personal Life, Girlfriend

Peter ‘FitMC’ Larsen has kept his personal details under wraps, and hasn’t publicly introduced anyone as his girlfriend.

He also hasn’t shed any light regarding any previous relationships. As of 2021, he’s presumably single, and doesn’t have children, and has maintained a clean profile without any controversies.

His close friends and YouTube subscribers describe him as a down-to-earth character, who puts a lot of care and precision into all the content he makes for his fans.

Physical Appearance

FitMC is a fitness enthusiast who certainly appears physically fit. He has hazel eyes and brown hair, but currently shaves his head so is bald. His weight and height aren’t yet available on the internet.

Net Worth

Peter has earned his net worth through his blossoming career as a YouTuber, and has accumulated enough to afford a lavish lifestyle. As of 2021, he’s authoritatively worth close to $1 million.


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