• Zylbrad is a 25-year old Caucasian YouTuber and Twitch streamer
• His early life is unknown, but he is likely to have had a passion for gaming from an early age
• His most popular content is gameplay of popular games such as Sea of Thieves, Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
• He is currently dating V-Tuber gamer Miltia
• His net worth is estimated at over $2.5 million in mid-2021

Who is Zylbrad? What is his real name and age?

Born Bradley with an unknown surname, under the sign of Taurus on the 30th April 1996, in an unspecified part of Australia, Zylbrad is a 25-year old Caucasian YouTuber and Twitch streamer. He’s probably best known around the world due to his significant presence on YouTube, through which he promotes gameplay of various popular games, most notably “Sea of Thieves”, “Overwatch” and “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” (“CSGO” for short). He has enjoyed an enviable amount of success in his occasionally remunerative YouTuber career since 2016.

Early life: Logging in

Nobody’s quite sure where Zylbrad began his real-life character creation, or who his two lead developers are, so the names and professions of his parents are unknown to date.

Considering his unwavering passion for games, he is very likely to have had it from an early age. Zylbrad was raised apparently an only child in his birthplace, where he is thought to have attended high school as well, from where he matriculated in 2014. As of now, there are no records pointing to a potential college education. Zylbrad most likely played games very frequently, until that became his profession.

Career: The power-up

Zylbrad initially set out as a casual gamer, just uploading random gameplay videos for fun, but as more and more people found his content entertaining enough to keep coming back to the channel, he started getting serious about it. Zylbrad created his YouTube channel on the 14th January 2016, and the first video he uploaded is entitled “CS:GO – Bizon Spray Control Tutorial”, detailing a technique with which one can make a gun ‘spray’ in the mentioned game.

The next few videos followed up on this trend, with titles including “The Adventures of Praising the Bizon – Episode 1”, “CS:GO – P90 Spray Control Tutorial”, etc. Unlike his contemporary content, the initial videos he uploaded were fairly short, and thus more focused on quick and funny entertainment, rather than whole episodes of comical gameplay full of action that have become the modern standard. Zylbrad continued with only “CS:GO” content until 24 April 2016, when he uploaded his first “Overwatch” video, entitled “Overwatch – Route: 76”. His viewership increased dramatically when he branched out into multiple, fast-paced action games with very different audiences, including “Battlefield 1” and “For Honor”, which isn’t even a shooting game.

Bringing out the big guns

His YouTube channel really took swing around September 2016, when he commenced frequently uploading “Overwatch” videos featuring a much larger streamer, YouTuber and professional gamer called Muselk. The two seemed to have great chemistry playing together, and this served to increase both their fanbases; they also played “Battlefield 1” together at times.

It was at this time that Zylbrad also realized his previous type of uploads weren’t cutting it anymore, as he now had too much content to place in just a few minutes, so his production gained a massive increase in quality. All of the videos now had very specific thumbnails, some of which were custom creations by various artists just for his channel. The duration of the videos also grew substantially, with his shortest average video now peaking at about 20 minutes.

One of the longest at the time is almost an hour long, entitled “Overwatch – The “Best” Widowmaker Ever”. Zylbrad was at this point so invested into “Overwatch” that it made perfect sense to start building his brand on just that, and so he came up with a name for himself and his fanbase – “Bradstion” – the name is derived from the “Overwatch” character named Bastion, who is to this day Zylbrad’s favorite.

Maxing out the score

Like most other gaming YouTubers, Zylbrad also has a Twitch account, though he doesn’t stream there very frequently. In spite of this, the audience remains highly engaged with all of the livestreams thus far, and his Twitch follower count hasn’t seen much of a decrease either. He’s now amassed over 200,000 total channel views, even with the fact that his followers can’t look at any previous streams, because he has turned the option off for the Twitch channel.

He later ventured into other games as well, and for a time completely strayed from “Overwatch”.


In late 2018 and early 2019, he uploaded videos from VR chatting, “Sea of Thieves” and even “Fortnite”, before eventually fully crossing into “Apex Legends”, the revolutionary shooting game by Electronic Arts, from 4 February 2019, that he has incessantly been playing ever since.

In 2021 his “Apex Legends” videos make up 100% of the popular YouTube channel’s content, and considering his consistency with “Overwatch” in the past, this is likely to continue for at least a year or two. Zylbrad’s YouTube and Twitch channels are his only source of income in 2021.

Who is controlling the character? Zylbrad’s real face

Since Zylbrad almost never uploads videos featuring his face, many of his fans have wondered what he actually looks like. Those who are interested in that have to look no further than the video his good friend Muselk uploaded on the 18th October 2016, entitled “Vlog: The Zylbrad Face Reveal”, in which the gaming duo set out to visit Los Angeles, California USA, to sample “Battlefield 1”.

Funnily enough, a re-arrangement of the flight’s passengers results with Muselk joining business class, while Zylbrad stays in economy class. They also added a comical twist to the actual face reveal, in which Zylbrad is first wearing a box showing the thumbnail of one of his most popular videos, and upon removing it, he is seen with a print of Muselk’s picture duct taped over the face. The video has over four million views in mid-2021, with almost 100,000 likes.

An apex legend

Since “Apex Legends” is a highly competitive game, a high number of players are competing for the ultimate score. The game has a fairly simple set of rules, according to which a player’s participation in the match is over after he is killed once. Hence, the main goal for professional players is to get as many kills as possible before dying, or winning the match, as the last one standing is declared the victor.

Zylbrad wanted to get a ridiculously high kill record, which he knew wasn’t possible with normal gameplay. Instead, he invited a lot of fans and queued for a match at the same time as all of them, essentially creating a lobby that he fully controlled.

The plan was for all of the players to collaborate towards increasing his kills, for example by lining up so that they would all die from one shot. The YouTuber made multiple attempts, each yielding better results than the previous one. He kept going until he reached a digit so impossible that the game’s servers themselves couldn’t handle processing it, an incredible 272 kills, while on the 273rd the game actually crashed for everyone. In July 2020, this was the biggest event of the franchise.

Of course, since he had players helping him achieve that score, it’s not considered an official record.

Dodging a bullet

While Zylbrad himself is yet to fully commit to professional gaming, i.e. playing in high profile tournaments for a sponsor, his friend Muselk was a professional “Overwatch” player. This part of his career came to an abrupt halt after certain allegations came to light, pointing at certain Twitter posts that he made in the past, and even a video featuring Zylbrad himself. Muselk was publicly accused of making rape jokes, and supporting racism by his sponsor the Australian Defence Force, after which his contract with them was subsequently annulled. Even though insensitive comments about fictional in-game characters are a lifelong trend in gaming culture, their publicity eventually caused significant backlash against the “Overwatch” pro.


Fortunately enough for Zylbrad, even though he was present and quite vocal in the notorious video, the scandal it provoked had virtually no influence on his career.

Love life: Who is he dating?

The earliest known part of Zylbrad’s love life starts with a mysterious girl named Taylota in-game, whom he dated for a time in 2016. He was then single for a while until entering a relationship with fellow YouTuber Shenpai, also known as AeroViro, in late 2016. Together, they made-up a YouTuber trio alongside Muselk, however, as they split-up in February 2017, the three friends went separate ways, sparking some controversy and rumors in the process.

After being single for a few years, he is currently dating the v-tuber gamer everyone knows as Miltia. Since she is a virtual YouTuber, meaning she shows herself to the public using a 3D character rendered over her real appearance, nobody yet knows what she looks like.

The two can sometimes be seen interacting on social media, such as the time when Zylbrad retweeted one of her Twitter posts. Momentarily, they seem to be enjoying their relationship without any issues; the two are believed to reside together at an undisclosed location in Australia.

What is Zylbrad’s net worth?

Zylbrad’s net worth is estimated at over $2.5 million in mid-2021. He is thought to be making as much as $700,000 on a yearly basis, up to $60,000 per month. He has achieved this wealth thanks to consistently providing high quality content to his viewers on YouTube and Twitch, which will continue for the foreseeable future.

Social media presence

Unlike most of his colleagues, Zylbrad isn’t actually all that interested in social media, and doesn’t have Facebook, Instagram or TikTok accounts. His YouTube channel has nearly 2.5 million subscribers, his Twitch more than 100,000, and his Twitter close to 150,000 fans.


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