• Avielle Janelle Hernandez is the daughter of the late NFL player Aaron Hernandez and Shayanna Jenkins.
• Avielle is being raised by her mother, who is doing her best to move on from the past.
• Aaron's net worth was estimated at around $50,000 at the time of his death.
• Aaron was charged with first degree murder in 2013 and found guilty in 2015, before committing suicide in 2017.
• It is widely believed that Aaron was gay or bisexual, and Netflix released a three-part documentary movie about him in 2020.

Who is Avielle Janelle Hernandez?

Avielle Janelle Hernandez was born in the USA, on 6 November 2012 – her zodiac sign is Scorpio and she holds American nationality. She is only known for being the daughter of the late Aaron Hernandez who was a football player competing in the National Football League (NFL), and Shayanna Jenkins, a non-celebrity woman who gained recognition after she started dating Aaron.

Early life and family

Avielle’s parents met while attending elementary school and started dating in 2007. In the same month Avielle was born, the two became engaged and bought a house for $1.3 million. Shayanna soon learned that Aaron was cheating on her and left him, but soon returned.

Avielle is being raised by her mother as her father committed suicide two years after being charged with murder. She is currently attending an elementary school at which she is interested in acting and singing, while Avielle and her mother are doing their best to leave the past behind them and go on without Aaron, however, journalists and the media are making this hard for them.

Age, height and net worth

Avielle’s age is eight. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, her height is 4ft 2ins (1.28m) and she weighs around 57lbs (26kgs). At the time of his death, Aaron’s net worth was estimated at around $50,000, although having earned considerably more during his career.

Who is Shayanna Jenkins?

Shayanna Jenkins was born on 29 May 1989 in Bristol, Connecticut USA – her zodiac sign is Gemini and she holds American nationality. She was raised alongside her sister Shaneah by their father Derrick Jenkins and their mother Jodi.

Shayanna attended Bristol Central High School and during the four years spent there was mostly interested in launching her career as a model – she matriculated in 2007, and while she hasn’t talked about her further education, it is widely believed that Shayanna didn’t attend college. She went on to date Aaron, and didn’t work as he provided for both of them.

After Aaron’s death, Shayanna spent some time alone before she found a new boyfriend – Dino Guilmette, a bar owner and a boxer. The two have recently become engaged.

Shayanna’s age is 31. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, her height is 5ft 6ins (1.68m) and she weighs around 140lbs (64kgs).

Who was Aaron Hernandez?

Aaron Hernandez was born in Bristol, Connecticut USA, on 6 November 1989 – his zodiac sign was Scorpio and he held American nationality. He was a professional football tight end from 2010, but who was convicted for killing Odin Lloyd, the boyfriend of Shayanna’s sister Shaneah.

Aaron was raised alongside his older brother Dennis Jonathan Jr. by their father Dennis Hernandez, and their mother Terri Valentine-Hernandez – their parents often fought, were involved in crimes, and were arrested multiple times. They went bankrupt in 1991.

Aaron’s father pushed him and his brother to study and play football, and would beat them if they didn’t do well at school, while he also once punched Aaron’s football coach – Dennis died in January 2006, after which Aaron left his mother and brother and became involved in criminal activities. Aaron’s brother once claimed that Aaron was sexually abused by a man when he was six, and that it continued for a couple of years.

Aaron Hernandez

He became interested in football while attending Bristol Central High School, while he also played basketball and ran track. Aaron eventually found himself playing for the Bristol Rams football team, but during those years spent at high school, he smoked large amounts of marijuana and drank a lot of alcohol. After matriculation in 2007, he enrolled at the University of Florida and started playing for their Florida Gators – two years later, Aaron was awarded the John Mackey Award, but was then expelled from college before graduation for taking drugs, although advised to try and join a National Football League (NFL) team.

He was picked up by the New England Patriots, signing a $2.37 million contract on 8 June 2010 and two years later on 27 August 2012, he signed a new five-year contract with the Patriots worth close to $40 million – his final game was half a year later against the Baltimore Ravens played on 20 January 2013.

Aaron had problems with the police even before he was accused of murder. He often had problems at nightclubs, and had a second apartment of which Shayanna wasn’t aware, and there kept weapons and drugs. On 28 April 2007, Aaron was escorted out of a restaurant after he refused to pay his bill and then ruptured the eardrum of the restaurant’s manager with a punch – the matter was settled out of court.

Later that year, two men were shot while sitting in their car while their third friend was in the back – the man in the back named Corey Smith pointed out Aaron in a photo police gave him, and Aaron was thus taken into custody together with his two teammates – no charges were filed upon further investigation.

On 16 July 2012, two Cape Verde immigrants were killed in their car after someone fired five bullets at them. The security cameras of a nearby nightclub showed Aaron was there, and he was indicted on murder of both men on 15 May 2014 – his trial began three years later on 1 March 2017 and he was found not guilty of the murders, but guilty of possessing a handgun.

On 18 June 2013, Aaron’s home was searched by the police after his friend Odin Lloyd was found shot and killed not far from Aaron’s house – he was charged with first degree murder eight days later. and was found guilty and sentenced to spend his life behind bars on 15 April 2015. Aaron killed himself by hanging in his cell on 19 April 2017 – it’s widely believed that he committed suicide because people started to believe that he was gay or bisexual.

Following his death, Dennis SanSoucie who was Aaron’s high school friend claimed that he and Aaron were in a homosexual relationship for four years, and that Aaron was also sleeping with other men – Aaron’s mother and his lawyer went on to state that Aaron admitted to them while he was in prison that he was gay.

On 15 January 2020, Netflix released their three-part documentary movie “Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez”.


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