• John Moynahan is the son of two American celebrities, Bridget Moynahan and Tom Brady.
• Bridget has been his primary care-giver and co-parents with Tom.
• John has two step-siblings and is a big fan of Marvel and Harry Potter.
• He lives a lavish lifestyle and his parents have a combined net worth of over $600 million.
• He is not active on social media but his parents frequently post updates about him.

What happened to John Moynahan?

From the day he was born, John had always been the centre of the media’s attention. Being the child of two of America’s celebrities, fame clings to him wherever he goes. So who is John Moynahan, and what has he been up to?

John Moynahan’s Birth and Background

He was born John Edward Thomas Moynahan on 22 August 2007 under the Leo sun sign, at a Health Center in Santa Monica named ‘St John’, California, USA. His ethnicity is Caucasian, and was brought up in a Christian household.

His mother, Bridget Moynahan, is a famous Irish-American actress and model while his father, Tom Brady, is a highly ranked American sportsman. His parents were separated when his mother had been pregnant with him for just three months, and their three-year relationship was confirmed to be officially over in 2006.

Bridget has since been his primary care-giver, while also co-parenting with his father, Tom.

John has two step-siblings from his father’s wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen who he appears to be very close with. His younger brother is named Benjamin Rein and sister, Vivian Lake. He is fondly called “Jack” by his parents and family members.

John’s education and career

Details about his education have not been publicly shared, but there were unconfirmed reports that he went to an elementary school and was later homeschooled. Bridget loves to gush about her son’s academic prowess on her Instagram account, and he seems to have taken a liking to football, quite similar to his father.

About His Parents

John’s mother, Kathryn Bridget Moynahan, came into the world on 28 April 1971.

She started her career in show business as a model, and gradually made her way towards acting. She made her debut appearance in “Sex and the City”, and later landed a role in the movie acting as “Natasha”. She continued to star in critically-acclaimed movies, most notable of which was her portrayal of an attorney in the successful TV Series “Blue Bloods”. She has also featured in movies such as “Grey Matters”, “Noise”, “Prey” and “John Wick: Chapter 2”

The actress is rumoured to have been romantically linked to scriptwriter Scott Rosenberg from 2001 ‘til 2003, before she met Tom Brady in 2004.  The pair dated for about three years before they decided to call it quits just three months after she had taken-in for John. Her spokesperson shared the news on 18 February 2007 to ‘People Magazine’, which became an instant headline across the tabloid.

Bridget recounted the bitter experience she faced through the scrutiny of the media, stating that vehicles trailed her and paparazzi stalked her during that period. Part of what piqued the interest of the public was how quickly Tom Brady had entered another relationship just a few weeks after their break-up. However, Bridget welcomed her son in the summer of 2007, and both parents have been very active in his life ever since.

Bridget continued her career in acting, and in 2015 married at the Hamptons, to Andrew Frankel, a businessman. The couple, her husband’s three sons from his earlier marriage, and John all live together in New York.

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr., who is John’s father, was born on 3 August 1977 in California, USA. He plays as a quarterback for the ‘Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ and has the record of the ‘oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl’ as well as the most Super Bowl wins.

The same month he broke up with Bridget, Tom began dating Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, who he met through a friend who set them up on a date. Gisele is a popular face across prominent fashion magazines, and brands such as “Vogue” and “Victoria’s Secret”. She has also graced many catwalks in major cities across the world, and was romantically involved with popular actor Leonardo Dicaprio,

The model detailed her ordeal in her book “Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life” on how the quarterback broke the news of him expecting a baby from his ex- Bridget after they had only been in a relationship for just two months. She stated that her world had been distorted because the news was plastered all over the tabloids and news outlets the next day.

Tom Brady

Although it was a trying period for them, they eventually married in 2007, at a private ceremony in Santa Monica, California amidst friends and well-wishers. Gisele has said that John’s presence has brought a new definition of love to her. They both have two children, and an amicable friendship with the Moynahans.

His Life with his parents

The 13-year-old John spends time with his mother and father according to their arrangements. When he was younger, he looked more like his mother, but as he matured into a teenager, he started taking on some resemblance to his father, both physically and in his footballing abilities. This was also pointed out by fans of the sports legend, when he shared a post on his Instagram account with most of his family members.

His father also enjoys sharing photos of John during his sports practices, claiming that his son is a football prodigy, but in an interview on ABC, Bridget stated that she didn’t think John was going into acting or football, but would rather be a soccer player, though it could just be a phase. Whether he plays sports or is into acting, an important role he plays is being his father’s adviser especially during tough decisions. Tom stated that one reason he left Los Angeles to Tampa Bay was connected to him wanting to be close to his son, John who lives in New York.

Aside from his interest in soccer, John is also quite brilliant academically. In the leaked email exchange between his parents, his mother stated that he had won an award in reading.

He is also interested in swimming, and after watching one of Michel Phelps competitions, declared that he would like to win an award in it someday.

His step-parents, that is, his mother and father’s spouses, are amicable towards the decision to co-parent John. His relationship with his stepmother, Giselle, is also good, and she likes to refer to him her additional child. She stated in a question and answer session on her social media platform that she didn’t like being referred to as a stepmom, but preferred to be called “bonus mom” because she felt lucky and blessed to have an additional “wonderful little angel” in her life.

John lives with his mother, but also spends a lot of time with his father at his New York, Montana, and Massachusetts homes.

Rumours and Controversies about him

Aside from his birth which came in the middle of his parent’s messy break-up, John hasn’t been directly involved in any controversies and has continued to stay out of the public eye.

His father, on the other hand, came under fire after posting a video in which he kissed his son on the mouth before the 2018 Super Bowl, which many found offensive. He was also briefly in the news again for promoting vitamins which he claimed could be beneficial against the Covid-19 pandemic, though they haven’t been certified.

John Moynahan’s physical feature

Though he’s just entered his teens, John seems to be getting all grown up at a height of 5ft (1.5m) and weighing about 80lbs (36kgs).

The young man has an athletic build which he’s gained through his sporting activities. His hair is dark brown and he has brown eyes.

His hobbies and favourites

When he is on a break from school and playing football, John likes to draw and watch movies, especially when his favourite actor, Robert Downey Jr and actress, Emma Watson are featured. He is a big fan of the Marvel franchise, his favourites being “Avengers: Endgame and Infinity War”, and also likes the “Harry Potter” series. His favourite holiday spot is California, best colour is blue, and he loves to eat Pizza and Donuts.

His Net worth

John has not started earning money, and is focused on his education, but being the son of highly successful celebrities has ensured he enjoys a lavish lifestyle. His father, Tom, is said to have a net worth estimated at $580 million, and has been named among the top-earning athletes with assets scattered across the US. His mother, an established actress, also brings in another $25 million from her successful career on screen.

Where to find him

John isn’t active across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, because he is below the age limit. His parents frequently post updates about him on their various social media platforms, especially his father, who shares videos and photos of him with his almost 8 million followers on his Instagram account @tombrady.


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