Overtime Megan, a standout figure on TikTok, has amassed a sizable following by sharing humorous videos encompassing pop culture, personal anecdotes and sports, with a focus on basketball. Her engaging and relatable content has turned her into a social media sensation. A notable incident that shook Megan’s online presence involved the unauthorized leak of her private photos and videos. She courageously addressed the matter through a TikTok video, which quickly gained traction and amassed nearly 10 million views.

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Early Life and Family

Overtime Megan – born Megan Eugenio on 17 October 1999, in Peabody, Massachusetts – is the daughter of Michelle Joyal Eugenio and Mark J. Eugenio. She grew up in a middle-class, Christian household alongside her older siblings Amanda Rose, and Joshua Mark who died in 2006.

Disenchanted with her hometown, Megan characterized Peabody as a place where people seem content to live and die. However, she desired more from life than that. She couldn’t envision herself settling down, getting married, or spending her later years there; instead, she yearned to explore the world and pursue her big dreams; not everyone appreciated her aspirations.

Megan was never part of the popular clique, facing bullying and feeling like an outcast, to the point in which she had zero friends. People made fun of her for being a cheerleader, and she even faced criticism for joining a beauty pageant, plus endured mockery for aspiring to be prominent on Instagram.

Rather than succumbing to the negativity, Megan used these experiences as motivation to break free from Peabody and carve a path for herself. She aimed to be someone worth following and watching, emphasizing relatability. Megan admitted that her desire for fame might stem from a need for validation and love that she didn’t receive in her youth.


Megan first attended a public school and then matriculated from Bishop Fenwick High School, a private Roman Catholic institution in Peabody. She pursued higher education at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut, and later at Pace University in New York, where her academic journey concluded in May 2023 with the attainment of a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication.

How did Megan get into Overtime

Megan relocated to New York City in 2018, to pursue her college education at Pace University. During her time there, she connected with an individual from Overtime, a sports media company that specializes in distributing sports content on social media, targeting Generation Z sports enthusiasts. Intrigued by the company’s mission, Megan reached out via Instagram, expressing her interest in joining Overtime despite lacking prior experience. Undeterred, she emphasized her strong work ethic, and willingness to tackle any task.

Impressed by her enthusiasm, Overtime granted 18-year-old Megan the opportunity to join as an intern. Since then, she has evolved into a vital team member, now serving as a sports interviewer, correspondent, and content developer for the company. Megan’s unique approach involves leveraging her in-depth knowledge of the game, offering player insights, and providing analytical perspectives to captivate her audience.

Her ability to seamlessly blend entertainment with an authentic passion for basketball has solidified Megan as a compelling personality within the basketball community. Through her work at Overtime, she continues to leave a lasting impact, engaging and resonating with sports fans across various platforms.

Instagram and TikTok Presence

On her Instagram profile, she uses the name Megan Patricia; fans presume that “Patricia” is a tribute to her grandmother. Since her first post in July 2018, Megan has gained nearly 600,000 followers, mainly showcasing behind-the-scenes moments from her work at Overtime.

On TikTok, she operates under the name Overtime Megan, amassing an audience of nearly three million followers and receiving over 110 million likes. Megan uses these platforms to share glimpses of her life, present lip-syncs and dance videos, showcase sports-related clips, and deliver other entertaining content that consistently captures the attention of her audience, leaving them eagerly anticipating more.

Overtime Megan’s Leaked Nude Photos and Videos

Her Snapchat account fell victim to hacking in August 2022, but she remained unaware of any consequences until April. It was during this month when she discovered explicit photos and videos of herself posted without her consent on Reddit. It became evident that the hacker had gained access to her Snapchat, downloading all of her data, which included private conversations with both her current and former boyfriends.

Took a short break from social media

Upon discovering her leaked content, Megan contemplated the idea of deleting her TikTok and setting her Twitter account to private—she felt an urge to distance herself from social media entirely. Taking a brief hiatus, she sought solace in conversations with her family, team, and employer. To her relief, everyone in her close circle responded with overwhelming positivity. Megan emphasized that she’d never displayed a provocative side on social media; the photos and videos she posted were, in her words, ‘very tame, very mellow.’ She clarified that the only time she felt a sense of feminine allure was in the presence of her boyfriend. Regrettably, some individuals took those private moments, and made them public for the world to see.

Addressed the scandal

In early May of 2022, Megan courageously addressed the incident through a TikTok video, revealing that she’d fallen victim to hacking, resulting in a crime committed against her. Personal and intimate content had been reproduced, circulated on the Internet and unlawfully sold. Megan expressed the emotional toll of seeing those images online, testing the limits of her strength and bringing her to the lowest point in her life. Compounding the distress, some individuals mocked her, made jokes about the situation, or even placed blame on her. She wanted to underscore that this incident wasn’t her fault and didn’t define her self-worth. Emphasizing the private nature of the content, Megan asserted that it was never intended for public consumption, stressing that those who downloaded and shared the stolen content were actively participating in a criminal act.

Empowering women

Initially contemplating quitting, after deep introspection Megan re-evaluated her stance. She recognized that she couldn’t allow those responsible for the leaked content to witness her in a state of distress, refusing to give them the satisfaction of seeing her upset or crying. Despite the intense scrutiny in the comment section of her social media pages, Megan came to the realization that, fundamentally, nothing had changed in her life.

Acknowledging the supportive messages from others who had faced similar situations, in turn Megan used her experience to help others. If her resilience could inspire even one person and show that she could move forward unaffected, emerging as a symbol of strength, then she deemed it worthwhile. Megan aspired to convey to other victims that they need not endure their suffering in silence or embarrassment. She encouraged them to reach out to people, especially the authorities, recognizing that a crime had been committed, and that they deserved support and justice.

Back on social media

She emphasized that while those responsible might have taken her private photos, they couldn’t strip away her determination to pursue what she loves. Megan asserted her commitment to creating content and maintaining her identity as Overtime Megan. The silver lining in this unfortunate incident was the boost in her social media following. Despite experiencing a plateau before, the engagement skyrocketed as a result of the incident.

Personal Life

Megan has previously been in long-distance relationships, residing in New York City while her partners lived in other states. The scandal surrounding the leaked images and videos created a strain in her relationship with her then-boyfriend, a professional athlete, ultimately leading to their breakup. Regarding her other ex-boyfriend, she heard that he was upset when the scandal emerged, but at that time, they weren’t in communication.

Interesting Facts

Her dream job as a kid

Megan aspired to become a tattoo artist during her childhood,; the inspiration struck during a family trip to L.A. while her sister was filming a reality show. Accompanying her father to a tattoo session by Kat Von D, renowned for TLC’s “LA Ink,” left a lasting impression on Megan. At that time, she considered herself an artist, confident in her ability to draw giraffes and SpongeBob characters, envisioning tattooing them onto someone’s arm. However, Megan eventually outgrew this childhood dream. The realization dawned not only because of the considerable amount of blood involved in the tattooing process, but also due to her anxiety about imprinting something permanent onto someone’s body.

Getting her sushi fix

She has a craving for sushi that she indulges in at least every two days, despite being aware of the potential health concerns associated with consuming too much fish due to mercury or possible issues with food preparation. She then opts for avocado and cucumber sushi with soy sauce and spicy mayo on a daily basis, reserving raw fish sushi for special occasions.

From cheerleader to Robocop

At the age of 14 or 15, she suffered a back injury while attempting numerous back handsprings to perfect her cheerleading routine. Following the incident, she wore a back brace with a Manhattan skyline design, possibly influenced by her visits to her sister residing in New York at the time. Unfortunately, some boys teasingly referred to her as “Robocop,” drawing parallels to the part-human, part-robot police officer from the 1987 sci-fi movie “Robocop,” which left her understandably upset.

Hates flying

She harbors an intense fear of flying, yet if the situation necessitates it, she faces it head-on. The key for her is having someone by her side to engage in conversation as a distraction. To cope with her anxiety during flights, she frequently brings along a stress toy or a stuffed animal. Alternatively, she immerses herself in Temple Run, a 3D endless runner game.


Megan, with a height of 5ft 2ins (157cms), weighing 116lbs (53kgs), and with vital statistics of 34-26-34, boasts a fit and toned physique. While she naturally possesses curly hair, Megan opted for straightening it from age three until she turned 20, with her sister Amanda handling it until she learned to do it herself at the age of 10. Her appreciation for her curls emerged after stumbling upon a TikTok video featuring a girl with similar hair. Megan, inspired, embraced her natural look. She has dark brown hair, often dyed blonde or styled with blonde highlights, as she finds blonde curls particularly appealing. Complementing her hair, Megan has brown eyes.

Net Worth

Boasting a successful career as a social media influencer and with her work at Overtime, Megan’s estimated net worth stands at $1.5 million in February 2024, as reported by authoritative sources.


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