• Kyle Chrisley is the son of 'Chrisley Knows Best' star, Todd Chrisley.
• He was born in Westminster, South Carolina and is the eldest of his four siblings.
• Kyle matriculated from Saint Francis High School in South Carolina, and was then sent to Samoa by his father, to further his studies.
• His career was paved in entertainment, where he starred in his father’s reality TV show ‘’Chrisley Knows Best’’ and released a few singles with his then wife, Alexus Whilby.
• His net worth is estimated to be $1 million as of early 2021.

It seems like a life full of drama, and unforeseen ups and downs has been a magnet to the existence of the troubled TV personality, Kyle Chrisley. The son of the famous self-made millionaire, and ‘’Chrisley Knows Best’’ star, Todd Chrisley, this problem child is a regular in the news headlines, giving gossip mongers a field day with his highlighted misdeeds. Making an appearance on ‘’Chrisley Knows Best’’ in its debut season in March 2014, Kyles colourful lifestyle quickly made him one of the stars on the show. Through it all, his love for his daughter Chloe, and a will to keep going is the fuel that keeps this problem child’s life engine churning. This country boy is currently said to be on a life changing mission.

Early life, family, educational background

Originally from the beautiful subtropical shoreline state of Westminster, South Carolina, in the US, the ‘’Chrisley Knows Best’’ most talked about star, Kyle Chrisley, was born and raised as a country boy. The second child, and first son to reality TV star Todd Chrisley and his then wife Teresa Terrys, Kyle made his appearance into the world on the 29th August 1991. It was a celebrated arrival as his parents were overjoyed at the birth of their son, as their family of three had a welcome addition that seemed to complete them. His sister Lindsie, who is a year older than him, was said to be very excited at the thought of having a little brother to play with

Although all seemed well during his arrival, his parent’s marriage was unfortunately not an everlasting love story, as they divorced in 1996 when he was just five years old.

Although the divorce contributed to a huge disruption in his life, Kyle was still afforded all the luxuries that life had to offer, as his father, a well renowned property tycoon at the time, provided him with a privileged lifestyle.

Todd Chrisley remarried, and as a result, Kyle has three younger siblings from that marriage – Chase, Grayson and Savannah Chrisley are all a part of the Chrisley clan, with Kyle being the eldest of the sons. It’s said that his parent’s divorce has had an impact on his unruly behaviour, as it has caused an on-going rift between him and his father, including public accusations.

It’s been speculated that Kyle stills holds some bitterness about his parents split, hence the troubled behaviour.

Kyle matriculated from Saint Francis High School in South Carolina, and was then sent to Samoa by his father, to further his studies.


With a career paved in entertainment, Kyle Chrisley was set to become a star in his father’s reality TV show ‘’Chrisley Knows Best’’. His rollercoaster lifestyle took centre stage in the first season of the show, as the public had a microscopic view of his misdeeds. A trouble magnet that found himself on the wrong side of the law, Kyles fame was largely due to the fact that he was Todd Chrisley’s problem child. His rebellious nature garnered him success as a reality star for all the wrong reasons.

He would later release his first single with his then wife, Alexus Whilby, followed by a few other musical releases under their band name ‘’Lexie and Kyle’’ Although his talents were well received, the main enhancement to his career came from him being in the news headlines as he always seemed to walk down trouble’s lane.

Personal life, drug addiction and lawsuit

As with all his other ventures, Kyle’s personal life is said to be very colourful, as his inner demons manifested itself in his personal relationships as well. His girlfriend at the time, African-American woman Angela Victoria Johnson, gave birth to their beautiful daughter, Chloe Chrisley in 2012, and all seemed well until domestic abuse came into play.

Kyle Chrisley

Kyle was said to have been abusive during the pregnancy, as he reportedly chocked Angela while she was pregnant. The physical abuse continued after the baby was born, and this resulted in an end to their troubled relationship. He lost custody of his daughter due to his drug addiction and domestic abuse, and became estranged from her over the years. Chloe Chrisley’s care is now entrusted to her grandparents, Todd and Julie Chrisley.

His next relationship would prove to be that which everyone waited for, as it resulted in him tying the knot with then girlfriend Alexus Whilby. She had become his pillar of strength, and supported him through his battle with drug addiction.

However, this relationship was short lived, as it seemed that even with her support, the rebellious Kyle always returned to the path of self-destruction. His need to indulge in substance abuse resulted in an inevitable divorce.

Kyle ran into more trouble in 2019, when he was pulled over by police apparently for a damaged tail light. A further search of his car revealed that he was in illegal possession of methamphetamine, which led to him being arrested. This caused a media frenzy, and Kyle felt that everything around him was crumbling. With the instability of his mental health he was later hospitalised as a result of his drug abuse problems, as it’s said that he tried to end his life. Thankfully, he was not successful in his attempt and with the full support of his family and a will to rectify his wrongs, he recovered well.

Ashleigh Nelson would be the next well-wisher in Kyle’s life, as she also supported him through his recovery from drug addiction. Everyone thought that again, this is just another girl who is just another problem solver, but to the surprise of many, it seems that this young lady’s efforts have paid off. As of 30 March 2021, Kyle married his girlfriend of two years, Ashleigh Nelson, is said to have rekindled his relationship with his daughter Chloe, and is living up to his word of being the great father that he (supposedly) knew he could be.

Todd has made it public that his son has bipolar disorder, and is disgusted that the media would take advantage of his mental state by publishing untrue blurts.

Hobbies and interests

Kyle’s love of music, and his interest in playing the game of chess are said to be amongst his favourite things to do, with him being a master at the latter.

He spends time in the gym to keep up his physique, and is said to be quite the traveller.

Kyles favourite cuisine is set in the kitchens of the Italians.

Appearance, dress style

With a stature of 5ft 11ins (1.8m) and 170lbs (77kgs), with blonde hair and blue eyes, this young man is surely an eye catcher.

He has a flexible dress style of cowboy attire when he is out on his musical journey, and then the familiar formals when he’s on display on the red carpet.

Net worth

It is said that sometimes trouble can help you to walk the famous path, as it attracts both the good and the bad. Such is the case for Kyle Chrisley, as his rollercoaster lifestyle made public by reality TV has garnered him to fame, enhancing his net-worth to an estimated $1 million as of early 2021.


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