• "The Curse of Oak Island" is a popular TV show that has been airing since 2014
• The show follows the efforts of the Lagina brothers to uncover a centuries-old treasure on Oak Island
• People have speculated for centuries about what is hidden in the Money Pit, including Masonic artifacts and Templar treasures
• The island is owned and operated by a company founded by the Lagina brothers, and guided tours of the island are offered
• Each season of the show ends on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers with many questions and theories

If you’re familiar with “The Curse Of Oak Island”, you already know that the mystery surrounding the island and its legend seems endless. It has been centuries since people started exploring the place in search of a millions and ancient treasure, which may or may have not been hidden in its depths.

However, it’s been a while since the show premiered in 2014, and even if the efforts of the Lagina brother’s team have been exciting to see for many, a lot of other people have lost track of what has happened to “The Course Of Oak Island”, and if the mystery treasure has been found.

If you’re also wondering what’s up nowadays with the show, then fear no more. In this vid we’re going cover all the updates regarding the Oak Island mystery, and if the Lagina brothers ever found the legendary Money Pit, so keep with us to discover all!

What’s Up With “The Course Of Oak Island”?

It’s a normal occurrence for mystery-centered TV shows to end their episodes on a cliff-hanging note, which is why it’s not surprising that “The Curse Of Oak Island” usually does the same. To prove it, by the time the show’s eighth season ended in mid-2021, the island’s mystery hadn’t been solved, but left viewers with many open questions and unsolved theories.

However, despite the large number of unclosed ends, it seems that many new discoveries made during the season look promising. For starters, new theories regarding what’s inside the Money Pit and how to get to it arose. During their operations around what they hope is a tunnel to get to the place where the treasure is apparently hidden, the Lagina brothers found a centuries-old tar kiln, remains of iron, and landmarks which point out that whatever is in it is clearly human-made.

In the middle of their excitement at finding such promising evidence, the Lagina brothers’ engineering team decided to excavate further into the swamp. More importantly, as their operations progressed, a stone roadway was uncovered by them, though if it’s a direct entrance to the Money Pit was yet to be revealed in the season’s finale.

Will this be the start of what is expected to be an upcoming and positive resolution of the Oak Island’s mystery, or are the Lagina brothers’ fellowship just going around in circles? That’s something we don’t know yet, but it doesn’t make the experience less thrilling.

Will The Show Be Renewed For A Ninth Season?

As much as we would like for some shows to be around for many years, the truth is that the TV industry is more often than not unstable.

While the possibilities of a show not being renewed are always present, it’s probable that a ninth season of “The Curse Of Oak Island” will most-likely air sooner than later on History Channel.

How do we know this? Although so far an announcement regarding another season’s premiere hasn’t been made, the fact that the network has claimed the show as one of its highest rated series hints that they most likely don’t want it to end just yet. More than that, the fact that the show’s eighth season ended on such an inconclusive note, tells us that there will surely be more to see when it comes to “The Curse Of Oak Island” in the near future.

What Is The Money Pit?

There are several points of interest when it comes to Oak Island’s mystery, but if there’s one that calls for the most attention, then it’s the Money Pit, an apparent man-made wood construction or depository that supposedly contains the centuries-old treasure on which originated the legend surrounding the place.

In “The Curse of Oak Island”, the presumed existence of the Money Pit is hyped-up, and there are a lot of operations centered in the area where it’s supposedly located, but contrary to what many people assumed, the pit is not an invention by the show. In fact, the story of how people came to assume there’s a Money Pit in the area dates back to the late 1790s, when a man named Daniel McGinnis found an indentation in a certain part of the island, and along with other two people, excavated as deep as 30 feet before abandoning the operations.

Although another theory states that McGinnis was a teen when he discovered the apparent Money Pit’s entry, if there’s something for sure it’s not only that his discovery was important enough to be documented, but at that time the treasure legend was already believed to be true.

Later Findings

Even if McGinnis never found anything more than a suspicious-looking hole in the Oak Island’s ground, he started what would become the biggest and longest treasure hunt of the last two centuries. Not long after he quit his excavations of the place, in 1802 a fellowship which went by the name of Onslow Company dug as deep as 90 feet into the Island’s ground, finding some interesting items such as a symbol-carved stone.

However, while the apparently significant finding seemed promising, the holes dug by Onslow eventually flooded without repair, leaving that entrance useless for later excavations.

Subsequently, many other operations were led throughout the course of over 100 years, but all of them were unsuccessful. However, it seems that despite not finding anything else beyond traces of human activity happening early in the pit, the mystery surrounding the island only increased, and spread beyond North America, eventually achieving worldwide fame thanks to “The Curse Of Oak Island”.

The Curse of Oak Island

What Could It Be In The Money Pit?

Many things are said about the Oak Island mystery, and what the supposed treasure is. Albeit there’s nothing for sure until someone actually finds the treasure, if it ever happens, it’s for certain that the theories surrounding the island are the most interesting part about this whole endeavour.

For starters, the strongest theory is that the legendary pirates Captain Kidd and Henry Avery hid their treasure in it, which could be anything from Masonic artifacts to a Templar’s treasure, although given the time frame, the latter seems most unlikely

What do the Lagina brothers think of it? While they usually refrain from claiming to know for sure what is really in the Money Pit, it doesn’t mean they don’t have their own ideas of what the treasure is. On his part, Rick is more attracted to the island for its historical value and whatever situation apparently led someone to hide their valuable belongings in it, considering that aspect to be the real treasure.

Meanwhile, his brother Marty is more driven by the supposed treasure itself.

Regardless of their diverging ideas, the brothers make a good team nonetheless, and even if they eventually don’t get to find anything, its mysterious factor around “The Curse Of Oak Island” which makes it all the more endearing.

What Is “The Curse Of Oak Island” Really About?

Besides the Lagina brothers’ team efforts to find the treasure, the historical and scientific insight into what happens in said Nova Scotia’s island is what the majority of the audience surely appreciates, treasure aside.

While those factors have been interesting enough to keep millions of people’s interest for years, many also wonder if the show’s name holds any truth. Does the Oak Island’s curse actually exist?

It’s unclear what originated the legend of the island’s curse, or by whom, though as History’s channel website states, in order for the treasure to be found, seven people must die during its hunt.

However, while believing in such a supposed myth is up for discussion, it’s true that several people have died on the island while involved in digging-up the supposed treasure, though following reports made by sites such as Starcasm, the number of people who’ve died while doing so is already over 20.

Nonetheless, even if the show’s name is “The Curse Of Oak Island”, we know for certain that both Marty’s and Rick’s steps on the island are guided by more than rumors. As they affirm, what keeps their interest alive is the mystery of discovering what is in there, and why it led many people to lose their fortunes, time and even live’s while trying to get a hold of it.

Debut On TV

Although the whole story might look too fantastic or unbelievable, the mystery surrounding Oak Island it’s certainly extraordinary, considering it has inspired so many people to relentlessly pursue the supposed treasure.

The story of how the Lagina brothers became so invested in the Oak Island treasure is just as special.

The Curse of Oak Island

It started back in 1965, when they read an article about it posted on Reader’s Digest which was so impressive that it led them to buy a big share of the island 40 years later.

Later in 2013, and after almost ten years of exploring the place without finding anything, the Lagina brothers were contacted by the production company Prometheus Entertainment, which wanted to create a show for History channel, following the brothers’ operations on the island. That’s how, along with their fellow associate Dan Blankenship, Marty and Rick Lagina made their TV debut as “The Curse Of Oak Island”s main cast in early 2014.

Regardless of the fact their treasure hunt has been unsuccessful so far, the same can’t be said when it comes to the show’s ratings. Ever since its premiere, the show has had an average of over two million viewers on per episode, so it’s unsurprising that it’s aired for so long.

Is It Real?

As with other reality shows, “The Curse Of Oak Island” is not immune from criticism.

The series has been heavily criticized for several reasons, especially for giving the appearance that it prolongs the treasure hunt for the sake of TV time. Back in 2019, Duluth News Tribune stated it was ‘the series that refused to end’, in regards to its slow pace and apparent lack of development.

However, other people don’t have a negative opinion of the show; for example, in an article published by the University of Calgary, they put “The Curse Of Oak Island” in a pretty good light by claiming it has offered many investigators the opportunity to invest their time and knowledge in an exciting project, besides putting a science-related series on air while also amassing such a big following being an accomplishment by itself.

While those aforementioned facts don’t necessarily prove the show’s authenticity, it’s obvious that the interest in the place is very real. For now, that seems to be enough reason to keep watching the show, besides the obvious excitement that watching people searching for an ancient treasure inherently entails.

What Has Been Found So Far?

Regardless that no treasure has been found, the Laginas have uncovered enough evidence to believe that the pit is human made, and as such, that the treasure legend is real.

Some of these findings are materials such as copper, iron, coconut fiber and granite. Just as important, a clearly ancient brooch, bindings of a leather book, several coins which date back to the 1600s and supposedly belonged to the Templars have been found during the Lagina’s explorations in the island.

While these findings look quite promising, hopefully the most interesting discoveries are yet to come. During “The Curse Of Oak Island”s eighth season, the exploration team extensively analyzed the excavation’s adjacent areas, discovering through the data that a large amount of silver was detected under the ground.

This finding has led the team to believe that the pit containing that much silver is the biggest clue that the resolution of the mystery is finally coming.

Can Oak Island Be Visited?

The mystery of Oak Island has been widely spread thanks to the show’s popularity. That’s why the tourism market to the place has been booming for the past decade.

However, being an island full of interesting places but mostly desolated, it’s normal that the touristic activity is controlled. It’s for this reason that there are some companies which offer guided tours through it, the most prominent of these might be Oak Island Tours Inc, a company owned and founded by the Lagina brothers, and interestingly enough, also holds a big part of the island’s ownership.

Does Oak Island sound exciting enough to visit? We’re sure it is, especially if you’re a fan of the whole treasure hunting thing, and want to be guided on a tour by some of the cast members. Either way, while touristic activity surely helps a lot to fund Lagina’s explorations of the island, the most interesting events are surely reserved to be showcased exclusively for the show, and that’s not something we mind at all.


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