• Phoebe Gates is the daughter of Tech Giant, Bill Gates and philanthropist, Melinda Gates.
• She is an alumnus of the renowned ‘The Juilliard School’ and is currently attending the Professional Children’s School in New York.
• She and her siblings were raised conservatively and she enjoys reading, swimming and travelling.
• Phoebe is estimated to inherit $10 million from her father's fortune and is said to be a spitting image of her sister.
• She has an Instagram account @pheebeegates with over 75,000 followers that is kept private.

Have you heard about Phoebe Gates?

Most People automatically link the name ‘Gates’ to the once ‘richest man in the world’, Bill Gates, and it certainly commands respect and admiration when mentioned. This has been Phoebe Gates’ reality since she was born into one of the world’s wealthiest families, and has been constantly subjected to the media’s curiosity about how the richest people in the world live. So who is Phoebe Gates?

Phoebe’s background

She was born Phoebe Adele Gates on 14 September 2002, under the Virgo zodiac sign, in Medina, Washington State USA, and is an American with Irish-German ethnicity.

Her father is Tech Giant, Bill Gates, while her mother is philanthropist, Melinda Gates. The youngest child of the family was raised along with her older siblings, Jennifer and Rory, in a conservative catholic family with little personal intrusion from the media. There is little information about any other family member, or where they were raised.

Her Education and Professional Life

Her education has been combined with her decision to be a ballerina, and so it’s uncertain if she attends the ballet schools part-time while studying elsewhere, or is fully immersed in her ballet pursuit. Phoebe is attending the Professional Children’s School in New York, and also heads over to the ‘Lincoln Centre for Performing Arts’ where she studies to be a ballerina at ‘The School of American Ballet’.

She is also an alumnus of the renowned ‘The Juilliard School’, an institute which has produced notable celebrities such as Jessica Chastain, Robin Williams and Adam Driver.

Though she seems to be the only one in the family who is into entertainment, Phoebe also learns about computer programming. Thanks to her parents who encourage their children to pursue whatever career their interest lies and not just follow the family business, she seems to be exploring her passions and with time she will decide if she wants continue as a ballerina, or perhaps follow her famous father’s footsteps.

Her famous parents and siblings

Her father is Bill Gates, who was born on 28 October 1955 in Seattle, Washington State USA, of Irish, English and German roots. His father, William Gates, was a reputable lawyer, and his mother, Mary Gates was on the board of several institutes. Bill was quite small as a child, which often led to him being picked on by others.

He attended the same Lakeside school his daughter is said to have attended, and this was where his passion for programming was ignited. He designed his premier computer program and continued to attend his General Electric classes. His parents wanted him to study law, and with a grade of 1590 from 1600 points, Bill was enrolled into Harvard University, where he selected pre-law as his major while also attending computer science classes.

Surprisingly, his decision to leave Harvard to begin his group was supported by his parents. He said that he knew he could always return to college if his plans didn’t succeed, so saying that he was just on leave from school. His decision worked out just fine, as several decades later he became the ‘richest man in the world’ having the co-founded Microsoft, before being displaced by Jeff Bezos in 2020. He is currently the third-richest man in the world, and doesn’t seem to be leaving that list anytime soon.

He met his future wife Melinda at one of the New York trade fairs in 1987, and the two soon began dating.

Melinda Ann French came into the world on 15 August 1964 in Texas, USA, was raised in a catholic family, and was a top student both in her catholic high school and also University. Her father, an engineer, motivated her to learn to program, and she continued to pursue this interest, earning her a degree in computer science, followed by an MBA. She taught programming to children, and gradually rose to become a manager at Microsoft.

Bill and Melinda married in 1994 in Hawaii, in a small ceremony with family and friends in attendance. Their union produced three children: Jennifer, a Stanford graduate and equestrian, Rory who is an MBA degree holder and plans to follow in his father’s footsteps, and their youngest, Phoebe, a prospective ballet dancer.

Though the children were born into luxury, they were raised very conservatively, with their father taking them on trips to underdeveloped areas of the world to expose them to the realities of poverty. They were also prevented from owning ‘phones until they were 14 years old, a trend which has become popular among celebrity circles. Even though their children are all adults now, they are still not permitted to use their ‘phones during meal times.

The family resides at a massive mansion named “Xanadu 2.0” in California. The over $100 million home is said to be spacious enough to contain over 200 guests, and even has a trampoline room where his children go to “relieve stress”.

Is Phoebe Gates dating anyone?

Being the daughter of the world’s richest man certainly comes with a lot of pressure on the dating scene, so finding love may be harder. Although her sister Jennifer is rumoured to be in a relationship with fellow equestrian Nayel Nassar, Phoebe has been absent on the dating scene., so many curious as to how her dating life will turn out.

Her hobbies and favourites

The billionaire’s daughter also has a brainy side, and is said to share in her father’s hobby of reading. She also enjoys swimming, travelling and paragliding.

Her favourite food is Burger.

Phoebe has a philanthropic heart, much like her parents, and is usually present at most of their charitable events.

Awards and Recognition

Phoebe was placed at number 10 on the list of the ‘Top 10 most powerful children under 12 years’ by ‘Wonderslist’

Scandals and controversies

Though her famous father is constantly in the news, Phoebe and her siblings have managed to stay away from any controversies, thanks to their very private upbringing. Aside from often being mistaken for her elder sister because of their identical looks, Phoebe has not made headlines for any scandals.

Her net worth

Though her father’s net worth is estimated to be a staggering $120 billion, the computer mogul has said that his children will ‘only’ inherit about $10 million each. The rest of his fortune will be donated to the many charity organisations he runs. He believes that it will prevent his children from being spoilt, and encourage them to be successful on their own without depending on his fortune.

Phoebe Adele Gates

The children are said to be satisfied with the decision, and are focused on making it on their own.

Phoebe’s physical features

The beautiful young woman is said to be a spitting image of her sister – she stands at a height of 5ft 10ins (1.77m), weighs about 110lbs (50kgs) with blonde hair and dark brown eyes. She has a petit hourglass body shape, and is said to wear a US size 4 dress.

Where to find her

Before she had access to social media, some outlets used pictures of actress “Rachael Leigh Cook’ to represent her, which is still in use by some to date. Her Instagram account @pheebeegates with over 75,000 followers has been kept on private, unlike her sister Jennifer who is quite active and shares videos and posts about herself with her followers.


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