• Gabriel Bateman is an American actor born on 10 September 2004 in Turlock, California.
• He has seven siblings, including actress Tabitha Bateman.
• He is best known for starring in “Annabelle” and “Lights Out”.
• His estimated net worth is $2.5 million.
• He is active on social media with nearly 80,000 Instagram followers.

Who is Gabriel Bateman?

Gabriel Bateman is an American actor, perhaps best known for starring in “Annabelle” and “Lights Out”. He was born under the Zodiac sign Virgo on 10 September 2004, in Turlock, California, USA, holds American nationality, and as of early 2021, he’s 16 years old.

Early Life and Family

Gabriel was raised in Turlock by his parents – his father is a bus driver, while his mother is a lawyer. The young actor has seven siblings, including Tabitha Bateman who is also an actress. Gabriel attended an elementary school in Turlock, but in 2012 transferred to another school in California, as that year was when he landed his first role, and the whole family decided to move to Los Angeles.

While attending the new school, Gabriel joined various clubs and began performing in school plays, and later movies and TV shows. Given that his father is very physically fit and active, it seems that Gabriel takes after him; he has showcased an interest in sports, and has started playing lacrosse and football. In 2018 he enrolled at a high school in Los Angeles, but according to reports, the actor doesn’t plan to attend a college or university.

Tabitha Bateman

Tabitha was born on 4 September 2001, and unlike Gabriel was home-schooled.

She made her movie debut in 2013 in an episode of the sitcom “The Middle”, followed in 2014 by appearing in “Make Shack Agency” and “Petals on the Wind”. During the same year, she landed several minor parts in movies such as “Hive”, “Life Grows On”, and “We Make That Lemonade”, followed by a couple of successful features – the sci-fi action movie ”The 5TH Wave” and “Nine Lives”. In 2016 she starred as the main character in “So B. It”, but the movie didn’t achieve any noted success.

After landing minor roles in TV shows such as “Mamma Dallas” and “Furst Born”, she appeared in “Vengeance: A Love Story” and “Annabelle: Creation”, the latter one of her most famed roles, and testament is her nomination for the MTV Movie and TV Award for Most Frightened Performance. In the same year she starred in “Geostorm” opposite Gerard Butler, which grossed over $200 million. Her other notable appearances include “Love, Simon” and “Countdown”. In 2020 she starred in the Netflix Original TV show “Away”.


Gabriel made his movie debut in 2012 in “George Biddle CPA”, followed by another minor role in “The Park Bench”. In 2014 he starred in “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Petals on the Wind”, but most importantly landed the role of Robert in “Annabelle”; the supernatural horror film was highly successful, landing various nominations and awards, also becoming the highest-grossing movie in the Philippines and Lebanon.

During the same year, he landed a recurring role in the police procedural TV series “Stalker”, appearing in eight episodes. In 2015 he starred in several TV shows, such as “Your Family or Mine“, Wicked City”, and “Code Black”, followed by “Band of Robbers and “Check Mate”.

In the following year, he landed his second most notable role in another horror movie called “Lights out”; the chilling fright-filled movie received mixed reviews, and caused a lot of controversy given many critics thought the ending was promoting suicide. In 2016, Gabriel bounced from TV shows and movies to appear in two music videos by Canadian rapper and actor Jonathan Lajoije, usually known under his stage name Wolfie’s Just Fine. Gabriel was featured in “A New Beginning”, and “It’s a Job”.

The actor also portrayed Jack Hawthorne, a recurring character in “American Gothic”. After making a couple of appearances in “Outcast”, he starred in “Saint Judy”, “Benji”, and “The Dangerous Book for Boys”.

In 2019 he appeared as Andy Barclay in the horror film “Childs Play”, “Playmobil: The Movie”, and “Robert the Bruce”, and in 2020 had the honor to star alongside the Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe in the action thriller “Unhinged”. His upcoming project is “The Mosquito Coast”, scheduled to premiere on 30 April 2021.

Personal Life

According to reports, his previous friends have stated that the actor is not as sociable as before, that newly acquired fame has changed him. Even his Instagram account reads “I don’t reply to DMs”. Despite the fact that the actor is 16 years old, he is reportedly dating a girl he met during the filming of “Outset”. This idea about his relationship was further reinforced after he was spotted walking with the girl and holding hands. However, her identity remains unknown.

Gabriel Bateman

What is his net worth?

As of early 2021, his estimated net worth is over $2.5 million, which he acquired through his acting endeavors, helped by starring in several high-grossing movies such as “Light Out”, which grossed nearly $150 million against a $5 million budget, and “Annabelle” grossing over $250 million. Given that he is a rising star in Hollywood, there are high expectations for his impending career, and also higher earnings.

Physical Stats and Hobbies

Currently, Gabriel is 5ft 4ins (162cm) tall and weighs around 130lbs (58kgs). Both his hair and eyes are brown.

Regarding his favorite actors, he’s always quick to mention Will Smith, Jim Carey and Meryl Streep, while his favorite movies include “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls”, “The Iron Lady”, and “Independence Day. Gabriel also enjoys watching TV shows such as “Breaking Bad” and “Witcher”, among others.

During the colder season, he likes to snowboard and ski.  Gabriel is an animal-lover, recently adopting a cat he found during filming in New Mexico. He posted a photo to his Instagram and disclosed that the cat would be named Algodon (which means cotton in Spanish).

Is he active on social media?

Like any teenager, Gabriel is very active on social media. His Instagram has nearly 80,000 followers on which he posts very often, usually photos from sets, family pictures, and upcoming projects. His Twitter has almost 5,000 followers, and he posts similar content to Instagram.


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