• Alexandria Zahra Jones is British-American student born in New York City, USA on 15 August 2000.
• She is the daughter of the late British singer-songwriter and actor David Robert Jones (better known as David Bowie).
• She has half-siblings Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones and Zulekha Haywood.
• Alexandria was mostly interested in music and modelling while attending high school.
• She has a moon tattoo with the word “Daddy” in the middle and inherited $25 million upon turning 22.

Alexandria Zahra Jones Wiki Bio

British-American student Alexandria Zahra Jones was born in New York City USA, on 15 August 2000, meaning that her zodiac sign’s Leo. She’s yet to launch a career in any field, and is probably only noted for being the daughter of the late British singer-songwriter and actor David Robert Jones, far better known as David Bowie.

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Education and early life

Alexandria was raised in both New York City and London, England as an only child, by her father and mother Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid, a famous Somali supermodel and actress; she also has half-siblings Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones – today a successful movie producer – and Zulekha Haywood.

Alexandria was mostly interested in music while attending a local high school, wanting to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a singer recognized worldwide; she was also into modelling, and did several photoshoots as a teenager.

Alexandria matriculated in 2019, and then enrolled at college, from which she should be graduating in 2023; she’s not interested in social media networks, and doesn’t have an Instagram account.

Love life and boyfriend

Although staying away from media, some of Alexandria’s fans on the internet have claimed to have seen her being rather too close to her college friend, believing that the two are ‘an item’. They’ve apparently been spotted together on multiple occasions, and Alexandria’s fans believe that they’ve been in a relationship for around two years now; none of this has been addressed by her.

There are also those who think that she’s a lesbian, and this to be why she avoids talking about her love life in public, but Alexandria hasn’t addressed this either.

She seems to be single as of December 2022, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Alexandria’s a fan of tattoos, and has a moon tattooed on her right arm, with ‘Daddy’ in the middle.

She’s physically highly active, and has taken part in numerous pastimes; her favorite’s dancing, which she’s been practicing since she was nine, and she’s also taken martial arts lessons, as well as kickboxing.

She’s a huge lover of animals, and her pet dog Max can be seen featured in some of the pictures which Alexandria’s fans have uploaded onto the internet; Alexandria and her half-siblings have also built a small house for Max.

She likes to watch Hollywood movies in her spare time, and Alexandria’s favorite actresses are Joey King and Debby Ryan – some of her favorite films include “The Princess”, “The In Between” and “Summer ‘03”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Alexandria’s age is 22. She has brown eyes and hair, although she often dyes her hair purple; her height’s 5ft 7ins (1.71m) and she weighs about 135lbs (62kgs).

Alexandria’s father David Bowie’s net worth was estimated at over $230 million at the time of his death, and it’s believed that Alexandria inherited $25 million once she turned 22 on 15 August 2022.

Who was her father David?

British actor and singer-songwriter David Robert Jones was born in London, England on 8 January 1947, meaning that his zodiac sign was Capricorn. He’s regarded as one of the best and most influential singers of the 20th century, and David’s albums have sold over 100 million copies worldwide; David was inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 1996,.

He was raised in Brixton, London alongside his older half-brother Terry Burns, who suffered from schizophrenia and paranoia, by his father Haywood Stenton ‘John’ Jones who worked for the charity Barnardo’s as a promotions officer, and their mother Margaret Mary ‘Peggy’ (nee Burns) who was a waitress; Margaret died aged 87 on 2 April 2001, while Haywood died aged 56 on 5 August 1969.

The family moved several times, and David attended the Burnt Ash Junior School in Sundridge Park, London. He was around nine years old when he fell in love with music, especially when his father brought home a collection of phonograph records, which included Elvis Presley, Fats Domino and the Platters; David’s favorite song was Little Richard’s “Tutti Frutti”. He learned the piano, ukulele, keyboard and tea-chest bass. David studied at Bromley Technical High School.

He was 15 when he founded his first band, the Konrads, and his debut single “Liza Jane” came out in 1964, credited to David Jones with the King Bees; dissatisfied with the band, as well as with his following band the Manish Boys, David began working on his solo career, and the first single under his name “Can’t Help Thinking About Me” was released in 1966. His debut album “David Bowie” was released on 1 June 1967, and was followed by his second eponymous album in November 1969, but neither were commercially successful.

He married his first wife, American model and actress Angela Barnett in April 1969, and she had a large impact on his career; his third album “The Man Who Sold the World” was released on 4 November 1970, with most of its songs about delusions, paranoia and schizophrenia.

He moved to the US in 1974, and his eighth studio album “Diamond Dogs” was released in the same year; it was this album that brought David worldwide popularity, topping the charts in the UK and spawning hit songs “Diamond Dogs” and “Rebel Rebel”. David’s 11th album “Low” was released on 14 January 1977, and his 12th “Heroes” on 14 October of the same year; the third album “Lodger” in this ‘triptych’, as David called it, was released in 1979.

David reached the peak of his popularity in 1983, with the release of his 15th studio album “Let’s Dance”, which he co-produced with American musician and record producer Nile Gregory Rodgers Jr, perhaps known best as the frontman of the American band Chic; the album has since been certified platinum in both the US and the UK. David’s following album “Tonight” was released on 24 September 1984, and then the album “Never Let Me Down” in 1987.

In 1989, David stopped working as a solo artist and formed the quartet Tin Machine; their debut eponymous album was released in the same year, and was followed by “Tin Machine II” on 2 September 1991, but they disbanded by the end of the year.

His 19th album “The Buddha of Suburbia” came out on 8 November 1993, and was followed by “Outside” in 1995 and “Earthling” in 1997. His compilation album “Bowie at the Beeb” was released in 2000 – on 25 June 2002, David experienced a heart attack while singing at the Hurricane Festival in Germany.

His 25th album “The Next Day” came out in March 2013, following 10 years of touring and taking several breaks from music, and his 26th and final album “Blackstar” came out on 8 January 2016, only two days before his death; David died from liver cancer, with which he had been diagnosed 18 months earlier, but he chose not to share this with the public.


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