• Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana USA on 24 May 1980
• Released five albums and single “Angel” became her most popular song
• Married Ana Laura Perez on 23 January 2011 and have a son together
• Enjoys traveling and watching movies, and is a fan of tattoos and fast cars
• Net worth estimated at over $800,000 as of January 2023

Who is Amanda Perez?

American R&B singer-songwriter and record producer Amanda Jane Perez, was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana USA, on 24 May 1980, making her zodiac sign Gemini. She’s released five albums, and became popular after her second studio album “Angel” was released on 11 February 2003; it peaked at #73 on the Billboard 200 Chart, #36 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart and #39 on the Independent Albums Chart.

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Education and early life

Amanda was raised alongside her brother in Fort Wayne, by their father Andres Perez and mother Linda Lou; she hasn’t shared a lot about her family, because they prefer to maintain their privacy.

Amanda grew up selling drugs on the street, wanting to help her family financially, and she often boxed with boys, as she wanted to maintain her ‘tough street persona’. She studied at North Side High School and it was during her four years there that she became interested in R&B and hip hop music, often performing for her peers.

Amanda matriculated in 1988, and began pursuing a musical career rather than a college degree.

Career as a singer-songwriter

Amanda was spotted by American producer and talent manager ‘Mighty’ Mike Quinn in 2001, and was signed to Powerhowse/Silverstone Records in the same year.

She released her debut album “Where U At?” in 2002, and it spawned hit singles “Angel” and “Never”, with the latter reaching #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Her second album “Angel” was actually only the changed version of her debut album, and was released through Virgin Records; Amanda’s single “Angel” is today considered to be her most popular song.

Mighty Mike helped produce and direct four music videos for Amanda, and all these aired on BET, VH1 and MTV. Her third album, “I Pray” came out on 13 July 2004, and Amanda then parted ways with Mighty Mike and her original label for unknown reasons. Her fourth album “The Hand of Fate” was released on 30 October 2007, peaking at #38 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart and #24 on the Independent Albums Chart; its single “Candy Kisses” reached #17 on the Top 40/Rhythmic Chart.

Amanda’s fifth album, “Unexpected” followed in 2013, but failed to attract any attention, and didn’t chart. She revealed in 2016 that she was working on her seventh album; it was to be released in December of the same year, but hasn’t been released to this day. Several singles which are to be featured on the album have been released, including “Ain’t the Same”, “I Get It” and “Did It for Love”. Meantime, in 2017, Amanda released her compilation album “15 Years of Greatest Hits”.

YouTube channel

Amanda’s self-titled YouTube channel was launched on 23 August 2013, and there are today more than 220,000 people subscribed to it, while all its eight videos combined have been viewed over 75 million times. All of these are Amanda’s music videos, and we’re going to mention three of the most popular amongst them.

Her #1 video “Amanda Perez – Angel” has been watched close to 40 million times since 12 September 2013, and is a song about a girl who broke up with Amanda after they’d been together for half a year.

Her second most popular music video “Amanda Perez – I Pray” has been viewed over 3.5 million times since 12 September 2013, and is a song which she wrote for her mother, who died from cancer.

Amanda’s #3 video “Amanda Perez – Freak for the Weekend (Official Video)” has been viewed over 1.6 million times since 24 July 2013, and is a song about Amanda falling in love with a girl at a party.

Presence on social media networks

More than 160,000 people are following Amanda on Instagram today, and she’s posted over 4,000 pictures and videos onto the social media network, most of which serve to promote her upcoming tour.

She launched her Twitter account in September 2020, but it’s only followed by 16 people, while Amanda’s tweeted just 35 times.

Amanda has a personal Facebook profile, but not a business one.

Love life and wife

It’s widely known that Amanda’s a lesbian, as she often speaks about it in interviews, and it’s also known that she’s today a married woman.

Her wife Ana Laura Perez is an American custom jewelry shop owner, and also the owner of another small business; the two women exchanged vows on 23 January 2011, but it was only on their 10th anniversary that Amanda revealed this date.

On 2 October 2019, the two women welcomed their son Sebastian into the family, and Amanda has featured him in many of her Instagram pictures, however, it remains unknown whether Amanda or Ana gave birth to the boy, of if they’ve perhaps adopted him.

Amanda’s yet to speak of other girls whom she’s dated, she’s married to Ana Laura Perez as of January 2023, and has a son with her.

Interesting fact and hobbies

Amanda’s a huge fan of tattoos, and the majority of her body’s covered in ink; she also has several tattoos on her face.

She’s a fan of fast cars, and has watched several live NASCAR races.

Amanda’s into travelling and has toured all around the US, visiting nearly all of its states; she’s also vacationed in a couple of European countries, with her favorite city being Marseille, France.

Amanda’s a lover of dogs, and has donated money to several dog shelters; she’s also donated money to a hospital which is trying to cure cancer.

Some of Amada’s favorite artists are Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne.

Some of the actresses which she enjoys watching the most are Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman and Kate Winslet, and some of her favorite movies include “Wanted”, “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” and “V for Vendetta”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Amanda’s age is 42. She has brown eyes and hair, is 5ft 6ins (1.67m) tall and weighs about 145lbs (65kgs).

Amanda’s net worth’s been estimated at over $800,000, as of January 2023.


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