• Peter Dante is an actor, musician, and singer-songwriter.
• He is a member of the band Rad Omen and released his debut album “Peace, Love, and Freedom” in 201•
• He was born in West Hartford, Connecticut, and attended Fork Union Military Academy and Hofstra University.
• He has over 30 acting credits and is best known for his role in the 2006 comedy “Grandma's Boy”.
• His estimated net worth is more than $10 million.

Who is Peter Dante? Wiki

Dante was a favorite character in the 2006 comedy “Grandma’s Boy”, and his hilarious quotes from the film are still used today. Although he has over 30 acting credits, the actor who played this character, Peter Dante, is probably known best for this role. His trademark is that many of the characters he plays are named ‘Dante’, either as a first or last name.

Peter Dante is also a musician and singer-songwriter; he is a member of the band Rad Omen, which also includes Benji Madden, Dirt Nasty, Steven Laing, and DJ Troublemaker. Peter’s debut album, “Peace, Love, and Freedom”, was released in 2011.

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Early life, family, and education

Born Peter Francis Dante, under the zodiac sign of Capricorn on 16 December 1968, he hails from West Hartford, Connecticut USA, thus he holds American nationality. He was raised by his parents Anthony and Joan, about whom nothing more is known except that his father is Italian.

Peter was into sports from an early age, and played football and lacrosse. Upon matriculating from high school in 1986, he spent a year at Fork Union Military Academy, where he continued playing sports. Subsequently, Peter enrolled at Hofstra University, where he also played lacrosse; he graduated with a BA degree in 1992.

Roles in series

Peter made his acting debut playing a small part as Howard’s Golf Friend in an episode of the series “The Jeff Foxworthy Show” in 1995. Next, he made an appearance in three episodes of “The Larry Sanders Show” in 1995 and ‘96.

In the late ‘90s, Peter was seen as Pete in “Adam Sandler’s Audio Skits”, and perhaps you didn’t know that the two are close friends.

Peter’s next television series role was his guest appearance as Justin Ravo in an episode of “The King of Queens” in 2007. Four years later, he guest-starred in “Pretend Time”, and was next seen in episodes of the series’ “Typical Rick” (2017) and “Sugar and Toys” (2019).

As you must have already noticed, his television career was not as successful as his film career.

Roles in movies

Peter’s big-screen debut was his role as David’s Friend in the 1998 comedy “The Wedding Singer”, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Later that year, Peter was seen as Gee Grenouille in “The Waterboy”, a sports comedy also starring Adam Sandler.

Next, he portrayed Peter in “Matters of Consequence” in 1999, which had no nominations, but the audience loved it. In the same year, Peter was seen as Tommy Grayton in “Big Daddy”, another Adam Sandler comedy-drama about a lazy law-school graduate, who to impress his girlfriend adopts a son. The movie had 14 award nominations and won eight, including the People’s Choice Award, USA for Favorite Comedy Motion Picture.

Next, Peter Dante was seen as Peter in “Little Nicky”, also starring Adam Sandler. Peter was cast to play Murph in Sandler’s 2002 comedy “Mr. Deeds”, followed by his role in the 2003 horror “The Sanctuary”, which although having no nominations, the audience rated 8.2/10.

The following year saw Peter as a Security Guard in another Sandler hit comedy “50 First Dates”, the story of a beautiful girl with short-term memory loss, and a veterinarian who falls in love with her. The lead female role was played by Drew Barrymore, and she and Adam Sandler won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite On-Screen Chemistry, among many others.

As mentioned, in 2006 Peter was seen as Dante in “Grandma’s Boy”, and is his most notable role to date. This comedy told the story of a 35-year-old video game tester, who must move in with his grandmother after his roommate spends his rent money on prostitutes. The movie had no nominations, but the audience rated it as one of the funniest movies.

Next, Peter was seen as Tony Parony in the 2007 comedy “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry”, and as you’re guessing, the lead role was played by Adam Sandler.

In the following years, Peter co-starred in several independent and short movies, and then he was cast to play Dinger in the 2010 comedy “Costa Rican Summer”, which was his first lead role. He starred opposite Pamela Anderson and Brock Kelly in this teen comedy, which unfortunately was poorly rated (2.7/10).

Next, he had a small part as Pick-Up Guy #2 in the 2011 Adam Sandler comedy “Just Go with It”, also starring Jennifer Aniston. Later that year, Peter was seen as Carol’s Boyfriend in “Jack and Jill”, starring Adam Sandler, and in 2013, Peter portrayed Officer Dante in “Grown Ups 2”, another Sandler movie.

It seems that Peter paused his acting career, and some rumors were saying that his and Sandler’s friendship ended, but neither Peter nor Adam have commented on these assumptions.

After almost a decade, Peter was seen starring as Bill in the 2021 action comedy “The Pizza Joint”, opposite Noel Gugliemi and Robert LaSardo, but the movie was poorly rated by the audience.

It seems that Peter Dante’s focused on his online shop, called Dante Inferno Cannabis. According to his website, he sells ‘100% legal micro-dose Amanita Mascara Mushroom tincture, chocolates, and tea’.

Wife and children

Peter Dante was the subject of numerous controversies and rumors concerning his personal life, however, it’s known that he was married to Cynthia Pett, a television producer, perhaps known best for her work on television, for the series “Sorry for Your Loss”.

It hasn’t been revealed when the two married, however, it’s known that they have two sons together, namely Jake and Lucas. According to court documents, Cynthia filed for divorce on 4 April 2010, in Los Angeles County Superior Court, California but it hasn’t been revealed when their divorce was finalized.

As of late 2022, Peter seems to be single.

Age, height, and net worth

Peter’s age is 54, and as a young actor, he was known for his pretty face and muscular body. Now, he stands at the height of 5ft 11ins (1.8m) and weighs around 220lbs (100kgs).

Despite the fact that he mostly had small parts in numerous movies, and those in which he starred weren’t very successful, according to sources, Peter’s net worth has been estimated at more than $10 million, as of late 2022.


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