• Eve Sanderson was born on 12th December 1962, in Burbank, California USA.
• She attended Torrey Pines High School and graduated from the University of California (USC) in Santa Barbara.
• Eve and Adam Schiff married on 19th February, 1995 and had two children.
• Adam Schiff is a Democratic Congressman and Eve is involved in community-based projects in Washington, DC.
• Adam's net worth is estimated at $1.5 million as of late 2020.

Who is Eve Schiff?

Eve Sanderson was born on 12th December 1962, in Burbank, California USA. She is a former tennis player who currently works as a volunteer, but is mainly known for being the wife of Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff. Keep reading to learn about her net worth, parents, family and more.

Eve Schiff’s Parents & Childhood

Eve Schiff was born to Marion Sanderson, an artist who passed away in 2006; there are no public details regarding her father.

She attended Torrey Pines High School, and matriculated in 1980. After that, she graduated with a Literature and Sociology Degree from the University of California (USC) in Santa Barbara.

Throughout her youth, Eve was an avid tennis player, and although leaving the sport for a few years, she picked it up again.

Eve and Adam’s Marriage & Family

Eve and Adam met on a tennis court in Marina del Rey in 1990, thanks to a mutual friend. They married on 19th February, 1995, and had their first daughter, Alexa Marion on 12 July 1998. In July 2002, the couple had their second child, Elijah Harris.

Although Eve is a Catholic, the couple decided to raise their children in the Jewish faith and traditions, as Adam’s faith is important to him. However, the family also celebrate Christian holidays.

Adam studied pre-med and political science courses at the Stanford University, but ultimately chose law school, as he thought it would give him better opportunities to serve the public.

Adam is very open on social media, and has 207,000 Instagram followers. He posts many photos of his wife and children on his account, as well as political news.

Daughter Alexa, nicknamed Lexi, is currently following in her father’s footsteps, and studying pre-med at the prestigious Northwestern University in Illinois.

Eve Schiff’s Career

Eve worked as a volunteer for several causes across the state of California, and is said to now be involved in numerous community-based projects in Washington, DC, where she currently resides.

Apart from being a philanthropist and homemaker, raising her two children while her husband worked, Eve was actively involved in her childrens’ school parent and teachers association group (PTA).

The main role of a PTA is to forge strong relationships among parents, teachers, and schools, in benefit of the student population. The PTA works closely with the principal and school site council, and together they decide things such as which programs are the best for the school.

Schiff Family Political Views

A member of the Democratic Party, Adam Schiff is known for being one of the head investigators during President Donald Trump’s impeachment process, and his role thrust the family into the spotlight. He was also the youngest Senate member when his term began in 1996. He has also served as a congressman since 2001 and is currently in his 10th term.

Since 2013, Adam has been the US Representative for California’s 28th congressional district.

For his first six terms, Adam represented a district that included the areas of Altadena, Alhambra, Burbank, Glendalle, San Gabriel and Pasadena to name a few. His district boundaries were redrawn in 2010 to include La Crescenta-Montrose, Hollywood, the Hollywood Hills, Silver Lake and Flintridge among others.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi named Schiff as a lead impeachment manager on 15th January, 2020. Schiff lead a team of seven House members who were responsible for presenting the impeachment case against President Donald Trump during his trial before the US Senate.

Adam Schiff

This wasn’t Schiff’s first time as a lead manager, having played the same role in the impeachments of Thomas Porteous and Samuel B. Kent. However, President Donald’s Trump impeachment process was hugely controversial, and reported globally.

Schiff is pro-choice, believing that women should have the right to terminate unwanted pregnancies. More of his political views include his support to provide financial relief to businesses and/or corporations negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, his support of gun control legislation, and his support to remove tariffs and quotas from international trade. Overall, his opinions are in line with the Democratic Party values, and it’s believed that his wife and family share the same beliefs.

Death Threats Controversy

A Connecticut man named Robert P. Phelps was arrested in November 2020, for threatening Adam Schiff including sending him death threats. Phelps used Schiff’s congressional website to send him menacing messages, in which he said he wanted to kill Schiff with his bare hands. These messages were traced back to November 2019, the evening of the first public impeachment hearing.

However, this is not the first time that Schiff has been harrassed as a result of his political career. In February 2020, Salvatore Lippa was arrested for threatening to murder both Schiff and US Senator Charles Schumer.

Court papers reveal that in January, Lippa left voicemails at Schiff’s Washington D.C office in which he threatened to put a bullet in his forehead, and stated that he would come to Washington and kill him.

When questioned by special agents from the U.S. Capitol Police, Lippa admitted that he made the calls because he was upset about President Donald Trump’s impeachment. Lippa had also contacted Schumer at his Albany office, warning him that somebody wanted to assassinate him, and that they would shoot him from 200 yards away.

He was subsequently charged with threatening to assault or murder a federal official on account of the performance or their official duties, and interstate communication of a threat.

The charges carry up to ten years in prison, and a maximum fine of $250,000.

Despite the negative attention that comes with being a public figure, Eve has stayed by her husband’s side, and Adam has commended her many times for being such a supportive wife.

Eve Schiff’s Net Worth

As Eve’s volunteering work is unpaid, Adam is the bread-winner of their family. Authoritative sources report Adam’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million as of late 2020. He has many assets including stocks in the S&P 500 Index and Apple Inc.


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