• Alexi McCammond is an American political reporter and editor from Chicago, Illinois.
• She attended the University of Chicago and received a four-year scholarship.
• She has been recognized by the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) and is currently an editor for Teen Vogue Magazine.
• She is in a relationship with Matt Kuncman and recently announced their engagement.
• Her net worth is estimated at $500,000 and is active across various social media platforms.

Who is Alexi McCammond?

America has produced some of the most talented news reporters ,and Alexis is one of them. Her display of confidence and ability to say what is on her mind at all times has endeared her to many. She continues to steadily make her way in the world of journalism, and has carved her niche as a political reporter.

Her early life

Alexi McCammond was born under the Libra sun sign, on 27 March 1994, in Chicago, Illinois, USA; she’s an American with mixed ethnicity. Her mother’s name is Shelli McGinley who is a member of staff at the ‘Royal Family All-stars’ in Rockford. Her father’s name hasn’t been revealed, but he worked in manufacturing. She was raised alongside her two siblings, a brother named Braxton who is a graduate of Rock Valley College, and a sister named Aubyn who graduated from Rockford University with a degree in nursing.

Her sister is a registered nurse, and currently works at Mercy Health Rockford.

Her education

Alexi attended Guilford High School, with hopes of going to medical school and becoming a doctor. While she was still in Junior year of her high school, her hopes were cut short when her father was laid off from his job – Alexis became concerned about financing her college education, and aimed to make good grades to qualify for a scholarship. Her hard work paid-off, and she was awarded a four-year scholarship to the tune of $60,000 annually, which covered her fees, rent and study materials.

She enrolled at the University of Chicago in 2011, but studied ‘Sociology, Romance Languages and Literature’.

While in school, she began honing her writing skills and became a fellow of Newhouse and a scholar at National quest bridge. Her ability as a leader earned her the position of event director of the ‘Kappa Alpha Theta’ sorority. She received her Bachelor’s degree upon her graduation in 2015.

Alexi’s career

She began her career as an intern in an editorial company, and also as a writer for ‘Cosmopolitan Magazine’. She worked for the ‘Sarasota Tribune’ covering the presidential campaigns during the primaries in New Hampshire. She later began working for an online magazine named ‘Bustle’ in 2016, focusing on politics, and was promoted to an associate editor in the same year. She covered news and happenings in politics, especially the 2016 American presidential debate, editing articles as well as publishing, and also setting up interviews online on her social media platforms.

During her media coverage of the 2016 American presidential elections, she was gathered in the press pit with other journalists and as now former president Donald Trump walked close to her, she asked him how he would respond to young women across the country that were nervous about voting for him. He reacted by grabbing her by the wrist and yelling at her to put down her recording equipment before shoving her hand. She uploaded the clip on one of her social media platforms, and it went viral.

Also, during her work with ‘Cosmopolitan’, Alexis highlighted the importance of watching over your drinks when out and not accepting drinks from people you aren’t familiar with. In the article, she also wrote about her experience of being drugged twice, once at a bar after accepting a drink from a stranger, and added that she was lucky to be alive, but has moved on from the incident.

In the same year, her write-up entitled ‘My Dad Is An Unarmed Black Man: Will He Be Shot Next?’ attracted a lot of attention and discussion about police brutality and racism in American Society. She wrote about her father being 6ft 3ins and bi-racial, but his features wouldn’t matter to a police officer because he would be considered a black man, and then be racially profiled.

Aside from working in print, Alexis has also been heard on radio, and made appearances on television stations, including ‘Fox Business’, ‘WNYC’, and ‘MSNBC’. In 2016, she hosted the series “LOVE, Fatally’ and has made appearances in several shows, including “The Beat with Ari Melber”, “MSNBC Live”, “Kasie DC” amongst others.

She also covered the 2020 American presidential elections, and currently works as a reporter and editor for an American new medium named ‘Axios’.

Alexi McCammond

She was recently hired as an editor on ‘Teen Vogue Magazine’ and currently works there.

Is she in a relationship?

She is rumoured to be in a relationship with Matt Kuncman, also known as TJ Ducklo, who was a member of President Joe Biden’s staff. Alexis and Matt met during her coverage of president Joe Biden’s campaign, when her boyfriend was still working as the press secretary. He was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer and began receiving treatment while working during the campaign.

Although she was in a relationship with Rob Groulx, a former worker at Axios, it didn’t deter her from pursuing a romantic relationship with Matt. They began a relationship in November 2020 and the reporter asked to be reassigned from covering the presidential campaign because she felt it was beginning to interfere in her private life; her request was granted.

The couple stated in an interview that they knew that their relationship was going to be challenging, but have decided to go ahead with it.

In a series of posts on her Instagram page, Alexis announced to her followers that she was engaged to her boyfriend, she stating that he had joked about them getting married on their fourth date, though they already knew by their second date that they were in trouble. She added that she feels happier and fearless since they met – he is her rock and they were getting married. The news was met with well-wishes and congratulatory messages, and are apparently planning their wedding.

Awards and recognition

Alexi was recognised in Miami as the Emerging Journalist of the Year by the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) in 2019.

Scandals and controversies

Alexi’s teeth are some of her best features, and she’s rumoured to pay heavily to keep them well-maintained, however, her comment on her Instagram page about having 70% teeth and ‘Flyaways’ got people wondering what was going on with her dentition.

In 2019 she called out Charles Barkley, a National Basketball Association (NBA) player, for his rude comment towards her. She stated that the player told her that he didn’t hit women but if he did he would hit her. Charles later apologised claiming that he was trying to make a joke which was misunderstood.

Her fiancé has also had his share of negative press coverage. He was accused of being misogynistic towards a female reporter, who had asked him about his relationship with Alexi, to which he responded by saying “I will destroy you”.

He was initially suspended for a week and later announced his resignation through his Twitter account after issuing a lengthy apology.

Alexi was appointed as a news editor for Teen Vogue. Racist and homophobic comments which she made over a decade ago have begun circulating the internet. Fans of the magazine have not held back in expressing their disappointment at their choice of an editor, especially with the rise of hate crimes against the Asian community. She has since apologised and added that her thoughts back then do not reflect who she is.

Her hobbies

Alexis loves animals and owns a schnauzer which she named Marlin.

She also enjoys reading, taking walks in nature and watching her favourite movies.

Alexi’s physical features

The reporter is about 5ft 4ins (1.62m) tall, and weighs about 120lbs (55kgs) with long brown hair and matching brown eyes.

Her net worth

Her net worth as of early 2021 is estimated at $500,000, which she’s earned through her successful career in journalism, hosting several shows and online interviews. She is also rumoured to have an income of about $100,000, but details about her assets are unknown.

Where to find her

As a journalist, it is not surprising that Alexis is active across various social media platforms including Twitter, on which she engages her over 85,000 followers in political dialogue and also updates them on current happenings within the society.


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