• Meganne Young is a South African actress and media personality
• She is best known for her role as 'Rachel' in “Kissing Booth”
• She was raised in Cape Town by her parents and went to University of Surrey
• She gained fame for her roles in “The Challenger Disaster”, “The Giver”, “The Kissing Booth”, “Black Sails”, and many more
• Meganne Young has a net worth of $1 million

South African actress and media personality Meganne Young, graced our TV screens when she played the major role of ‘Rachel’ in “Kissing Booth”; she is instantly recognized as the star of the show. Since this famous appearance, Meganne has continued to improve her acting skills, while achieving more recognition.

This biography has all you need to know about Meganne Young described in detail for you.

Early Life, Family, Educational Background

Meganne Young was born under the zodiac sign of Aries, to South African parents on 22 March 1990, in Cape Town, South Africa. Even though Meganne Young is of South African nationality, she retains her ethnicity as a white woman, evident in her skin tone and the texture of her hair.

Meganne and her elder brother Travis Young were raised in Cape Town by their parents. They were also raised as adherents of the Christian religion. Her father is unnamed, but we do know that he’s an entrepreneur, while her mother Kym Young is yet to disclose her career path.

Meganne has only shared sparse details of her early life and educational background. For undisclosed reasons, she briefly attended the Overseas School of Colombo in Sri Lanka.

As soon as Meganne discovered her passion for acting, she enrolled into the Guildford School of Acting to hone her skills and become a professional.

When she completed her course, she joined the University of Surrey and graduated a few years later. She had to leave home to pursue her career, and now lives in Los Angeles, where she does most of her work.


For Meganne Young, there has never really been anything else but acting. She thinks of her transition into Hollywood as the ‘traditional route’. She went from acting school, to finding an agent, auditioning for roles, to finally landing one and building a career as an actor.

Meganne’s spectacular acting skills always speak for her. Since her debut appearance in a film, the quality of her acting has gone through the roof. She brings a character to life, the way only Meganne can.

Meganne Young

At 23, Meganne made her debut appearance in the movie “The Challenger Disaster” in 2013, playing Michelle Feynman in the film directed by James Hawes. Upon the release of her debut film, she started getting more audition invites from film producers.

The following year, she landed another role in “The Giver” in which she played a bride in the film by director, Phillip Noyce.

Meganne’s big break came in 2018, when she was chosen for a lead role in the popular teenage rom com, “The Kissing Booth”, as Rachel, the witty, warm and unpredictable girlfriend of Lee Flynn, cast alongside Joey King, Jacob Elordi and Joel Courtney.

Fans requested a sequel to the movie; their request was granted, and Meganne was cast in the sequels, “Kissing Booth 2” and “Kissing Booth 3”, released in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

Other movies which have contributed to Meganne’s fame include “Eye in the Sky” and “Zum Teufel mit der Wahrheit” both in 2015, and “The Dating Game Killer” (2017) in which she played Wendy Cade.

Apart from movies, Meganne has also appeared in television shows and series. The show which had the most impact on Meganne’s career was “Black Sails” in 2015, her debut appearance in a TV show, playing Abigail Ashe, daughter of Lord Peter Ashe, the second season of the television series.

In the same year, she was cast in “Bluestone 42” and “Saints and Strangers”.

In 2017 she appeared in “Blood Drive”, in which she played Anne, and in “The Journey of Humankind” as Norma Jean in the same year. Some others are “Supernatural” (2018), “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” (2018), “The Bull” (2018) and “We Are Not Alone”, which aired in 2019.

Her favorite roles in her acting career so far are Abigail Ashe in “Black Sails”, and Rachel in “The Kissing Booth”.

Personal Life, Spouse

Meganne refrains from going into much detail about her personal life. However, she was rumored to be dating English actor Ben Barnes, sometime in 2017.

For whatever reason, the duo couldn’t build a romantic relationship together. Meganne is currently single, and yet to declare a romantic interest in anyone.

To stay fit, Meganne engages in boxing sessions; she has a personal trainer who helps her achieve her fitness goals.

In an interview, she revealed that dealing with anxiety was her major challenge of 2020. She got through it by focusing on the positive connections in her life, and investing in those relationships. Due to the demands of her career, Meganne now lives in Los Angeles, with her cat named Calvus. Still, she visits her parents in South Africa as much as she can.

Appearance, Clothing Style

Meganne Young is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, and weighs about 123lbs (56kgs). She has short dark brown hair and hazel colored eyes. Meganne is a beauty, and her distinctive feature is her big smile.

The 31-year-old loves to dress in cool, understated designs, nothing too trendy or crazy.

Due to her celebrity status, she wears designs from numerous fashion brands for her formal events. On casual outings with friends or family, Meganne sticks to comfort, ie jeans and shirts or pretty playsuits.

Hobbies, Favorite Things, Interesting Facts

  • Meganne enjoys reading in her leisure.
  • Horses are her favorite animals, and she loves riding.
  • She also engages in nature photography.
  • Traveling is a stress relief for Meganne.
  • She loves to cook for her friends and family.
  • Teen rom coms are her feel-good movies.

Net worth and Salary

Meganne Young’s net worth is currently erstimated at $1 million, accumulated from her years of acting, and her collaboration with some brands online. She’s likely to have some personal projects which generate significant  income, such that her net worth continues to grow.


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