• Born on 5th November 1991 in the USA, Dax Flame is an actor, director, and internet personality
• Started YouTube channel in 2007 and went on to become the 16th most subscribed YouTuber of all time
• Appeared in movies such as “Project X”, “The Watch”, and “21 Jump Street”
• Active on various social media platforms such as Twitch and Discord and is selling the concept of FriendBoom
• Estimated net worth is around $1 million

Who is Dax Flame?

Born on 5th November 1991 in the USA, Dax Flame is an actor, director, and internet personality of “Project X” fame. Known since the 2000s for his witty vlogs which helped propel him to stardom, Dax – birth name Madison Patrello – has also released his memoirs, and appeared in YouTube series’.

Dax’s YouTube Channel

Dax began his YouTube channel in January 2007, and went on to become the 16th most subscribed YouTuber of all time. His vlogs were about an awkward adolescent named Bernice Jauch III, who quickly became a meme and was branded ‘the king of socially awkward boys on the web’, thanks to his voice and mannerisms.

As of late 2021, Dax boasts almost half a million subscribers on his channel. His most popular videos are “Diary 30: Superman is coming to school” with 5.8 million views, and “Diary 31: Humiliation” with 4.1 million views, both uploaded in 2007. Dax’s newest uploads, which touch subjects such as friendship and his love life, have been viewed up to 200,000 times.

In 2020, Dax was the subject of “Ice Cream Man”, an IDubbbzTV YouTube documentary. In July of the same year, Dax uploaded the pilot of a new game show entitled “Smoothie Madness”, which racked up over 200,000 views, so the series was updated weekly from August onwards.

On 30th December 2020, Dax claimed that he’d delete his channel if he didn’t hit a million subscribers by the end of 2021 – wait and see!

Dax’s Acting Career

2012 was arguably Dax’s best year, thanks to his acting roles in smash hits “Project X”, “The Watch”, and “21 Jump Street”. Dax played himself in the first movie, which was nominated for five awards and raked in over a $100 million at the box office, despite a relatively small $12 million budget.

“The Watch”, a light-hearted comedy starring Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller, was also nominated for two awards, and received positive reviews from audiences.

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Dax played a smaller role in this movie, and was mistakenly named “Flax Dame” in the end credits. The mildly popular production was written by Seth Rogen, Jared Stern and Evan Goldberg, and took in over $68 million at the box office – not an impressive figure, as it just covered the budget.

Dax was able to fully showcase his acting talents in “21 Jump Street”, working alongside movie greats such as Ice Cube and Channing Tatum. The comedy was based around two mediocre cops who infiltrate a senior prom as high school students, to take down a synthetic drug ring. This time around, Dax had a larger role in the movie and played Zack, one of the secondary characters. The film won 11 awards

In 2014, Dax rehashed his role in “22 Jump Street”, which saw Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum’s characters go undercover at a local college. Many of the original cast returned for the successful movie, but new faces such as Johnny Pemberton and breakthrough actor Craig Roberts also appeared. “21 Jump Street” earned $201 million at the box office against a $50 million budget, whereas the sequel took in an impressive $331 million, with an $80 million budget.

The last time Dax graced the silver screen was in 2016, playing Jasper Papadakis in “Another Evil”.

The Dark Sky Films production did moderately well at small film festivals, but fell flat otherwise, with one critic saying of the horror comedy: “Another Evil is pretty amusing in that it takes a familiar and tired horror genre and turns it sideways, introducing ideas and characters that we’ve seen before but with a new twist. The problem is that it’s neither very funny or at all scary”.

Since then, it seems that Dax prefers to focus on his YouTube channel, and other social media ventures.

Dax’s Social Media & Personal Life

Dax is active on various social media platforms such as Twitch and Discord, which he uses to communicate with his followers. On Instagram, the YouTuber boasts almost 18,000 followers under the handle @daxflame.

Dax’s Instagram feed shows a mix of inspirational quotes, updates on his YouTube channel, and sneak peeks into his daily life. His first post was on 17 February 2020, and since then the internet star has worked diligently to keep fans up to date on all his creative endeavors.

Some of Dax’s future projects include FriendBoom, which advertises itself as “an innovative new website & app facilitating friendship amongst its users via technology & wisdom”. With the slogan of FriendBoom being “Connection Made Simple”, Dax’s aim is to use algorithms and a personality test to match up like-minded individuals who aim to make new friends.

Dax is currently selling the concept of FriendBoom under the condition that he stays on the company board as an advisor, and promotes the company for three years.

As for Dax’s love life, although he frequently uploads YouTube videos around the subject such as “Can 2 Strangers Fall in Love in 45 Minutes?”, he has never gone public with any relationships until now.

In June 2021, the former actor went so far as to travel to Iceland and spend almost two weeks in the country with the hopes of finding love. This move didn’t go down well with Dax’s loyal followers, with some of them branding the idea ‘delusional’ and ‘a little strange’.

However, one shrewd commentator asked an important question: which of Dax’s character aspects are ‘acted’ and which are ‘genuine’? After achieving internet notoriety in 2007 by portraying a nerdy and socially awkward adolescent, with little luck in the love department, it’s more than likely that Dax is simply sticking to the same gimmicks that made him famous.

Dax’s Net Worth

Although one source lists Dax’s net worth as $248 million, the real figure is closer to $1 million. Thanks to a combination of merchandise sales, YouTube streams, Patreon donations, and royalties from his acting days, Dax has managed to make at least seven figures at a relatively young age.


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