When it comes to versatility and success, few individuals embody these traits as seamlessly as Dom Fenison. His journey unfolds across high-fashion catwalks and the world of real estate, showcasing a remarkable range of skills. Dom gained fame through his association with rapper-singer Chanel West Coast, adding an extra layer to his already captivating narrative. His story intertwines glamour, business acumen, and a touch of romance, making him a truly compelling figure.

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Early Life and Family

Dominique “Dom” Fenison was born on 13 September 1992, in Los Angeles, California, USA. Proudly embracing a mixed ethnicity, he draws from African-American heritage on his father’s side and Caucasian roots through his mother. As the only child in a family led by a single mother, Dom attributes much of his upbringing to his grandfather, expressing deep gratitude for the pivotal role his grandfather played, acknowledging that without this support, he wouldn’t be the person he is today. Highlighting the profound connection he shares with his grandfather, who celebrated his 84th birthday in May 2023, Dom states, ‘The bond I have with my grandpa is on another level. He’s always had my back, and I’ve always had his.’


Dom pursued his education at the private, non-profit online institution Western Governors University located in Millcreek, Utah, through which he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Business Management.


Dom was in his second year of college when he was discovered while bartending.

Modeling: Magazine Covers, Campaigns, and Catwalk Success

With his striking looks and physique, Dom appears as if he stepped right out of the pages of a magazine, and indeed, he’s graced the covers of men’s magazines such as “The Perfect Man” and “Period.” He confidently strutted the catwalk for prestigious fashion houses such as Givenchy and Giorgio Armani, and additionally contributed to campaigns for renowned brands such as Men’s Wearhouse, Jared Jewelers, and Nike.

A Starring Role in a Music Video

In 2017, Dom took on a starring role in the music video (MV) for “Let Me Go,” a breakup pop and tropical house song performed by American singer Hailee Steinfeld and Swedish DJ Alesso. The video also featured singer-songwriter/guitarist Watt, and country music duo Florida Georgia Line.

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Dom initiated his career in the real estate industry as a listing co-ordinator at Douglas Elliman Real Estate, to which he dedicated nine months starting in July 2019. Following this, he became a part of Stabler & Associates Incorporation, serving as a business manager and executive assistant for a year and a half. In March 2021, Dom transitioned to Beverly & Company, assuming the role of a licensed real estate agent. Presently, he holds the position of a realtor at eXp Realty. Drawing upon his extensive experience in the real estate sector, Dom has successfully founded the Fenison Real Estate Group.

Social Media Personality

Dom immersed himself in social media, strategically positioning himself as he started building a reputation in the modeling world. Commencing his Instagram page in 2013, he transformed it into a platform showcasing a myriad of projects, ranging from appearing in billboard ads to the catwalk for the Givenchy menswear fashion show in Paris. Subsequent posts highlight his diverse modeling engagements, travel adventures, workout routines, and fitness insights. Beyond his professional life, Dom offers glimpses into his personal world and promotes various ventures, including his real estate business and podcast.

With approximately 120,000 followers, two of Dom’s most liked posts include a video featuring him and his girlfriend being interviewed by E! News on the red carpet, and another series of photos, primarily showcasing him with his baby in his arms.

Personal Life

Dom Fenison’s connection with Chanel West Coast catapulted him into widespread recognition, extending beyond the confines of the modeling world. Their relationship was revealed on Instagram in early 2022, coinciding with their attendance at the private screening and premiere of “Jackass Forever,” an American reality slapstick comedy movie.

Who is Chanel West Coast?

Chanel West Coast, born Chelsea Chanel Dudley on 1 September 1988, in Los Angeles, California, embarked on a musical career from a young age, commencing her recording journey in her late teens. She initially rose to prominence through her role on the MTV reality series “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory,” spanning seven seasons from 2009 to 2015. Subsequently, she became a recognizable figure as a co-host on the MTV comedy clip show “Ridiculousness” for an impressive 30 seasons from 2011 to 2023.

In the realm of music, Chanel has released several notable mixtapes, including “Now You Know” (2013) and “Waves” (2015). Her singles, such as “Bass in the Trunk” and “Karl,” have contributed to her musical identity. In 2022, she expanded her entrepreneurial ventures by launching her swimwear line, Coasty Swim.

Chanel is an active presence on social media platforms, particularly Instagram in which she’s amassed close to four million followers. Here, she regularly shares updates about her life, music, and career, engaging with her dedicated fan base. Additionally, she ventured into YouTube in 2011, establishing her self-titled channel which has attracted over 400,000 subscribers, and accumulated almost 95 million views of her videos.


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Dom and Chanel’s Love Story

Dom and Chanel crossed paths several years ago in Miami, instantly hitting it off. On the first day, they hung out and exchanged numbers, however, given the geographical distance—Dom in Miami and Chanel in L.A.—nothing transpired, and they continued on with their lives.

The turning point came when Chanel was co-directing the MV for “Vinyl,” and the initially booked model backed out at the last minute. In a spontaneous move, she thought of Dom, gave him a call, and asked if he was interested. At that very moment, Dom was in his car returning from a job. Intrigued by the idea, he swiftly turned his car around, marking the rekindling of their connection.

In a behind-the-scenes video, Chanel introduced Dom as her beau in the MV, playfully suggesting he might become her beau in real life; they shared laughs and hugs. A couple of days after Christmas, Chanel reached out to Dom, proposing a re-shoot at an arcade in a bowling alley – the day-long session involved playing games for content. Chanel described the experience as akin to being on a date, providing them an opportunity to talk and deepen their connection.

After this, it was Dom who took the initiative, calling Chanel to propose a real date. From that point onward, they began hanging out together every single day. Dom mentioned that while they share a lot in common, including similar upbringings and interests, their personalities differ significantly—he is more laid-back, while she exudes high energy. Surprisingly, this dynamic works well for them.

Welcomed Their Daughter, Bowie Breeze

In June 2022, Chanel made a pregnancy announcement at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, gracing the red carpet with Dom by her side. She dazzled in a floral sequined mini dress that elegantly showcased her growing baby bump. To share the excitement, they organized a gender reveal party attended by close family and friends. The joyous celebration was documented and shared online, with Chanel expressing, ‘We’re having a baby girl!!! Love you @domfenison, thank you for coming into my life and loving me the way you do. I know you will be the best Dad in the world!’

Bowie Breeze was born on 2 November 2022, in L.A; the name was inspired by their love for ‘80s music, particularly her personal favorite, the English singer-songwriter David Bowie. Both Dom and Chanel shared adorable photos of baby Bowie on their Instagram pages, and Chanel even set up a dedicated Instagram account for her daughter.

Marriage Plans

The couple hasn’t disclosed any plans for marriage, but the arrival of their baby has strengthened their bond. Chanel openly acknowledged that the pregnancy occurred a little sooner in their relationship than expected. Nevertheless, she believed it was fate and that the timing was right for both of them. They share common values, and are committed to raising their child with these shared principles.

Baby West Coast

Many were unfamiliar with Dom until Chanel’s pregnancy sparked curiosity about the father’s identity—a situation Dom acknowledged, given his awareness of his girlfriend’s fame. When asked about being Chanel’s “plus one,” Dom revealed he never thought about it or dwelled on it, expressing a sense of self-assurance derived from his own accomplishments.

Chanel addressed the topic of people referring to their daughter by the nickname “Baby West Coast.” She occasionally finds it annoying, considering that their baby is a Fenison even if she and Dom haven’t tied the knot yet. She also admitted feeling a sense of pride in the idea that the West Coast legacy is somehow living on through their child.

Collaborative Ventures

Despite having individual projects, they are open to collaborating. One such joint venture is their podcast entitled “The Laugh Podcast,” available on Chanel West Coast’s YouTube channel.

Chanel, drawing from her experience working as a receptionist at a real estate company, believes she can contribute to Dom’s real estate business, particularly in helping clients find the right houses. In return, Dom, leveraging his modeling and fashion background, can assist her with her swimwear brand.

Interesting Facts

When Dom was 10 years old, he played baseball and would often get injured during games or practices. As a result, he developed an obsession with wearing Ace bandages.

He is allergic to avocados, which he finds quite unfortunate as the pear-shaped fruit is an excellent source of nutrients.

He mentioned that cooking is his passion and proudly asserts that he can transform cauliflower into a dish that tastes like junk food. This is quite an achievement, considering the vegetable’s relatively neutral taste.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Dom to take a step back and reevaluate his life’s trajectory, prompting him to view his life through a different lens. It served as an awakening, making him realize that he wasn’t doing what he really wanted at the time. Motivated to get back to his hustle as an entrepreneur and a model, he ended up selling multiple houses and securing significant modeling opportunities.


With mixed ethnicity, Dom Fenison possesses not only striking good looks but also a well-maintained physique. Standing at an impressive height of 6ft 2ins (189cms) and weighing about 192lbs (87kgs), he boasts a fit and toned body, complemented by dark brown hair and expressive brown eyes.

Net Worth

According to reliable sources, Dom Fenison’s estimated net worth is $1.5 million, as of February 2024.


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