• FunnyMike is an American singer, comedian and YouTube Personality
• His birth name is MacArthur Johnson and he was born on 8 October 1996 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
• His songs include “Mama Whooped My Ass,” “Told on Myself,” and “Ain’t No 21.”
• He is in a relationship with YouTuber Jaliyah Monet and they have two children together
• He is worth approximately $3 million as of 2022

FunnyMike – aka 22 Savage and Young 22 – is an American singer, comedian, and YouTube Personality. Some of his songs include “Mama Whooped My Ass,” “Told on Myself,” and “Ain’t No 21.”

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Age, Early Life, and Education Background

FunnyMike’s birth name is MacArthur Johnson – he hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and was born under the Libra zodiac sign on 8 October 1996, which makes him 26 years old as of 2022. He’s the only child of Denise Jones and her late husband, Arthur Bradford, who passed away in 2019 – FunnyMike announced the news of his dad’s death through a YouTube video entitled “REST IN PEACE DAD.” It’s reported that his parents separated when he was very young. He spent his early years with his half-brother, Wings. Johnson follows the Christianity religion.

FunnyMike went to Tara High School in Baton Rouge, but his additional education details remain unknown.

Facts and Hobbies

FunnyMike is fond of smoking, especially in his spare time.

He is a shopaholic and likes accompanying his girlfriend and kids to shop for trendy shoes and clothes.

When he’s not busy with work, FunnyMike loves playing video games, and has even opened the YouTube FunnyMike Gaming Channel, which is dedicated to gaming alone.


After high school, FunnyMike launched a Vine account under the username Funnyassmike. On 1 May 2016, he launched the YouTube channel FunnyMike, and posted his first video, “I’m Smashing Your Girl Prank on Runik” in 2017; he’s now garnered almost eight million subscribers and over 2.2 billion views. Johnson later launched the channel The MJ Family, together with his girlfriend, on 8 September 2017 – they post family-related vlogs, pranks and challenges on the YouTube channel, which now has over 3.25 million subscribers and over 2.6 million views.

As a musician, FunnyMike goes by the monikers ‘Mighty Mike’ and ‘22 Savage.’ He’s signed with the record label Travis Jones Entertainment. He released his first single “No Heart” in late 2016, proceeded to release the hit, “Jumpin’”, and has since released several other songs such as “Wait What You Doing,” “Jigga Challenge,” ‘Monsters Under My Bed,” and “Somebody,” among others. He also appeared in the music video for Lil Cali’s song “All of ‘Em.”

Johnson is also an entrepreneur, who has ventured into real estate, and has invested in properties around the Baton Rouge neighborhood. He’s also the founder of the firm FunnyMike Ent., which manages upcoming influencers and musicians.

Johnson is highly active on Instagram (@funnymike) with over 8.2 million followers and over 850 posts. He opened his Twitter account (@1funnymike) in July 2014, and is now followed by around 260,000 fans – he uses his Twitter handle to promote the cryptocurrency, Dogecoin. Moreover, he is active on Facebook with around two million followers, having opened his account on 31 August 2016.

In October 2022, Johnson won a YouTube steamy award nomination.

Personal Life

FunnyMike is dating his long-term girlfriend, Juliyah Monet. The duo first met on social media – they used to view each other’s photos and videos before FunnyMike sent her a Snapchat message. Shortly afterward, FunnyMike visited Monet’s shop to purchase an iPad, and they ended up becoming good friends. They began dating in 2017, and announced their engagement shortly afterward. The duo likes making prank and challenge videos together.

The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Londyn Johnson, in February 2019, and were later blessed with a son named Mac Aurther Johnson Jr. in July 2020. FunnyMike’s wife has publicly stated that she doesn’t wish to have more kids, and even posted a video in August 2020 revealing that she had taken contraceptives that would prevent her from getting pregnant until 2025. The duo broke-up briefly in 2020 – allegedly because Johnson wasn’t giving enough time to his family – but reconciled a few months later. The couple loves featuring their kids on their respective social media platforms. They are now living in Los Angeles, California, and are seemingly happy together, without any controversies or further rumors of separation.

FunnyMike’s Arrest

FunnyMike was arrested in 2016 following a shooting-related incident. According to WAFB Baton Rouge, the musician was in the company of two unnamed men near a supermarket in Baker, when a man named Richard Phillip, who was distributing party fliers in the establishment’s parking lot, confronted them. It’s not clear what they started arguing about, but it ended up with FunnyMike allegedly shooting Richard in the chest, and he later succumbed to the injury. FunnyMike was detained together with the two passengers who were present during the shooting, and was charged with second-degree murder, obstruction of justice, and illegal use of a weapon. WAFB reported that FunnyMike admitted that he had shot the man in self-defense but added that the video footage of the shooting did not match up with his accounts. The Louisianian musician was later released on a bond of around $370,000.

Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

FunnyMike is of Afro-American ethnicity, and has short black hair and dark brown eyes. He stands 5ft 11ins (1.80m) tall and weighs approximately 155lbs (70kgs). The comedian has inked several tattoos on his neck, shoulders and arms. He’s very fond of wearing expensive diamond jewelry.

Net Worth

MacArthur has become famous and wealthy through his multi-faceted career. He earns an annual salary of around 50,000. He also earns from his YouTube channels and his merchandise line, Stoopid Fly, which sells a wide array of clothing, including T-shirts and hoodies. He’s authoritatively worth around $3 million as of 2022.

Who Is FunnyMike’s Girlfriend, Jaliyah Monet?

Jaliyah is a famed YouTuber and musician, born on 8 February 1998, which makes her 24 years old as of 2022. Her father, Lee Lucas, is a respected street legend, and she was raised alongside her two sisters, Liyah and Jayla. Monet rose to stardom for her YouTube channel, Jaliyahma, which has close to 3.2 million followers. Her most popular video is “FunnyMike & Jaliyah – I Need You (Official Video),” which has over 13 million views. In December 2019, she released her debut single, “Like Me” – the single comes in as her second most-viewed video on YouTube, with almost 10 million views.

Monet is of Black ethnicity and has a set of dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. She stands 5ft 3ins (1.60m) tall and weighs approximately 110lbs(50kgs). She is worth approximately $1.5 million as of 2022.


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