• 27-year-old Jena Frumes is a well-known Instagram and TikTok star with over 4 million and 8 million followers, respectively.
• She is of African, French and Native American ethnicity and has a younger sister whose information is unknown.
• She attended Scotland High School and North Carolina University in Durham for her undergraduate degree in Theatre and Dance.
• Jena is currently dating Jason Derulo, and has had several other relationships in the past, such as with Antonio Brown and Jesse Lingard.
• She is estimated to have a net worth of over $250,000, gained through her modelling and acting career, endorsements, and YouTube channel.

With over four million followers on Instagram, over eight million followers on Tiktok, a blossoming career in modelling and acting, Jena Frumes is a well-known and outspoken model and Instagram star who has gained popularity patiently. The 27-year-old lady with a sporty body, 5ft 4ins tall and beautiful blue eyes has not only captured attention through her looks but her ability to pursue and achieve what her heart desires. She has pulled a good audience on her social media platforms through her creativity and supernatural sense of fashion, not forgetting her attitude to keep on winning.

Born in New Jersey, USA on 21 September 1993, to a black father and white mother, Jena Frumes, is of African, French and Native American ethnicity. Although her parents were cautious about her pursuit of modelling and show business, Jena kept pushing until her parents gave in and supported her. Jena has a younger sister who has never been seen on any of Jena’s Instagram and her family’s information is unknown neither is Jena’s parents’ information public.

Jena is a lover of animals – her Instagram account is full of photos of her posing with dogs, pigs and even a python, which has appeared in a couple of her Instagram posts.

She expresses emotional and lively comments like “humans don’t deserve dogs” or how she has piggie memories for photos she took in the Bahamas beside a jumping pig. Her Tiktok account is full of videos of her and her boyfriend’s dog, Ice besides her own dog, Yoda – a best friend.

Jena is a traveller, and has been all around the world, as her Instagram highlights testify, having toured America, Europe and even Africa. She sells for what she is, her sporty body gives her deals with swimsuit companies, and she uses a simple line on her YouTube “I live for a living” meaning that her life is what makes her money, but you can conclude that her body and beautiful face do the magic.

Jena Frumes

In high school, she already knew that she wanted to be a model, and used constant reminders from friends who also saw a star model in her. Jena never shifted from her focus and kept pushing to be better. She joined agencies hoping to get help to achieve her dream, but that didn’t work so she made the bold move to go out on her own, which attracted attention to her Instagram, attracting 10,000 followers in just one month!

However, suppose that the dream of stardom doesn’t work? Jena attended Scotland High School and North Carolina University in Durham for her undergraduate degree in Theatre and Dance, so she isn’t just a beauty but has brains too.

She moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of her modelling career, Union Bay was not giving her the light she needed to be great. She’s stated that her modelling and acting career comes first, more than anything else, however lucrative it may be, but she knows she has a backup. At the age of 24, Jena attracted more attention when she appeared on Nick Cannon’s show, Wild n’ Out star Brittany Dailey’s baby shower, using the opportunity to connect to better names which gave her access to a wider audience. That’s not all, as she then featured as the main character in the movie “Mango and Guava”, about an athlete who is deceived by love at the cost of her talent.

Mentioning Nick Cannon, Jena Frumes was spotted with Cannon on several occasions, and some of her Instagram posts with him brought a heated reaction on the internet. One of the most controversial was when she posted a photo with Nick captioned “Health is Wealth.” The pair dated for a short period, but their relationship wasn’t very public. Jena secured video features with renowned artistes like Jacob Latimore, when she had started her Instagram account, and was a breakthrough to other videos with Jeremiah and Chris Brown

Jena has had several relationships – the first to be highlighted was with American Football player Antonio Brown, but they parted ways because of issues with Antonio’s long-time girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss who had two children with him, and later after he broke-up with Jena, they had another.

She also dated English footballer Jesse Lingard, who she met on a pre-season preparation for Manchester United in the United States. They kept the association going, and she even flew to England for Lingard 25th birthday; Lingard never posted any of her photos, and they later broke-up when she learnt that he went out with a fan.

She is now dating Jason Joel Desrouleaux, better known as Jason Derulo. Derulo says that he met her at the gym, and they are in love. Instagram and Tiktok are where these love birds live, posting videos and photos of themselves hanging out, or just at home having fun.

Jena is also enjoying Jason’s fame by creating videos for her YouTube channel, which recently surpassed 140,000 subscribers.

It’s worth mentioning another relationship that fell in Jena Frumes’ life, with her manager Draya Michelle who managed Jena is the early days of her career. Draya was the vehicle to all the deals and popularity Jena gained at an early age, but Jena later complained that Michelle become unprofessional about some decisions, and they fell out. Subsequent management produced breakthroughs, with Jena becoming more influential than before.

Jena Frumes has accumulated quite a fortune from her multiple abilities, and is estimated to have a net worth of over $250,000 as of early 2021. She’s never mentioned her income, but looking at her endorsements such as with Pretty Little Things and Fashion Nova, the face of several jewellery brands, and her features in music videos, TV series and films as well as her YouTube channel, all clearly produce substantial annual income.


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