• Robert Maillet is a 51-year old Canadian actor and former professional wrestler, best known for his roles in "300" and "Deadpool 2"
• He was trained by Donald Callis and became known for his move, "Paralyzer"
• He has four children, the fourth's identity is unknown
• He has a net worth of approximately $2 million
• He is 7ft (213cm) tall and weighs 350lbs (159kg)

Who is Robert Maillet?

Born under the sign of Scorpio on the 26th of October 1969, in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada, Robert Maillet is a 51-year old Caucasian actor and retired World Wrestling Federation (WWF) wrestler (1989-2011) of Acadian descent. Better known to his old fans as Kurrgan The Interrogator, Maillet owes his worldwide fame to an enviable 22-year career in professional wrestling, but even more so to starring in certain Hollywood movies, such as “300” and “Deadpool 2”. His ongoing acting career started in 2001, over the course of which he has built recognition and admiration throughout successes on the big screen.

Early life: Yet to be discovered

Since Robert’s parents both have Acadian roots, they decided to move from his birth town to Ste-Marie-de-Kent in New Brunswick one year after his birth, to bring their son up in a French-Acadian village and stay true to their ancestry. Their names, professions and other children are unknown, though Robert is believed to be an only child. He always had an interest in physical activities, and committed himself to contact sports when he attended an unspecified high school in the vicinity of Ste-Marie-de-Kent, from where he matriculated in 1987. There’s no indication thtoat Maillet went on to further education, so he’s believed not to have a degree.

He spent the major portion of his time after high school under his three coaches, all of whom are famous professional Canadian wrestlers – Leo Burke, Stephen Petitpas and Bret Hart.

Career: From the big shows to the big screen

Maillet made his first public appearance in 1989’s Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling, as the “Acadian Giant”. He kept a mostly low profile for two years, eventually joining the ring under a new nickname – “The Cajun Giant”. On the 11th of November 1991, he defeated “Cowboy” Bob Bradley in a televised match in Utica, New York State, then went global soon after, wrestling in Japann and South Korea as well as Canada, achieving success in the Japanese professional wrestling promotion “Super World of Sports” (SWS) as “Giant Goliath” in 1991, and continued appearing in Japanese wrestling promotions, including the “W*ING” event as “Goliath El Gigante”.

Maillet returned to the US in 1997, and signed to the WWF along with another Canadian wrestler, Donald Callis – “The Jackyl”.

Part of something greater

In 1997 he also joined “The Truth Commission”, which was a so-called professional wrestling stable, ie a congregation of professional wrestlers meant to perform together. His main partner was US pro wrestler Barry Buchanan – “Recon”. He also started performing under a new stage name – The Interrogator, said to be inspired by The Kurrgan, who is an immortal antagonist in the 1986 film “Highlander”, performed by Clancy Brown. On television, he was most frequently referred to as “Kurrgan the Interrogator”.

Within the United States Wrestling Association (USWA), Maillet and Buchanan competed as a tag team duo, eventually taking home three championships in a row, from 1997 to 1999. It was during this time that Maillet developed one of the moves for which he is known even today.

He was trained by Donald Callis to be a fearsome heel (the bad guy in the wrestling world), and as such tended to use a claw hold nicknamed “Paralyzer”, which he would keep on the opponent’s throat until his coach would slap him across the face in the ring. Callis became Maillet’s manager near the disbandment of the stable, and placed him into “The Oddities” – a stable of only heels headed by Callis.

Robert Maillet

Here, Robert performed alongside some of the more prominent names in the sport at the time, including “Shaggy 2 Dope”, “Golga”, “Violent J” and “Sable”. However, the stable, didn’t manage to attract significant fame, and instead won such awards as Worst Gimmick and Worst Tag Team. Even though “The Oddities” turned ‘face’ (good guys) after being taken over by the Insane Clown Posse, the stable disbanded in 1999. Robert afterwards took to solo performing, making irregular appearances in various wrestling events, such as those organized by Canadian pro wrestler Jacques Rougeau. He officially retired from wrestling in 2011.

The Hollywood giant

Robert’s first appearance in a TV series unrelated to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) was as Leroy in an episode of “Lexx” in 2001. He played Behemoth Jones in an episode of “Liography” in 2003, and got his long-time-coming break three years later as the Uber Immortal in world-famous “300”. He resumed occasional acting thereafter, most prominently as Dredger in 2009’s “Sherlock Holmes”, and later on as Lt. S. Kaidanovsky in “Pacific Rim” in 2013, as well as Blackwell in “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” in the same year. From 2001 up to and including 2020, Robert has had a total of 35 roles, the most recently significant of which is as Sluggo in “Deadpool 2” in 2018.

His most recently televised role is in the character of Big Man in an episode of “Jupiter’s Legacy” in 2021. Robert is still actively engaged in his acting career, and will to be seen in two upcoming movie releases: Lurch in “A.S.T.”, and Provoker in “Edict of Expulsion 1942”.

Don’t mess with Kurrgan

Hollywood superstar Robert Downey Jr. had the misfortune of being accidentally punched by Robert Maillet on the set of 2009’s “Sherlock Holmes”. The actors were filming a physical confrontation scene, during which Downey Jr. was supposed to take a hit on the chin in the lens of the camera, but not in reality. A mishap caused him to indeed get grazed by the pro wrestler, and he ended up unconscious on the floor.

Love Life: Who is Robert Maillet’s wife? Any children in their family?

While there isn’t much information pertaining to any relationships Robert may have had in his early life, it’s known that he dated a Caucasian short-haired blonde named Laura Eaton for a while before marrying her on June 13th 1997. She entered the marriage with two children from her previous one, and the two eventually adopted a daughter from Ethiopia. IMDB reports that Robert actually has four children at this point, but nothing is known about the fourth, and the identities and ages of the previous three are also a mystery. Their marriage has been uncontroversial to this day, and the family are believed to reside together, but at an undisclosed location in the US.


How wealthy is Robert Maillet? What is his net worth?

Maillet is reported to have a net worth of approximately $2 million. He owes this sum to his infrequent appearances as a wrestler, and an acto, both in cinemas and on the TV screens. He’s retired from wrestling, but his still flourishing acting career promises an increase to his wealth.

What is Robert Maillet’s height?

The towering actor’s physical characteristics are the following:

  • Height: 7ft (213cm)
  • Weight: 350lbs (159kg)
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Complexion: Fair

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