Genie Exum is a 22-year-old American social media personality who gained notoriety in 2021 after she was arrested for allegedly stabbing her then-boyfriend.

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Early life

Genie Delise Exum was born on 11 December 2001 in Alabama, USA; however, she might have lied about her age, as media reports and her boyfriend’s statement at the time of the stabbing suggest that she was born in 1998. Genie has an older brother, Bradley Michael, a former salesman who is married and moved from Alabama State, US, to Acworth, Georgia, US, and a younger brother. Genie is half-Mexican and half-Caucasian and has family members in the military.

Early education

In 2017, Genie matriculated from Smiths Station High School in Smiths Station, Alabama – according to Milesplit, she was a runner during that time; her best 800-meter run was 3 minutes and 0.4 seconds, and she completed her 3,200-meter run in 16 minutes 1.22 seconds. Furthermore, Genie competed in cross-country running and ran 3,000 meters in 14 minutes and 39.1 seconds. In her “Whatever” video podcast interview, she revealed that she ‘attended a technical school in Georgia, US, for a while.’ Genie enrolled in college afterwards but paused her studies or dropped out by 2021, apparently due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns.


In early December 2020, Genie began posting content to her Instagram, @genie.exum, on which she’s accrued over 630,000 followers. She primarily posted photos from her vacations to Croatia, Italy, Saint Lucia, and Puerto Rico, US.

Genie also collaborated with social media personalities Mati MarroniEmily Puccii, and Ester Bron. Moreover, she shared her love of “The Promised Neverland” television series, meditation, and listening to podcasts and audiobooks. Her social media posts also showed that she lived in Miami, Florida, and the Hudson Yards neighborhood of Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

In September 2021, Genie’s Instagram account went viral online after she posted a now-deleted photo in which she was topless but covering her breasts. She was in front of a New York Police Department (NYPD) squad car and asked her fans to ‘caption this,’ which provoked a reaction. That act also redirected attention to her TikTok account, @geniedelise, which she’d created several months before. Genie has been active on TikTok since 2020, but the platform banned her first account in February 2021. Since returning to the platform, she’s shared videos of herself dancing in skimpy outfits, answered followers’ questions, and vlogged her life.


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Alleged knife attack

On 18 October 2021, at roughly 6:45 p.m., NYPD officers responded to a 911 call from a man, later identified as the doorman of an apartment building, who requested medical treatment for a man with stab wounds on his arm and back. The injured man, later identified as then-30-year-old Frances “Baby Boy Pajulas” Amor, stated that his girlfriend had stabbed him with a kitchen knife following an argument in her apartment on 10th Avenue in Manhattan. Genie’s boyfriend was immediately transported to the Bellevue Hospital in stable condition, where he received stitches while the police officers took Genie into custody.

Insensitive behavior

On 19 October, reporters from various media companies intercepted Genie as she left Manhattan Criminal Court in dark green leggings, white slippers, a surgical mask covering most of her face, and a dark grey New York Yankees baseball cap.

When asked to comment, she told a New York Post reporter and others to ‘subscribe to her OnlyFans account’ before spelling out the handle @genieeexumm and running to two female friends who waited for her. Genie has posted over 2,500 times on the platform, and described herself as ‘a 21-year-old free spirit from Alabama with a dirty mind and a loud mouth.’ Additionally, she uploaded more than 2,900 pictures and videos in which she was naked, in bikinis, or in provocative poses. Around that time, Genie posted a video of herself via TikTok, in which she was sitting beside an NYPD officer who was questioning her, and captioned it, ‘They took my phone; I’m in the trap right now’ and added Akon’s song “Locked Up” to the video’s audio track, which attracted extra attention to her arrest.


According to court documents, the prosecution had requested that Genie be held on a $50,000 bond or a $10,000 bail on a second-degree assault charge. She was also charged with intent to cause physical injury with a weapon. The prosecutors pointed out that this was a violent case, hence that demand. Genie’s public defender told the judge that Frances was an older and much larger man, trying to paint a picture of Genie being forced to defend herself. Consequently, the judge ordered Genie to be released without bail, but issued an order of protection that made it illegal for Genie to approach or speak to Frances in person or via the Internet.

On 21 October, the New York Post informed their readers that this wasn’t Genie’s first violent incident. According to the media company, an anonymous source provided pictures of Jenna Marlowe, Genie’s cousin who was one year her senior, in which she had a bruised face, elbows, and foot, bloody eye, slashed hands and feet, and a ripped-out fake nail. The source claimed that Jenna lived with Genie in Phenix City, Alabama in 2018, and that Genie inflicted those injuries with a liquor bottle after a dispute over bills. Neighbors contacted Phenix City police officers, and doctors operated to remove Jenna’s fingernail, but Genie’s cousin refused to press charges.

Frances’ reaction

On 22 October, a New York Post reporter spotted Frances walking beside a friend in Bushwick, a neighborhood in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. When asked for a statement, Frances told the reporter to leave him alone, asked ‘if he was allowed to live his life,’ and ran off without waiting for a response.

At that point, Baby Boy Pajulas was identified as the New York City-based male model represented by Q Model Management NY. Subsequently, he deleted all content from his Instagram account, @yourstrulybabyboy. Thankfully, Distractify analyzed it before that happened, and discovered that he lived in Brooklyn and that he claimed that he loved Genie ‘to the moon and back’ about three weeks before the incident. Moreover, five days before the unfortunate conflict happened, she called him handsome via an Instagram comment, and on the day of the stabbing, she wrote ‘You are the moment!’ as a comment under his Instagram post, a video in which someone filmed his stroll through New York City.

“Only Stans” podcast

After the altercation, Genie continued posting content to her social media accounts as if nothing had happened. Then, on 7 April 2022, Genie and Mati were guests in the first episode of the “Only Stans” podcast produced by Barstool Sports. She stated that all charges were dismissed, and that she could finally discuss the event. Genie claims that she doesn’t remember the attack, only the feeling of the police car’s back seat and the cold bench in jail, where she spent the night and the following day.

Furthermore, Genie denied that she stabbed her boyfriend during her “Whatever” interview in November 2023. According to her, there was no knife involved, only a glass cup that ‘was being thrown in anger.’ Consequently, since Genie didn’t see the matter as severe as the media reported it, and felt that she wasn’t the abuser, the promotion of her OnlyFans account didn’t seem heartless at the time. In episode 52 of “Only Stans,” aired in May 2023, Genie said that she settled in New York City because she couldn’t stand the heat in California, US, where she lived part-time for a while.

Early sexual experience

In the “Whatever” podcast episode, Genie stated that one of her earliest sexual intercourses was with the entire platoon of a US Army base in Alabama State. After the host asked her to be more specific, she said that she slept with roughly 20 men from the platoon in about a month.

Ex-boyfriend Frances

During that episode, Genie revealed that she’d dated Baby Boy Pajulas from 2018 to 2021, describing the relationship as ‘her sugar momma phase’ because she financed him during their entire relationship, hence his nickname.

Relationship with a girl

After breaking up with Frances, she went on a date with a girl, which ended horribly. According to Genie, after flirting over text, she flew from Paris, France, to Miami to support the girl emotionally, not realizing that the planned date was at the funeral of someone close. She only spent about three weeks with the girl, and never talked to her again.

Dating status

Genie is single as of early 2024, and apparently hasn’t been on a date in a long time, but is bisexual, and has filmed adult content with men and women. She also confessed to having difficulty finding a partner because she rarely goes out; hence, she uses dating apps such as Hinge.

Physical characteristics

Genie has light brown hair and green eyes. She is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall and weighs about 123lbs (56kgs).

Genie enjoys walking, jogging, and hiking. She also paddle boards, does Pilates exerciseslifts weights, and has started taking taekwondo classes in July 2022. Genie has done 20-day cleanses to lose weight; she only consumes fruit smoothies during that time.

Net worth

Genie has an estimated net worth of about $2 million. In the 52nd episode of “Only Stans,” she said that most of her OnlyFans subscribers tip her $100 or more. She also stated that she’s made much money selling pictures of her toes; her bathwater sample was another hit, and was sold for $500 to $1,000, depending on request. Genie has promoted the Agent Provocateur brand via Instagram.


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