Fielder Jewett is an American movie producer, widely acclaimed for his contributions to notable films including “Imperial Dreams,” “The Vanishing of Sidney Hall,” and “Rosy.” Beyond his achievements in the world of cinema, he’s garnered attention as the partner of the actor Hunter Doohan, who played the love interest of Jenna Ortega in the supernatural television series, “Wednesday.” Away from the glitz of movie production, Jewett is pursuing his second degree, striving to turn yet another dream into reality.

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Early Life and Family

Born on 6 December 1988, in Chappaqua, New York, USA, Fielder Jewett was raised in a wealthy background with a Christian upbringing alongside his only brother, Garett Jewett. His father, F. Garrett Jewett III, is a businessman, and his mother, Doris Downes, works as a creative art director at the advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach. Fielder came from a long line of F.G. Jewetts – his grandfather was Freeborn Garrettson Jewett, a prominent lawyer for many years, who later became a staunch advocate for the protection and conservation of the environment.

Fielder experienced a childhood enriched with a love for sailing, snowboarding, storytelling, and a passion for filmography. These early influences laid the foundation for his future career.

The details of when Fielder realized he was gay haven’t been disclosed, as he has consistently maintained a commitment to keeping his personal and family life private. This decision, however, wasn’t driven by a desire to conceal his sexual orientation; rather, it reflects his preference for working behind the camera, away from the public eye. There has been no indication that he had a problem with his family for being gay as he’s often graced the Instagram page of his father.


Fielder graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies from Wesleyan University in Connecticut. Currently, he’s pursuing a law degree at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, California.


Fielder ventured to L.A., in pursuit of opportunities within the movie industry, and like many aspiring individuals in the field, starting at the bottom and gradually working his way up.

First Steps – Production Assistant

Undeterred by the nature of the tasks, Fielder embraced any opportunity that allowed him to learn from hands-on experiences. His initiation into the industry began as a Production Assistant on the 2012 independent film “Everyday Saturday” under the production outfit Matchbook Pictures, directed by Dorian Tocker. His work in this small-budget production drama was diverse, from set preparation and talent assistance to communication and various miscellaneous tasks.

Joining an independent movie production company, Super Crispy Entertainment, led by renowned producer Jonathan Schwartz, Fielder continued as a Production Assistant for the film “Smashed” (2012), directed by James Ponsoldt. This time, he had the privilege of assisting Jonathan Schwartz directly. Despite the film’s modest box-office performance, it provided Fielder with a broad understanding of different aspects of filmmaking. Instead of just going around the set providing another set of hands in different departments, he was given an intimate look at the intricacies of movie production under the mentorship of the accomplished producer.

In subsequent projects, such as the 2013 romantic drama “Breathe In” starring Felicity Jones and Guy Pearce, Fielder not only assisted Jonathan Schwartz but also worked under the guidance of another producer, Andrea Sperling, offering him diverse perspectives in handling day-to-day filming operations.

Transitioned to an Associate Producer

Excelling in his role as a Production Assistant, Fielder was promoted to Associate Producer. His first project in this new capacity was the 2014 film “Imperial Dreams,” directed by Malik Vittal. Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and later available on Netflix in 2017, the movie received positive acclaim from critics, which inspired him to work harder in his chosen field. Fielder also served as an Associate Producer for the movie “Bleeding Heart” (2015), an official entry in the Tribeca Film Festival.

In 2016, he produced the short film “After You’ve Gone,” a project written and co-starring his future husband, Hunter Doohan. This endeavor provided Fielder with an opportunity to showcase his capabilities in movie production, without the support of an experienced team.

Fielder’s passion for storytelling played a pivotal role in his continued ascent in the movie production industry. In the 2017 release “The Vanishing of Sidney Hall,” he took on the role of co-producer, handling significant responsibilities such as project development, budget management, and overseeing day-to-day operations. The mystery drama, starring Elle Fanning, Michelle Monaghan, and Logan Lerman, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and was later distributed by Lionsgate Entertainment. Another notable co-production was the movie “Rosy” (2018), featuring Nat Wolff and Stacy Martin.

The majority of the movie projects he undertook with Super Crispy Entertainment were selected to participate in various film festivals. This experience not only broadened his perspective but also spurred his creativity to new heights. It served as a training ground, instilling in him the wisdom to be more discerning in balancing the pursuit of quality over quantity, emphasizing the importance of artistic merit beyond the sole ambition of transforming a project into box-office success.

Freelance Producer

Following his tenure with Super Crispy Entertainment, Fielder transitioned to become a Freelance Producer. Opting for flexibility and diverse experiences, he engaged in contractual project-based work, spanning commercials, documentaries, television, and digital media. It grants him the liberty to selectively choose projects rather than being confined to a single company. This decision has something to do with his ambition to return to school and earn his second degree, while still tackling side projects within his study schedule.

Pursuing His Legal Aspirations

His decision to return to school and pursue legal studies was highly inspired by his ancestors, particularly by his grandfather who had a successful career as a lawyer before retiring in 1990. He was also encouraged by the success stories of producers who had also ventured into entertainment law. With a targeted goal to secure his degree by 2024, Fielder aspires to explore the myriad opportunities within the entertainment industry.

This strategic move capitalizes on his existing network of connections in Hollywood. Armed with a wealth of experience in navigating the intricacies of contracts and regulations garnered over the years in movie production, Fielder anticipates that this will make him efficiently tackle the legal complexities of the industry.

Personal Life

Fielder is living an openly gay lifestyle, and while he wanted to keep his personal life private, being the significant ‘other’ of the actor Hunter Doohan, who recently felt a surge of popularity, anonymity is no longer an option.

Get to know Hunter Doohan

Hunter Doohan is an American actor, writer and director, born on 18 January 1994 to Australian tennis player Peter Doohan and Angie Harper Carmichael. He and his older brother grew up mainly in Fort Smith, Arkansas. He became interested in acting via high school and community theatre programs. After high school, he had a job as an intern at Elizabeth Barnes Casting in L.A., before working in a variety of day jobs including background extra, waiter, and Universal Studios tour guide, while studying acting and auditioning for parts.

Hunter’s career-defining role was in the first season of the Apple web series “Truth Be Told” released in 2019.  In 2020, he appeared in a main role in the legal drama series “Your Honor,” playing Adam Desiato. However, it was his role as Tyler Galpin in the supernatural drama series, “Wednesday,” one of Netflix’s biggest hits, that pushed him into the spotlight. His dramatic ascent has left people amazed, as it translated into millions of followers on his social media accounts within a short period of time.

Meeting and Early Days

Initially, people thought that since Fielder and Hunter both worked in the entertainment industry, it was already a given that they had crossed paths or that they met through common friends. However, during an interview, it was revealed that it was on the social dating app Tinder that Fielder first met actor, Hunter Doohan. Their personalities must have clicked, as they were seen collaborating in a short movie in 2016. At this time, no one knew beyond their close friends that they were already dating.

Instagram Debut

In June 2018, Hunter shared their first photo together on one of his social media accounts, which made them “Instagram Official.” It was as good as confirming that they were an item. The picture captured them enjoying the outdoors near a lake with a funny caption, ‘Goes camping once. Take me back!’

The Proposal and Wedding

After five years of dating, Hunter proposed to Fielder at the end of 2020, a significant moment sealing their commitment during the pandemic. The challenging times of the pandemic played a pivotal role in Fielder’s decision to take the plunge. Hunter shared in a podcast interview that he had been away from home in New Orleans for about half a year, filming for the movie, “Your Honor,” when the pandemic started. He said, ‘So I came back, and all of a sudden, we got to spend time together.’ The chaotic and uncertain times brought the couple closer, helping them realize the importance of life’s essentials.

Fielder and Hunter’s love story reached its pinnacle in a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony in June 2022, in which they exchanged vows donned in elegant black tuxedos and bow ties, surrounded by the beauty of nature. -the ceremony was officiated by Bryan Cranston, Hunter’s co-star from “Your Honor.” Hunter shared a photo from their special day on social media, expressing that it was challenging to encapsulate their feelings in an Instagram caption, but it undeniably marked the best day of their lives.

Social Media Presence

In line with his preference for keeping his personal life private, even if his husband is a public personality, all of his social media accounts are only accessible by his loved ones and friends. However, no one could confirm if they were originally in private mode, or only made inaccessible when he started dating his significant other. The only thing that the fans could get from his pages was what he posted in his bio profile. On Instagram, he wrote, ‘Travel, leisure, and the occasional bagel and lox. Loyola Law ‘24 PCT ’17.’ On Twitter, it says, ‘Writer, Swimmer, Home Brewer, Hobbyist. PCT 2017.’


The successful businessman and producer stands tall at 6ft 2ins (1.87cms) and weighs about 185lbs (75kgs). Fielder has Caucasian ethnicity, a lean body, brown hair, black eyes, and often wears a pair of glasses.

Net Worth

Fielder Jewett has accumulated wealth primarily through his work in the entertainment industry. His net worth is estimated to be close to $2 million as of February 2024; his collaborations with renowned producers have significantly contributed to his financial success.


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