• Shauna Robertson was born in 1975 in Markham, Ontario, Canada
• Dropped out of high school in 1991 to pursue a career in filmmaking
• Produced almost a dozen films, and starred in one herself in 1996
• Acquired a net worth of $35 million, combined with her husband's $300 million
• Founded the charity website CrowdRise in 2011 which gathered tens of millions of dollars for charitable purposes

Who is Shauna Robertson?

Born on an unspecified date in 1975, in Markham, Ontario, Canada, Shauna Robertson, also known with surnames Lyn and Weinberg, is a 45-year-old Caucasian actress and film producer, now with American nationality. She owes a great deal of her fame to being the wife of one of Hollywood’s most successful actors to date, the legendary star of “Fight Club”, “American History X” and “Primal Fear”, Edward Norton. She also has some personal achievements, such as producing almost a dozen films, and previously starring in one herself in 1996, making for certain successes in her often lucrative production career from 1999 to 2008.

Early life: Determined from the start

Shauna was raised in her birthplace, apparently an only child, by her mother and father of unknown names and professions. When talking about her childhood, she once said in an interview with LA Times that ‘It’s good early training to have an incredibly irresponsible family. It forces a young person to take responsibility, to be organized. My mother called me the benevolent dictator because I liked things done in an efficient way.’

Growing up, she had a penchant for movies, and developed a significant interest in filmmaking. This caused her to eventually drop out of high school in 1991 when 16 years old, and move to Los Angeles, California USA, where she began studying under director, screenwriter, actor, producer and stand-up comic Mike Binder, as his assistant.

She had previously met the Hollywood star during one of her summers at Camp Tamakwa in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, where she spent her vacations as a child. The camp was frequented by numerous celebrities, and even immortalized on the big screen in the 1993 movie “Indiana Summer”. To date, Shauna is yet to obtain a high school certificate, and subsequently attend college, though her hands-on education has proved highly adequate.

Career: The big canvas businesswoman

Shauna’s first paid and credited gig was the brief and only appearance she’s had as an actress, in 1996’s crime comedy romance entitled “High School High”, in which she had the pleasure of working with the legendary “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” villain Louise Fletcher. After this brief stint, she dedicated herself fully to movie production.

Thanks to her connection to Mike Bender, Shauna met and started working with screenwriter Hart Bochner and filmmakers Adam McKay and Jay Roach. Her first credited production is “Mystery, Alaska” in 1999, and subsequently “Meet the Parents” in the next year, which came right before “Meet the Parents: Deleted Scenes”, earning her another credit in 2001. Her first big break came with the release of the highly acclaimed “Elf” in 2003, featuring Will Ferrell, for which she was one of the three producers alongside Jon Berg and Todd Komarnicki. The best thing for Shauna wasn’t even the success of the movie, but the fact that she met Will Ferrell himself, who brought her onto the sets of “Anchorman: Afternoon Delight” and “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” from 2004, where she came into contact with filmmaker and comedian Judd Apatow.

A star’s springboard

The world-famous comedian recognized Shauna’s talent, and immediately took her under his wing, which changed her career from there on. In Apatow’s own production company, Apatow Productions, Shauna very quickly found both a place and a crew to call her own, since actors such as Will Ferrell, Steve Carell and Seth Rogen were regulars in Judd’s films. In 2005, she produced the iconic “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”, and in 2007, both “Superbad” and “Knocked Up” came out with her name in the production credits. After she pushed “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” out onto the screen in 2008, as well as basically leading the production of “Pineapple Express” from the same year, she decided to devote her time to a life centered around family, effectively ceasing with producing.

Shauna Robertson

In mid-2021, she is either still spending the money she made from her previous projects, or she has another unknown source of income.

Hollywood on Shauna

In an article by Esquire, Shauna is called ‘The Girl in the Boys’ Locker Room’, and with good reason. She was often described by her colleagues as the manliest member of the crew, always coming up with ideas that would’ve eluded all her male co-workers. For example, the article states that she was the one who said ‘The general rule of joint sizzles, is that unless it’s a close-up shot, they sound like effects. Can we lose it?’ Her suggestion came after she re-watched Seth Rogen light up the famed Hawaiian marijuana that the film’s title was all about, noticing that the camera wasn’t close enough to the actor to warrant responsible use of a sizzling sound effect.

When asked to comment on the event, she said ‘Our movies are usually about dirty guys, and I think you get away with more dirtiness when you have a female side balancing it.’, which actor Jonah Hill interrupted with a ‘No way! She’s way more perverse than any of us.’

Love life: When did she marry Edward Norton?

Unbeknownst to most, Shauna and Edward had been dating for six years prior to their engagement in 2011, and while the wedding date was yet to be publicized, they actually skipped the public festivities and married in complete privacy on the 29th November 2012. They are likely to have had only the closest friends and family attending, since the media giants never heard about it. Shauna gave birth to their only child, Atlas in March 2013.

The family live apparently happily together in a luxurious home in Los Angeles, California USA, and there’ve never been any controversial rumors surrounding them.

A caring citizen of the world

What many don’t know is that the site GoFundMe that everyone uses nowadays in fact had to acquire Shauna’s idea to go super big. Along with the help of her husband, she founded a charity website called CrowdRise in 2011, which had the intention of gathering resources for some of the most damaged parts of our planet, like the rainforest fires in certain tropical regions.

The website did really well for some six years until it was acquired by GoFundMe. Over the course of its existence, CrowdRise gathered tens of millions of dollars for numerous charitable purposes.

What is Shauna Robertson’s net worth?

Shauna’s net worth is reported to be around $35 million in mid-2021, this combined with her husband’s net worth, reputedly over $300 million. They reside in a beachfront mansion in Malibu, California, valued at $12 million, which comes with five bedrooms and bathrooms, designed by famous architect John Lautner.


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