• Noah Antwiler is a US actor, film script writer and producer born in 1980.
• He is known for his portrayal of The Spoony One in the comedy series “The Spoony Experiment”.
• He was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 disorder and the vasodepressor syncope.
• He voiced characters in “Game Boys: The Animated Series” and “The Reviewers”.
• He has written, produced and directed a number of movies and TV series.

Is Noah Antwiler dead?

Noah Antwiler was born in Saint Louis, Missouri USA, on 27 December 1980 – his zodiac sign is Capricorn, and he holds American nationality. He’s an actor, film script writer and producer, who’s perhaps still known best for his portrayal of The Spoony One in the comedy series “The Spoony Experiment”. It aired from 2007 to 2016, was created by Noah who also starred in it, alongside Benjamin Daniel and Lewis Lovhaug. It follows a gamer as he’s reviewing video games and movies, and the series aired eight seasons before ending.

Noah hasn’t been active in the film industry since 2016, which is why some people believe him to be dead, however, he’s still alive and well, but according to the internet, people nowadays believe him to be boring, and are paying little attention to what he does.

Early life, siblings and education

Noah was raised in Saint Louis alongside his brother Miles, by their parents about whom nothing’s known, as the boys respect their privacy.

Noah had many problems growing up as he had sudden mood changes, and was subsequently diagnosed with Bipolar 2 disorder only in his late teen years. He then also developed the vasodepressor syncope, a heart disease, and the two conditions combined have contributed to Noah’s strange behavior.

He grew up spending most of his spare time playing video games, but was still focused on his education, and thus upon matriculating in 1998, Noah enrolled at Arizona State College. He was into sports, acting and video games while there, and in 2002 Noah graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Roles in TV series

Noah worked various jobs for the following seven years, before launching his career on TV, making his debut series appearance in “The Spoony Experiment” in 2007, and in 2009 reprised his role in the two comedy series “The Necro Critic” and “MarzGurl Reviews”.

He spent around four years creating content for Channel Awesome, but after he started tweeting strange jokes about having a girl in his basement, raping her, and having his penis cut off, he was either fired or quit – Channel Awesome hasn’t commented on the exact reason. While still with them, Noah had appeared in four episodes of the short comedy “Sage Reviews”, seven episodes of the comedy “It Came from Beyond Midnight”, and three episodes of the comedy “The Nostalgia Chick”.

The year 2013 heard him voice Lil’ Joey in the episode “Carter’s Alley” of the animated comedy “Game Boys: The Animated Series”, and the following year heard him voice Mr. Trinkett, in the episode “New Castle” of the comedy “The Reviewers”. Between 2009 and 2015, Noah played The Spoony One, Terl, Dr. Insano, and several other characters in the comedy talk-show “Nostalgia Critic”. It was created by Doug Walker, and follows Doug as he’s reviewing TV shows and movies.

Noah’s most recent role in a TV series has been his portrayal in 2016 of The Spoony One and Dr. Insano, in the episode “Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie, Part 1” of the science fiction comedy “Atop the Fourth Wall”.

Roles in movies

He made his debut film appearance in 2010, when he portrayed Dr. Insano and The Spoony One, in the action comedy “Kickassia”, and the following years heard him voice a character in the comedy “Press Start 2 Continue”, star as Dr. Insano in the short horror comedy “The Human Spider: First Sequence”, and play The Spoony One in the adventure fantasy comedy “Suburban Knights”.

Noah starred in the short horror comedy “The Human Spider II (Full Sequence)”, and a couple of his following roles were in the horror crime comedy “The Cinema Snob Movie” and the action adventure comedy “To Boldly Flee” both in 2012, and the 2015 science fiction comedy thriller “Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie”.

Noah Antwiler

His final appearance before disappearing from TV was to be in the 2016 horror comedy “Shot on Shitteo”, however, although completed, the movie hasn’t been released to this day.

Writing, directing and producing credits

Noah has written 10, produced six and directed four movies and TV series. Some of the most notable amongst these, which he wrote, produced and directed all by himself, include an episode of the series “Sage Reviews”, an episode of the series “Bad Movie Beatdown”, and 110 episodes of the series “The Spoony Experiment”.

Other credits

Noah has received 12 specials thanks, for series “The Nostalgia Chick”, “Bad Movie Beatdown” and “The Cinema Snob”.

He has made a guest appearance in a couple of talk-shows, including in “Brad Tries…”, “Panda Q&A” and “James & Mike Mondays”.

Awards and nominations

In 2009, Noah won a Mashable Open Web Award for Funniest Person to Follow.

Love life and girlfriend

In October 2008, Noah began dating the gamer and social media star Scarlett, after the two had met over the internet. They began collaborating, as she became familiar with his content, and as a Christmas gift, Scarlett redesigned Noah’s website, and helped with advertising his shows. She eventually became a make-up artist and a camera operator for his “The Spoony Experiment” videos, but in February 2011, the two broke-up for unknown reasons.

Sometime in the second half of the 2010s, Noah began dating the girl known on the internet as April Von Lon. They often made videos together, and it seemed that their fans were fond of them, but in 2019, Noah revealed without explanation that April had left him, and that he had lost his house.

As of June 2021, Noah seems to be single, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

Noah’s a huge fan of the science fiction comedy series “Mystery Science Teacher 3000”, which aired from 1988 to 1999. He’s also a fan of the 1986 action adventure comedy movie “Big Trouble in Little China”.

Noah’s favorite actor is Reb Brown, and some of his favorite movies which star Reb are “Captain America”, “Robowar” and “Strike Commando”.

The two film producers he admires the most are J. Michael Stracynski and Warren Ellis.

Noah’s somewhat addicted to video games, and his favorites are role playing games such as “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”, “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” and “Dark Souls”.

Age, height and net worth

Noah’s age is 40. He has long brown hair and light blue eyes, his height is 5ft 10ins (1.77m) and he weighs around 165lbs (75kgs).

As of June 2021, his net worth has been estimated at just $50,000.


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