• American actor, martial artist and stuntman Taimak Guarriello born in Los Angeles, California in 1964
• Holds black belts in Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Jujutsu, Hapkido, Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do and Goju Ruy Karate
• Best known for playing the main character Leroy Green in the 1985 action comedy movie “The Last Dragon”
• Followed by more than 50,000 people on Instagram, and has an estimated net worth of over $400,000
• Interested in various religions, an author, passionate dancer, and enjoys watching films starring Jean Claude Van Damme

Who is Taimak?

American actor, martial artist and stuntman Taimak Guarriello was born in Los Angeles, California USA, on 27 June 1964, so his zodiac sign’s Cancer. He’s appeared in 24 movies and TV series, and is probably known best for playing the main character Leroy Green in his debut film role, the 1985 action comedy movie “The Last Dragon”, directed by Michael Schultz, and which also starred Vanity and Christopher Murney. It follows a young man from New York City who’s searching for a martial arts master to receive the final level of mastery called Glow; the movie was nominated for three awards.

He’s still active in the movie industry, and is currently shooting for the upcoming movie “The Fearless Three”.

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Education and early life

Taimak was raised in Los Angeles by his African-American mother and Italian father, but he hasn’t shared any other details about his parents because he’s respective of their privacy; he’s believed to be an only child.

He became interested in martial arts at a very early age, and was six when he began practicing Taekwondo; Taimak today holds black belts in Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Jujutsu, Hapkido, Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do and Goju Ruy Karate, and is also the owner of the gym Fitness Concepts in Manhattan, New York City.

He studied at a local high school in Los Angeles, and upon matriculating in 1982 began working on his career in the film industry, while simultaneously improving his martial arts skills.

Roles in movies

The year 1987 saw Taimak appear in the music video “Janet Jackson: Let’s Wait Awhile”, and he then played Bob in the 1990 drama “The White Girl”.

Taimak portrayed the lead character Sean Halloway in the 1990 action “No More Dirty Deals”, directed by David J. Schweitzer, and which also starred Von B. von Lindenberg and Lola Fulin. It follows a mobster who’s fallen in love with a member of another criminal group.

In 1996, Taimak played Lucky in the action fantasy drama “Book of Swords”, and his following role came in 1999, when cast to play Sam in the comedy “Dreamers”. It was written and directed by Ann Lu, starred Jeremy Jordan, Marl Ballou and Courtney Gains, and follows two friends who are dreaming of moving to Los Angeles, California, and becoming moviemakers.

Taimak could then have been seen appearing in the 2000 romantic comedy “Masquerade”, the 2001 crime thriller “Night Class” and the 2006 drama “They’re Just My Friends”.

In 2013, he portrayed Coach in the short comedy “The Tale of Timmy Two Chins”, directed by Nancy Savoca, and which stared Brett Azar, Taylor Black and Armani Del Rio; it follows the life of overweight boy Timmy Two Chins.

Taimak’s since appeared in just three movies: the 2013 short science fiction thriller “Transporter”, the 2017 short drama “I’ve Seen Things”, and the 2018 action comedy “Fury of the Fist and the Golden Fleece”.

Roles in TV series

Taimak’s debut TV series role was playing Garth Parks in the 1989 episode “No Means No” of the comedy “A Different World”, and the year 1996 saw him appear in an episode of both the romantic drama “Red Shoe Diaries” and the family sports action “WMAC Masters”.

In 1998, he portrayed Rick in the popular comedy “Malcolm & Eddie”, which Joel Madison created, and which starred Eddie Griffin, Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Karen Malina White. It follows the lives of two best friends who are complete opposites; the series was nominated for three awards.

Taimak played The Bartender in three episodes of the 2000 romantic drama “Beverly Hills, 90210”, and in 2004 portrayed Spider in the episode “Family Ties: Part 2” of the crime action “Third Watch”; these were also his two most recent TV series roles.

Other credits

Taimak performed stunts in both the 1993 action movie “No More Dirty Deals” and the documentary musical film “Madonna: Drowned World Tour 2001”.

He received special thanks for the 2015 short documentary movie “Return of the Dragon”.

Taimak directed the 2017 short action movie “I’ve Seen Things”.

Some of his recent talk-show appearances have been in “Play It Toxic”, “The Angry Geeks Show” and “WGN Morning News”.

Love life and wife

Taimak belongs to the group of the most secretive actors, as there’s not a single woman whom he’s been with, that he’s spoken about.

This is perhaps why some of Taimak’s fans believe that he’s gay, and that he refuses to come out of the closet because he believes this would have a negative impact on his career. A fan has also claimed to have seen Taimak with a boyfriend at a restaurant in New York City, but no evidence has been provided in support of these claims.

Some have also claimed that he’s today a married man, who prefers to keep his wife away from media, but this hasn’t been confirmed either.

Taimak seems to be unattached as of January 2023, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Taimak’s followed by more than 50,000 people on Instagram, and has uploaded close to 2,000 pictures and videos onto the social media network.

He’s also an author, and his autobiography “Taimak, The Last Dragon” was published by Incorgnito Publishing Press in March 2016.

Taimak works out at the gym every day, sometimes even multiple times a day.

He’s interested to learn about various religions, on which he’s read many books, with Buddhism being his preferred.

Taimak’s a passionate dancer, and can dance a number of styles, including salsa and tango.

The actor whom Taimak enjoys watching the most is Jean Claude Van Damme, and some of his favorite movies include “Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning”, “Welcome to the Jungle”, and “Black Water”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Taimak’s age is 58. He has brown eyes and short black hair, is 5ft 11ins (1.8m) tall and weighs about 175lbs (79kgs).

Taimak’s net worth’s been estimated at over $400,000, as of January 2023.


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