• Andrew Gray is an American actor and model born in 1987 in Sacramento, California.
• He has had roles in 13 films and TV series, most notably in ‘Power Rangers Super Megaforce: The Legendary Battle’.
• Andrew is an entrepreneur and co-founded The Superhero U, a company that helps those with low self-esteem.
• He has a net worth estimated to be over $2 million.
• Andrew’s hobbies include working out, watching NASCAR, and travelling.

Andrew Gray Wiki Bio

American actor and model Andrew Gray, was born in Sacramento, California USA, on 4 February 1987, meaning his zodiac sign Aquarius. He’s had roles in 13 movies and TV series, and is perhaps best known for playing the lead character Troy Burrows aka Red Super Megaforce Ranger, in the 2015 action adventure fantasy movie “Power Rangers Super Megaforce: The Legendary Battle”, directed by Charlie Haskell and Koichi Sakamoto, and which also starred Ciara Hanna and John Mark Loudermilk. It follows the power rangers as they’re protecting Earth from alien invaders.

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Education and early life

Andrew was raised alongside his older brother in Sacramento, by their Spanish mother and American father; he’s featured his parents in some of his Instagram pictures and videos, but hasn’t revealed their names or professions. Andrew’s brother’s today a married man, and has several children.

Andrew was mostly into sports while growing up, and played football, basketball and baseball while attending a local high school in Sacramento; he excelled in football, and was on his school’s team. It was when he was 17 that he became interested in acting, and appeared in his first school play, but was urged by his parents to focus on his education.

Andrew matriculated in 2005, and although he’s yet to speak about his further education, most of his fans believe that he attended college, from which he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2009.

Roles in movies

Andrew’s debut film role was playing Marcus in the 2011 thriller “1313: Wicked Stepbrother”, which received mostly negative reviews, and the same year saw him play Diver in the short comedy “L.A.dy Dior”.

In 2012, Andrew played Student in the biographical drama “A Green Story”, written and directed by Nika Agiashvili, and which starred Shannon Elizabeth, Ed O’Ross and Billy Zane. It tells the story of Van Vlahakis, who had only $22 in his pocket when he moved to the US from Greece, while he’s now the owner of the company which makes environmentally friendly cleaning products Earth Friendly Products; the movie was nominated for a Best Feature Film Award at the 2012 Los Angeles Greek Film Festival.

Andrew portrayed Troy Burrows for the first time in the 2013 action “Power Rangers Megaforce: Ultimate Team Power”, and the year 2019 saw him play Horse in the action adventure thriller “Shadow Wolves”, written and directed by McKay Daines, and which starred Thomas Gibson, Graham Greene and Louise Lombard. It follows a rogue NSA agent who’s joined the Shadow Wolves, a group of elite Native American trackers – the film won one of its two award nominations.

Andrew voiced Gerald in the 2021 animated family comedy “Panda vs. Aliens”, and has appeared in only one other movie: he played Salsa Dancer in the popular 2022 family adventure comedy “Slumberland”. It was directed by Francis Lawrence, starred Jason Momoa, Marlow Barkley and Chris O’Dowd, and follows a young girl and an outlaw who are searching for the dreamworld of Slumberland; the movie was nominated for two awards.

Andrew’s currently shooting for the upcoming movies “Spilt Milk” and “The Dark Zone”.

Roles in TV series

Andrew’s debut TV series role was playing the lead character Troy Burrows in all the 42 episodes of the action family adventure “Power Rangers Megaforce”, created by Haim Saban, and which also starred Ciara Hanna and John Mark Loudermilk. It follows Power Rangers as they’re defending Earth from an evil galactic armada, and was aired in 2013 and 2014.

Andrew’s appeared in only two other TV series – he played Naked Man in the 2016 episode “It’s Spatula Time” of the comedy “Dirty Talk”, and the year 2018 saw him play Mark in the episodes “Blood in the Water” and “Hells Bells” of the crime drama “Betrayed”; it’s been airing since 2016, stars Mark Krenik, Harvey B. Jackson and Rene Aranda, and follows a group of people as they’re chasing the American dream. The series was nominated for a 2019 Critics’ Choice Real TV Award for Crime/Justice Show.

Other credits

Andrew’s the writer and producer of the upcoming short movie “Spilt Milk”.

He’s made a guest appearance in various talk-shows, including “My Morphing Life”, “Entertainment Tonight”, and “The Man Cave Chronicles Podcast”.

Love life and girlfriend

Andrew rarely speaks about his love life in public, but it’s known that he was once in a long-term relationship with American movie producer, actress and TV personality Kelly Mi Li.

The two met in the first half of the 2016 and were together until 2021, when they both announced on their social media accounts that they were separating. Andrew tweeted about their split, revealing that they both had huge love and respect for each other, and that they had amazing times together during their five-year long relationship.

Kelly’s probably known best for producing the 2020 crime action movie “Echo Boomers”.

Andrew hasn’t mentioned other women whom he’s dated, he seems to be unattached as of January 2023, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Andrew’s quite popular on Instagram; there are over 120,000 people following him on the social media network today, and he’s posted more than 400 pictures and videos.

He’s also an entrepreneur, having co-founded the company The Superhero U, which aims to help those with low self-esteem.

Andrew works out at the gym on a daily basis, both because he enjoys being physically active and because it’s important for his acting and modelling career to stay in shape.

He’s passionate about fast cars, and enjoys watching NASCAR.

Andrew’s into travelling, and has been all around the world for both work and pleasure; his favorite city to travel to is Munich, Germany.

His favorite actors are Tom Hanks and Richard Gere, and some of his favorite movies include “Elvis”, “Toy Story 4” and “A Man Called Otto”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Andrew’s age is 35. He has blue eyes and long black hair, is 5ft 11ins (1.8m) tall and weighs about 170lbs (76kgs).

Andrew’s net worth’s been estimated at over $2 million, as of January 2023.


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