KT Smith is a popular content creator and social media personality from the United States, who is probably best known as Morgan Wallen’s ex-girlfriend. She’s also worked with big brands showing off her skills both on social media and in the business world. KT’s content appeals to a wide audience, and her collaborations with well-known brands reflect her versatility and influence.

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Early life, family, and education

KT Smith was born on 13 November 1994, in Key West, Florida, and is currently 29 years old, with Scorpio being her star sign. She and her family are American nationals of white ethnicity. KT and her family share a strong Christian belief and are actively involved with Youth for Christ in Nashville. Despite her public presence, KT’s chosen to keep her parents and siblings out of the limelight, maintaining their privacy.

She reportedly completed her early education at a local high school, opting not to pursue college, likely to focus on her growing career.

KT’s venture into content creation started early, driven by a love for modelling and selfies. She established an Instagram account during high school, swiftly gaining popularity for her engaging posts. Navigating her career, KT Smith stands out as a captivating personality shaped by faith, family values, and a deep-seated passion for creative expression.


KT Smith’s journey to fame initially began as the partner of country singer Morgan Wallen. However, she’s since carved out a distinct identity as a popular Instagram celebrity. Under her username “jombo_imkt”, her Instagram account has garnered around 420,000 followers, and today KT’s feed is a captivating mix of eye-catching photos and glimpses into her life, featuring content related to travel, beauty, and fashion.

KT became widely popular through her connection with Morgan Wallen, most notably as the two had a child together.

As a result of her rising Instagram fame, she ventured into blogging and influencing, collaborating with various brands after being approached by a social media management firm. Some of the notable brands she collaborated with include Bayer Aspirin, XO Clothing Co, MVMT, and Abercrombie & Fitch.


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In 2022, KT expanded her online presence with a vlog on YouTube and a blog entitled Thot Thoughts. Though her YouTube channel hasn’t been active for a while, her influence extends to TikTok, on which she’s shared aspects of her life in clips set to popular tracks. She’s become very popular on the platform, and currently has around 300,000 followers.

Beyond her online endeavors, KT actively engages with the nonprofit ministry Youth For Christ. Committed to making a positive impact, she is also pursuing a degree in Pastoral Care & Counseling, reflecting her dedication to supporting and empowering young women. KT Smith’s multifaceted career as a social media influencer, blogger, and advocate for youth welfare demonstrates her commitment to both creative expression and meaningful impact.

Car Accident

On 22 February 2023, KT Smith found herself in a major car accident in Nashville, while accompanied by her close friend Caden McGuire. The incident prompted both KT and Caden to take to their social media platforms, where they shared glimpses of the aftermath. Their vehicle sustained serious damage in the crash, but both walked away unharmed.


KT Smith’s romantic journey gained public attention when she and country singer Morgan Wallen crossed paths on Snapchat in 2017. Their relationship quickly flourished, with the couple making their first public appearance together at the 2017 CMT Awards. The couple’s connection deepened, leading to an engagement after just a few months of dating. However, their engagement was short-lived, and the pair reportedly broke up in 2019, but their relationship remained complex, marked by on-and-off phases. In July 2020, the couple welcomed their son, Indigo Wilder. The challenges persisted, and by 2021, reports surfaced about their separation, citing issues of infidelity and toxicity.

Despite the end of their romantic involvement, KT Smith and Morgan Wallen prioritize co-parenting their son. Their commitment to shared parenthood showcases a dedication to their child’s well-being despite the complexities of their personal relationship.

After her relationship with Morgan, KT has shared news on her Instagram account about her new relationship – she’s now dating Luke Scornavacco, who is also a content creator. She first shared photos with Luke in June 2023, and has since posted dozens of photos and videos with him. Most of her fans are supportive of their relationship, stating that it has helped bring hope to single mothers.

Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen is an American country music artist, born on 13 May 1993, in Sneedville, Tennessee. He’s gained significant prominence in the country music scene for his distinctive blend of traditional country sounds with contemporary influences. Wallen’s career catapulted in 2018, after the release of his debut album, “If I Know Me,”.

One of his breakthrough hits from the album is “Up Down,” a collaboration with Florida Georgia Line, which helped showcase his talent and distinctive style. Another notable track from the album is “Whiskey Glasses,” which further solidified Wallen’s presence in the country music landscape.

Known for his raw and emotive vocal delivery, Morgan often explores themes of love, relationships, and the experiences of small-town life in his music. Despite facing some controversies in his personal life, including a high-profile incident that received media attention, Wallen’s musical career has continued to flourish.


KT Smith stands at a height of 5ft 4ins (1.63m) and reportedly has a weight of around 128lbs (58kgs). With her long brown hair and light brown eyes, she possesses a naturally elegant and charming appearance. KT’s commitment to an active lifestyle, including regular gym visits, contributes to her slim and athletic physique.

KT Smith doesn’t have any tattoos on her body, showing her commitment to a natural look. This choice reflects her appreciation for simplicity and authenticity in maintaining her appearance.

In terms of fashion, KT embraces a casual style that often includes jeans, boots and flannel shirts. However, she also showcases her versatile fashion sense by occasionally opting for dresses and skirts, highlighting her elegant and fashionable side. One of her posts on Instagram features her and her boyfriend Look dressed in matching flannel shirts, providing a charming glimpse into their compatible style.

Net Worth

As of 2024, KT Smith’s net worth has been estimated at $800,000. Her impressive net worth is primarily linked to her successful career in content creation, as well as her ties to the famous musician, Morgan Wallen. She is also very successful as an entrepreneur, has established several clothing lines, and often collaborates with fashion brands.


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