• SpyCakes is a 27-year old Canadian gaming YouTuber born Kyle under the sign of Leo on the 16th of August 1994
• He started out as just another gaming YouTuber in 2012 and reached his first milestone of 10,000 subscribers in 2016
• He plays mostly sandbox games such as Minecraft, Garry's Mod, Scrap Mechanic, 7 Days to Die, and Grand Theft Auto V
• His YouTube channel has almost 2.5 million followers and over two billion total views
• His net worth is estimated at over $6.5 million in mid-2021

Who is SpyCakes? What is his real name and age?

Born Kyle with an unknown surname under the sign of Leo on the 16th of August 1994, in an unspecified location in Canada, SpyCakes is an almost 27-year old Caucasian gaming YouTuber. He draws on most of his fame thanks to the eponymous YouTube channel that has over the years gathered almost 2.5 million followers, earning him a significant presence in the gaming media and communities. He’s had an enviable number of successes throughout his entertainment career since 2012.

Early life: No login information

Almost nothing is known about SpyCakes’ origins, as the YouTuber hasn’t taken the time to address his personal life on a topic unrelated to the channel.

He was raised apparently an only child by his parents of unknown names and professions, in a not-yet-revealed part of Canada. As a child, he is supposed to have been spending most of the time at home, probably playing early video games on old consoles. He attended an unspecified high school in his birthplace, from where he matriculated in 2012. There is no evidence that he ever tried to get a college education.

Career: Breaking through the competition

Spycakes started out as just another gaming YouTuber by creating his channel on 6 February 2012, originally under the name of SevenSpy. He uploaded five videos in 2012, his first called “Sandvich and ME! – Garrysmod (Noob animation)”, which was only 23 seconds long.

He initially focused on Minecraft and Garry’s Mod, both of which are extremely popular sandbox games, which allow complete liberty to the player, the only limit being the imagination of the mod’s creator. Throughout the following years, it became evident that SpyCakes doesn’t like to be constricted in the game world, and thus he played almost exclusively sandbox games. He uploaded only five videos in 2013 as well, this time with a heavy focus on the horror genre, as all five were set in a horror story in Garry’s Mod. He then went almost three years without uploading, his next video being in December 2015, and set in the world of “From the Depths” – a sandbox game that allows ship building.

SpyCakes’ uploads became more frequent at that point, and on May 19 2016, he reached the first important milestone on the platform – 10,000 subscribers.

Rolling up the sleeves

In the latter part of 2016 SpyCakes started uploading almost every day, frequently showing off his new constructions and gameplay highlights from games such as “Scrap Mechanic” and “Project Zomboid”. With more games such as “7 Days to Die” extending his gameplay arsenal, his channel focuses on three things: building, fighting, and zombies. In 2017 he was playing “Brick Rigs” quite actively, while games such as “Dauntless” expanded the potential audience for his channel, being a co-op action role-playing game where you actually hunt, instead of being hunted, which was customary for the YouTuber.

In the latter half of 2017 he was busy playing games like “Mud Runner” and “Trailmakers”, while titles such as “Totally Accurate Battle Grounds” and “Stranded Deep” made up the first half of 2018 on the channel. He spent his time playing “Mist Survival” in the second half of 2018, and even tried out some VR games, such as “I Expect You To Die”. 2019 started with “Dawn of Man” and ended with “Grand Theft Auto V”. Throughout 2020 and 2021, “Garry’s Mod” remains the dominant game. His most popular video, entitled “BUILDING AGAINST ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! – Garry’s Mod Gameplay – Gmod Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay”, has over 14 million views.


What does the future hold for SpyCakes?

According to the description in the About section of his channel, SpyCakes plans to continue playing Garry’s Mod, Minecraft and Brick Rigs, with new videos coming every day. Daily uploads are not that common even among very big YouTube channels, which allows SpyCakes to exponentially grow his audience. He does have a Twitch channel, but he hasn’t done many streams on it, and there isn’t even one from the past that the fans can re-watch, and since its activity is non-existent, it’s followed by less than 1,000 people. His YouTube channel has more than two billion total views, and is definitely his main source of income in 2021. Lastly, he also sells his own merchandise, mostly consisting of t-shirts featuring the basic or more detailed logos of the channel.

Boosting each other

Collaboration with fellow gaming YouTubers isn’t a foreign concept to SpyCakes, who enjoys doing videos alongside celebrities such as Beautiful O.B. The two joined up with Camodo Gaming in 2017 and started playing co-op games, mostly “Brick Rigs” and “Garry’s Mod”, after which the trio encountered Frustrated Gamer, and joined forces to make a four-man team for numerous games in which four is the group limit. Throughout his career, he has also supported YouTubers such as Lair, SirBoomAlot and Moonbo.

Love life: Does he have a girlfriend?

While many fans wonder whether SpyCakes is in a relationship, he hasn’t answered their questions in any of his videos. While he does use social media, he’s never posted anything that may make it seem that he’s seeing someone.

Nothing is known about any past relationships either. He’s believed by the fans to be heterosexual.

SpyCakes in the media

Even though news outlets don’t often write about SpyCakes himself, his videos are frequently posted on websites discussing games, especially in the sandbox genre. Such is the case with an article by inverse.com, in which his “Megalodon Shark Ruins Tesla Cybertruck! – Stormworks Multiplayer Gameplay” video from December 1st 2019 is mentioned, in which he built his own Tesla Cybertruck in the game called “Stormworks: Build and Rescue.” Seeing as there have been many instances like this, SpyCakes seems to have guaranteed his media exposure thanks to the quality and originality of his content.

Another such example is the website vrfitnessinsider.com, on which his two VR gameplay videos were featured to showcase some of the most iconic weapons in the VR gladiator game entitled “GORN”, which he was having fun with in late 2018.

What is SpyCakes’ net worth?

SpyCakes’ combined wealth is authoritatively estimated at over $6.5 million in mid-2021, made thanks to years of persistent quality uploading, with videos mostly focused on “Garry’s Mod”. Thanks to the daily upload routine, SpyCakes’ career stands to witness much more exponential growth in the years to come.

Social media presence

SpyCakes’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have under 10,000 followers, but his YouTube channel is nearing 2.5 million subscribers.


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