• James Dancey, also known as The Right Opinion (TRO), was born in England in 1997.
• He's a social media star and YouTuber whose channel has over 1.1 million subscribers and 110 million views of all his videos combined.
• He attended Richard Huish College and obtained a Bachelor's degree in social sciences from the University of Groningen.
• He streams video games on Twitch and is also active on other social media networks.
• As of May 2021, TRO's net worth is estimated at over $130,000.

Who is running the YouTube channel “The Right Opinion?

James Dancey – also known as The Right Opinion (TRO) – was born in England in 1997, apparently in Somerset, but hasn’t shared his exact date of birth with the public – his zodiac sign is believed to be Pisces, and he holds British nationality. He’s a social media star and a YouTuber, who’s probably known best for his YouTube channel which he launched on 31 March 2016, which is today subscribed to by more than 1.1 million people, and numbers close to 110 million views of all his videos combined. The channel’s description is quite self-explanatory: ‘Making fun of stupid things since 2016. Kinda political but not really.

The Channel for a current-affairs based, independent voice on YouTube, with a terrible sense of humour. Part-time YouTuber, full-time bellend.’

Early life and education

TRO was raised in England by his parents, but nothing is known about them as he respects their privacy. He hasn’t mentioned having any siblings, but various websites have reported that he has a brother.

TRO had anger problems in his early teenage years, and thus had to take anger management therapy. He was physically very active while attending Richard Huish College, as he played soccer for the school’s team, and was also interested in basketball. TRO appeared in a couple of school plays but doesn’t really enjoy acting.

Upon matriculating in 2015, he took a year off, and in 2016 enrolled at a college, but which he described as ‘not good’, and thus transferred to another college in Amsterdam, only to move to yet another college – the University of Groningen, attending from 2017 to 2019, and obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in social sciences (politics, philosophy, international law, and psychology).

He also spent a semester in 2018 at the University of South Carolina in the USA, as an exchange student.

Career as a Twitcher

TRO joined Twitch in 2016, and it seemed as he was ready to become a successful streamer. He played video games for several hours every week, and his fans seemed to love his gameplays, especially his commentary.

He managed to amass over 2,000 followers, but then steadily transitioned to YouTube, to the point where he entirely stopped livestreaming on Twitch.

The channel’s still open today, and is followed by around 1,600 people. TRO hasn’t livestreamed for a couple of months, and many of his fans have asked him whether or not he’s planning to return to Twitch. He hasn’t provided them a clear answer, but it appears that TRO will be focusing on other social media networks rather than on Twitch.

He was mostly focused on playing his favorite video game “Minecraft” while livestreaming. It puts the player in a world in which everything’s made of cubes, and he then has to survive by building a shelter to not be killed by monsters at night, by finding food so he doesn’t starve, and by exploring the world to find resources necessary for building items.

The game’s amongst the most popular in the world – the most popular Minecraft YouTuber DanTDM has amassed over 25 million subscribers on his channel.

Career as a social media star

TRO’s more or less active on the popular social media networks, but seems to be more focused on his YouTube channel.

His Instagram account’s followed by more than 14,000 people, but numbers only ten pictures uploaded onto it, and which TRO seems to be using just to promote his YouTube channel.

He launched his Twitter account just recently in July 2020, and it’s today followed by over 17,000 people, while TRO tends to tweet at least once a week.

The Right Opinion

He’s also active on Facebook, and his page is followed by more than 200 people. TRO used to have another official ‘The Right Opinion’ Facebook page with over 100,000 followers, however, it appears that the page has been removed for unknown reasons.

Love life and relationships

TRO is very secretive when it comes to his love life, but has recently come out of the closet and revealed to his fans that he’s gay. He hasn’t mentioned any boys whom he might have dated, and there are rumors circulating the internet concerning his love life.

TRO’s very close to the popular YouTuber James Marriott – they’ve collaborated on many occasions, and some of their fans believe that the two have perhaps been romantically linked.

James hasn’t spoken about his sexual orientation, but most people believe that he’s straight, thus not believing the rumors regarding his and TRO’s relationship.

There are also those who think that TRO’s today in a relationship with a non-celebrity boy, and that he’s keeping him away from the media’s attention because of how it might affect his career; this hasn’t been confirmed either.

It’s still known that he was once in a relationship with Just Jargon, a fellow YouTuber.

As of May 2021, TRO appears to be single, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

TRO’s a big fan of soccer, and seems to be cheering for the soccer team Liverpool. When he first began uploading pictures onto his Instagram account, he revealed that he enjoyed playing soccer video games such as “FIFA” and “Pro Evolution Soccer”.

He likes to travel, and has been to various European countries for both work and pleasure, and to a couple of US states. He has also travelled just to attend various conventions organized to gather social media stars, YouTubers and Twitchers.

He’s physically active, and has a couple of training sessions at the gym every week.

He’s interested in music, can play various instruments and he sings.

In his spare time, he likes to watch movies starring his favorite actor and actress Robin Williams and Sandra Bullock, such as “Good Morning, Vietnam”, “Good Will Hunting” and “The Proposal”.

Age, height and net worth

TRO’s age is either 23 or 24. He has short brown hair and green eyes, his height is believed to be 5ft 8ins (1.73m), and he weighs around 150lbs (68kgs).

As of May 2021, his net worth has been estimated at over $130,000.


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