• Ashley Trevort is an American model, social media star and YouTuber.
• She was born in 1999 in California and is the youngest of four siblings.
• She became famous by posting pictures on social media and has worked with various brands including Guess and FashionNova.
• She has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.
• Her hobbies include cooking, reading, writing, traveling, and exercising.

Who is Ashley Trevort?

Ashley Trevort is an American model, social media star, and YouTuber, who has achieved fame by posting hot pictures on her official social media pages. She has recently started the OnlyFans page, which has only further increased her popularity.

Ashley Trevort Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Ashley Ann Trevort was born on 10 August 1999 under the Leo zodiac sign, in California, USA.

She hasn’t revealed the names of her parents, but has said that she is the youngest of four siblings, and had two brothers and a sister – one of her brothers passed away when she was 16 years old. During her childhood, her family moved a lot, and she lived in Oregon, Dallas and Utah. Ashley’s educational background is unknown.


Ashely didn’t want to become a model, but was noticed by a talent scout while working at a local Nordstrom store.

She was invited for a photoshoot, and in no time signed her first contract. She began uploading pictures of herself onto her official Instagram page, and offers started coming her way. Ashley began doing campaigns for various brands, which only increased her popularity, working with Guess, FashionNova, and other fashion brands, building a name for herself.

Furthermore, Ashley launched her YouTube channel, on which she would upload lifestyle and beauty advice videos, however, after reaching out to more than 300,000 people, she deleted all content, excluding one video – “BTS GUESS PHOTOSHOOT” – which now has over 270,000 views.

Ashley has since focused on other media outlets, including Twitter, TikTok, and most recently OnlyFans. She has been updating her fans with events in her life on Twitter, and has used TikTok to promote her looks and career.

Ashley launched the OnlyFans page, and already has more than 330,000 likes, and numerous supporters who pay a subscription fee for extra content.

Personal life, Dating, Boyfriend, Single?

Ashley has often talked about her personal life, but she hasn’t disclosed whether she is single or taken.

However, according to sources, Ashley is currently single, and focused entirely on her aspiring career.

Net Worth

As of mid- 2021, Ashley Trevort’s net worth has been estimated to be around $1.5 million, earned through her successful career as a model, content creator, and social media influencer.

Appearance and Vital Statistics

This stunning model has light brown hair and brown eyes.

Ashley Tervort

She stands at a height of 5ft 10ins (1.77m), weighs approximately 125lbs (56kgs), while her vital statistics are 37-24-36, bra size 32H.

Hobbies, Interests, Trivia

Ashley has several other interests and hobbies on which she spends her free time when not working. She is a big foodie, and enjoys cooking various meals, often sharing her cooking endeavors on her Instagram page.

She loves to read, and has a personal book collection which is steadily expanding. Furthermore, she enjoys writing, and so far has several diaries filled, which she hopes to publish sometime in the future. She writes about almost all her daily activities, and has said that her life is a bit chaotic, and so would love to share her experience with her fans.

Ashley is a great traveler, and has visited a number of countries outside the US, including Spain, France, Portugal, Malaysia, the Philippines, Ireland, among others.

Ashley is an avid animal lover, and her pet dog Honey, which she treats as a family member and shares pictures and videos of the dog on Instagram.

Ashley is a gym freak, where she spends a lot of time working out. She’s focused on her abs and glutes, but she also lifts weights. Being fit is very important to her and she is on a strict diet in order to maintain her perfect figure.


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