Bebahan is a 29-year-old English social media personality and model, best known for her YouTube channel, @Bebahan, on which she has accrued over 1.62 million subscribers.

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Early life

Bebahan’s real name is Hannah, and she was born on 2 September 1994 in Birmingham, England. Her last name, which she hasn’t revealed, is Polish, as her maternal grandfather was born in Poland and was a prisoner of war during World War Two. He died when she was young, so Bebahan couldn’t learn Polish and interact with the family that she still has in the country. She is three-quarters English and one-quarter Polish, and has an older sister.

Early passions

Bebahan’s only hobbies growing up were horse riding and caring for horses. However, she enjoyed walking, hiking, skiing, and cleaning; those helped with her anxiety, which affected her for about four years. Moreover, she attended Birmingham City soccer games in her youth, as her dad was the club’s diehard fan.

Early education

Growing up, Bebahan wanted to be a veterinarian, but she gave up on that dream when she visited a local veterinary clinic and fainted from the smell.

Bebahan attended university in England and studied photography, but dropped out after the first year; she does not regret that year but said that she left because she wasn’t fully committed. Bebahan considered studying English, geography, science, or general art before she decided to start working for a company. She also ran a furniture-related business from age 18 to 21.


In Bebahan’s “GET TO KNOW ME (BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW…)” YouTube video, she stated that she rarely watched YouTube before launching her online career. Also, she didn’t know that the Twitch website existed. Her friend, who knew her interests, suggested creating content on the two websites shortly before Bebahan started live streaming on Twitch in December 2020, and posting YouTube videos in January 2021.

Bebahan also stated that her beauty business was nearing its end, and that she felt ready for a significant life change. Thus, she moved to Australia at 27 as she had some family there.

Starting on YouTube

Bebahan’s first YouTube videos were exclusively video game-related; she played “Locked Up,” “Minecraft,” “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare,” and “Dead by Daylight.” After she uploaded 130 videos to YouTube, her channel reached 100,000 subscribers on 24 December 2021.

YouTube content change

In mid-2021, Bebahan decided to experiment with her YouTube content, beginning by uploading videos in which she reviewed snacks and candy, and answered her subscribers’ questions. Shortly afterwards, Bebahan noticed that reacting to trending videos, including the “Sidemen” web series, the snippets of “Family Guy” television series episodes, and various soccer matches, brought her an influx of views.

Consequently, she reacted to Twitch livestream fails and YouTube and TikTok videos, tried some challenges, including attempting not to laugh at funny videos, and tested popular life hacks. As a result, on 25 February 2023, Bebahan’s YouTube channel reached a million subscribers. The majority of her YouTube content stayed the same afterwards, but she added catchy video names and provocative thumbnails, some of which were clickbait, possibly suggested by the professional video editor whom she’d hired.

Moreover, Bebahan uploaded dozens of vlogs about a day in her life, detailing her routine of shopping, wandering in nature, driving, and configuring her streaming setup and home studio.

Streaming on Twitch

On Twitch, Bebahan live-streamed the same video games that she’d created YouTube videos about. That changed in April 2021, when she began interacting with her viewers and subscribers more often. Her streams were categorized as Just Chatting on the home page, attracting new fans who weren’t gamers.

Bebahan also showed that she isn’t streaming solely for views. Instead of continuously streaming “Call of Duty: Warzone,” a game that was trending on the platform in 2021 and 2022, she reserved time to play her favorite horror games, including “Little Nightmares II,” “Phasmophobia,” “Alien: Isolation,” and “Visage.”

Bebahan became a Twitch Partner on 13 August 2021 and introduced video games such as “Splitgate,” “Marbles,” “VALORANT,” and “Battlefield 2042” to her streams in 2022. In 2023 and early 2024, her best-performing Twitch streams were of video games “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout,” “Just Dance 2022,” and “Palworld.” She never stopped streaming in the Just Chatting category, as her followers seemed eager to hear about the events in her life and her opinions. Consequently, her Twitch account now has almost 250,000 followers.


Bebahan has been active on her TikTok account, @bebahan, since January 2020, although she only posted a few times that year, mainly showing her dancing to trending sounds. Her following experienced a spike concurrent with her YouTube and Twitch growth, and she had 100,000 followers by January 2021, eventually amassing over 1.2 million followers by posting reaction videos similar to those on YouTube, except drastically shorter and sometimes edited from her YouTube videos.

Her most viewed videos showed her reacting to real-time text-to-speech messages from her Twitch account, which were usually humorous or contained a pickup line or sexual innuendo. Furthermore, Bebahan filmed comedy skits regarding the ‘gamer girl’ stereotype, and attempted various challenges, including dancing to the music beat and testing her flexibility. Her TikTok also went viral for roughly a dozen videos in which she or someone else poured milk and custard over her face and body, which had a sexual connotation.


In Bebahan’s “ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT ME” YouTube video from August 2021, Bebahan stated that she was aware that people would sexualize her regardless of what she posted online; hence, she was confident in posting anything that she wanted, seductive or otherwise. Bebahan first uploaded amateur modeling shots and selfies to her Instagram account, @bebahanofficial, in January 2021. By adding witty captions to photos in outfits that emphasized her cleavage, some of which were costumes and cosplays, her account has accumulated over 770,000 followers.

Capitalizing on the interest in her body, Bebahan created an OnlyFans account, @bebahanofficial, on which she has posted over 260 exclusive pictures and videos in revealing attire, and interacted with her subscribers. However, according to reports on websites such as Reddit, she has never filmed explicit content. Additionally, she has always posed in a way that covered her intimate region, and covered her nipples with her hands or a prop.

Love of horses

Bebahan stated that she stopped horse riding in 2019 after her last horse died, but promised to continue whenever she ‘reached a certain point in her career.’ That point turned out to be January 2023, when she visited a ranch in Australia. After she reignited her passion, Bebahan announced in December that she finally decided to get a horse, although unexpectedly.

According to her, a friend in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, found a horse in a local park and discovered through a microchip that its owner had abandoned it, likely due to its age and vision problems, as it was cross-eyed. Since the friend couldn’t keep the animal, Bebahan felt that it was the opportunity that she was waiting for, and adopted it, and named him Monty after learning the gender.


Bebahan hasn’t mentioned having a romantic partner, so many assume that she’s single. Bebahan stated that her first celebrity crush was Pete Wentz from the Fall Out Boy music group; hence, she is likely straight.


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Physical characteristics

Bebahan is 5ft 8ins (1.73m) tall and weighs about 132lbs (60kgs). Bebahan’s distinctive facial features are dimpled cheeks and prominent cheekbones. She has hazel eyes and light brown hair, which she’s dyed blonde and pink.

Surgical operations

Some TikTok and Instagram users have speculated whether Bebahan has had a breast augmentation surgical operation, known as ‘a boob job.’ Others have defended her, and noted that she lacks scarring associated with the procedure under her armpits or breasts.


Bebahan stays in shape primarily through cardio exercises. She has a gym membership, but has admitted to using it inconsistently due to lack of motivation.

Interesting facts, favorite things

  • She believes in aliens, astrology, and ghosts.
  • Bebahan was extremely messy before she moved to Australia, but she became a highly organized person afterwards.
  • She hopes to open a rescue shelter for sheep, horses, dogs, and cats.
  • She has two dogs, Ralph and Machi.
  • Bebahan has had several cats named George, Bella, Chase, and Freddie.
  • Bebahan claps when the plane lands.
  • She enjoys comedy movies, but not romantic comedies.
  • Although she supports many soccer clubs, Manchester City is her favorite.

Net worth

Bebahan has a net worth of about $2 million, and Kyma Media has represented her since September 2023. She’s promoted Ubisoft, Sneak Energy, Razer, and G Fuel Energy.

According to Social Blade analytics, Bebahan’s YouTube channel generates up to $2,600 daily in 2024.

Based on data, Bebahan earns up to $3,300 monthly from Twitch.

Besides OnlyFans, she has a Patreon account, earning up to $30 per subscriber wanting to see behind-the-scenes videos, vlogs, and unreleased videos.

Passion for cars

In early 2022, Bebahan disclosed her love for automobiles in her YouTube vlogs. She initially had a 4×4 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, and spent some time off-roading with it. However, she sold it in August of that year and bought a white BMW M140i. In October Bebahan then modified that car to boost its appearance and performance and began training to drift with it in January 2023. She also attended various car shows that year, including the “Versus” event at the Melbourne Convention Center in August. Potentially inspired by what she saw, the following month Bebahan purchased a black BMW X3 M Competition, her dream car,.


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