• Dasha Taran is a Russian YouTuber, social media star, and model
• Her ethnicity is Ukrainian
• She is interested in modelling, photography, and art
• She has over 3.7 million Instagram followers and over 6.5 million TikTok followers
• As of May 2021, her net worth is estimated to be over $200,000

What is Dasha Taran’s ethnicity?

Dasha Taran was born in Russia on 12 October 1999 – her zodiac sign is Libra, she holds Russian nationality, and her ethnicity is Ukrainian. She’s a YouTuber, social media star and a model, who’s probably known best for her eponymous YouTube channel, which she launched on 17 March 2013, and is today subscribed to by over 1.2 million people, and numbers close to 40 million views of all her videos combined, since she uploaded her first video on 29 December 2017. Most of these depict Dasha’s everyday life – her most popular video “SKINCARE #1” has been watched over 4.6 million times.

Early life, family and education

She was raised in Krasnodar, Russia alongside her brother Stefan, by their father Garik Taran and their mother who prefers to be left out of media.

Dasha grew up being interested in modelling, and launched her career while still attending a local high school, as she was noticed by a modelling scout who offered her parents to take her to an audition. Dasha was also physically active as it was important for her to stay in shape. Not long after she matriculated in 2017, she decided to move to South Korea where she signed a contract with the agency Rainmakers. She also studied film and TV directing at a college in South Korea.

Career as a model

In 2017, Dasha posed for the brand 66girls, which marked the beginning of her career as a professional model. She was soon invited to pose for various popular brands, such as Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance, KYLIE Coco Collection and MAC, while she’s also posed for Vieu and NARS.

Most recently, Dasha was signed to Profile Model Management Ltd.

Career as a social media star

Dasha’s an Instagram star too, having amassed over 3.7 million followers while she’s uploaded close to 200 pictures, the majority taken during her modelling photoshoots, as well as of her everyday life.

She launched her Twitter account in September 2019, and it’s today followed by over 20,000 people, while Dasha isn’t following back anyone; she tends to tweet at least once a month. She also has a Facebook page followed by more than 300,000 people, but isn’t that active as she updates it just once every a couple of months.

Dasha’s a TikTok star with more than 6.5 million followers and over 60 million likes of all her videos combined, which most often feature her doing make-up, dancing and lip syncing.

TV roles

In 2018, Dasha starred in the short video “Menclub Girl – Dasha Taran” which was shot in China, but failed to attract any attention.


Dasha’s an artist, and many pictures of her paintings and drawings can be found uploaded onto her Instagram account. She’s mostly known for having recreated the painting ‘Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh back in 2016 – Dasha has been praised for her skills.

She’s interested in various types of art, and has visited many museums and galleries in both Russia and South Korea. Amongst her favorite art types is architecture, and the building Dasha admires the most is the Arc de Triomphe (Triumphal Arch) in Paris, France.

Love life and boyfriend

Dasha belongs to the group of the most secretive social media stars, as she hasn’t spoken of any boys (or girls) whom she has perhaps dated, and this is why there are various rumors circulating the internet concerning her love life, as well as her sexual orientation.

Dasha Taran

Many of her fans believe that Dasha’s today in a relationship with a mysterious non-celebrity boy, but that she’s keeping him away from the media’s attention because of how this could affect her career. It’s widely known that she has built her fanbase mostly thanks to her beauty and her ‘Barbie-like appearance’, and it would probably hurt some of her fans to know that she’s in a relationship.

There are also those who claim that Dasha’s lesbian, and that this is why she hasn’t spoken of any former or current boyfriends. No evidence has been provided to support this, nor has Dasha addressed these rumors.

As of May 2021, she seems to be single, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

Dasha likes to spend her spare time in nature, and her Instagram account’s filled with photos which feature her in parks, in the mountains and deep in woods.

She’s a cat lover, and her two pet cats can be seen featured in a couple of her Instagram pictures.

Dasha’s interested in photography, and many pictures found uploaded onto her Instagram account have been taken by her. She has considered launching a career as a photographer.

Summer is her favorite season, as she enjoys being close to the water, sun tanning at the beach and playing beach volleyball.

Dasha likes to watch movies in her spare time – her favorite actor and actress are Tom Cruise and Natalie Portman, and a couple of her favorite films include “The Last Samurai”, “Top Gun” and “Leon: The Professional”.

Age, height and net worth

Dasha’s age is 21. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, her height is 5ft 3ins (1.6m) and she weighs around 114lbs (52kgs). As of May 2021, her net worth has been estimated at over $200,000.

Her brother and father’s YouTube channels

Dasha’s brother Stefan launched his YouTube channel on 21 October 2019, and it’s today subscribed to by over 11,000 people while it numbers close to 100,000 views of his videos “P. T horror” and “Stefan Taran – Q&A My First Video” combined. He’s being encouraged by Dasha to pursue a career as a YouTuber.

Her father Garik launched his channel on 10 December 2016, and it’s today subscribed to by over 43,000 people, and numbers over 5.7 million views of all his videos combined. Garik’s a lot more active than Stefan, and is mostly focused on videos related to music and computers; his most popular video “Выбираем компьютер для монтажа видео.” has been watched over 110,000 times since 31 May 2017.


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