Janna Breslin:
• Model, personal trainer, and six-time bikini champion winner
• Co-founder of Becoming Complete
• Works out four times a week, mixing and incorporating weight training and high intensity interval training
• Runs own website providing custom workout and meal plans
• Co-founder of Complete Human, which focuses on various aspects of health and offers supplements; net worth of approximately $1 million

Janna Breslin is a model, personal trainer and six-time bikini champion winner. She is a nutrition coach and co-founder of Becoming Complete.

Early life, family, educational background

Janna Breslin was born in 16 February 1990 under the Aquarius sign in Thousand Oaks, South California USA; she has a sister named Ani Breslin Smith. Janna was a time child growing up and was always interested in sport, partaking in such as cross country, soccer and track. After she matriculated afrom West Lake High school, she attended California State University, Channel Islands, from where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in health communications in 2012.


Breslin began modeling in 2008, around the same that she started working out in the gym and shaping her physique, and after toning her body, she felt motivated to begin competing. In 2013 she entered her first bikini competition and claimed first prize. This was the beginning of a successful streak as she continued on to win several other bikini titles in the following years, carving a name for herself in the fitness industry.

In an interview with Greatest Physiques magazine, she said the secret to her success was discipline – ‘So often we get sucked into selfish ways, the BS or focus on things that really don’t matter and occasionally that’s alright, we all do it. But life is meant to focus on goals, gain knowledge, grow as a person daily, explore the world, have fun and positively impact lives’.

As she began to make a name for herself, Breslin abandoned her plans of being a pharmaceutical expert, and focus her sights on her passions of fitness and nutrition.

She went on to grace the covers of numerous magazines, and became a well- known name in the fitness industry.  She works out as least four times a week, mixing and incorporating weight training and high intensity interval training workouts to focus on different muscle groups and parts of the body.

Janna Breslin Fitness

Janna runs her own website that provides both custom workout and meal plans for her customers, and anyone else looking to get fit and improve their lives.

The programs come with different packages for annual to monthly payments, include Breslin’s personal training routine, ways to track progress and check current streaks, as well as  Janna’s nutrition plans.

Complete Human

Complete Human is a company that was founded by Janna Breslin and Evan de Marco. The company shares and explores conversations on health, wellness, longevity as well as real life experiences to encourage social responsibility and overall wellbeing. Complete Human is on several social media platforms, and also has a podcast on Apple.

Janna Breslin

The company focuses on various aspects of health from climate change, spiritual and mental health, physical health and well being. The company also offers supplements for brain health, cellular development, energy and sleep improvement.

Personal life

Janna is very active on social media but she does shy away from sharing her personal life or who she is involved with. Janna Breslin was previously married to DJ Breslin, a pilot; they met online in 2011, eventually grew close and started dating in 2014, and after three years they married. It would seem the marriage would not last though, and in a 2020 Instagram post Janna opened up about the hardships of divorce – ‘Divorce is painful.

It’s actually the most painful thing I have gone through in my life and it’s not something that you think you’ll experience when you are walking down the aisle. Sharing a workout pic or quote is easy in comparison to sharing some of my most painful experiences. I’ve felt tested this year with deaths in the family, constant health battles, moving multiple times, near debilitating anxiety, losing a company acquisition at the last minute, and transitioning away from a 9-year relationship…all in the middle of a pandemic that threatens physical and mental health.’

Janna’s hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

  • Counts fellow athletes Justine Munro and Paige Hathaway as her inspirations.
  • Enjoys the outdoors and occasionally exercises outside, or running with her dog.
  • Regularly goes hiking, backpacking and camping.
  • Plays tennis, golf and lacrosse regularly.
  • She can ride a skateboard, and skis
  • Loves to travel, and has travelled the US extensively and some parts of Europe.
  • Favorite movies include “The dark knight”, “Sleepers” and “Les Miserables”.

Appearance, clothing style

Janna stands at 5ft 8in (172 cm) in height and weighs 140lbs (63kgs). She has blue eyes, long light brown hair and a tan complexion. She has a fit physique, and usually dresses comfortably and casually.

Net worth and salary

As of early 2021, Breslin has a net worth of approximately $1 million.


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