Tammy Bradshaw:
• Born Tameria Alice in 1961
• Started career as a model then appeared in minor TV roles
• Gained fame when she was noticed with NFL star Terry Bradshaw in 1999
• Starred in her husband's biographical documentary and family show 'The Bradshaw Bunch'
• Involved in philanthropic efforts and charity events for drug users

Being the wife of a legend has its perks, and for Tammy Bradshaw, her husband Terry Bradshaw’s paved path to fame has enhanced her career, making her a source to be reckoned with. Gracing the entertainment scene with her presence as a model at the start of her career garnered her minimal success, until she met her National Football League (NFL) star husband. She is now a renowned celebrity wife who has made her presence known with the talent that she has to offer to the world.

Early life, Family, Educational background

Born Tameria Alice, Tammy Bradshaw made her appearance into the world on the 5th October 1961. She is an only child to her parents who own a car dealership, and she has had a stable middle class family life.

She was born and raised in the USA, and is of white ethnicity.

Tammy has always had an eye for the spotlight and aspired to be a model from an early age. She looked forward to watching beautiful women grace her TV screen, and vowed to one day be amongst them. Her ambition and desire to become a model would eventually take her down this sought-after path.

She was an athletic student in school, and participated in tennis and soccer. She matriculated in 1979, and instead of furthering her studies in college she jumped at the opportunity to pursue a modelling career.


Starting off her career as a model in her earlier years, Tammy had a hard time to reach super stardom status.

Although she was recognized for her exceptional beauty, it wasn’t enough to carry her to the height of fame that she hungered for. She gave as much as she could to her modelling career, later on appearing in minor roles in TV shows.

It was not until 1999, when she was noticed on the arm of legendary NFL player Terry Bradshaw that her name became known to the media. Using all of the media attention, Tammy accelerated her career, using her new found celebrity girlfriend status as fuel. It would be 15 years later that she would have cemented her place at his side,

She steered clear from the likes of reality shows that involved celebrity girlfriends and wives, and used her status to build her career as she had already made a name for herself with her philanthropic efforts.

Tammy Bradshaw

It was a smart move on Tammy’s side, as she now reaps the benefits of her hard work.

In 2019 Tammy appeared in the biographical documentary of her husband Terry Bradshaw – ‘’A Football Life’’, attributed to the famous star for his contributions to American Football industry, and Tammy had the opportunity to share in his shine. Her social media presence is an additional enhancement to her career, and their family show ‘’The Bradshaw Bunch’’ is said to cause an hilarious frenzy on social media, making it a hit. Tammy Bradshaw has showcased her funny side on the show, and many viewers seem to have become hooked.

Set on the ranch of the Bradshaw’s impressive 800 acre estate, the show gives you an insight into the Bradshaw’s lifestyle, as Terry Bradshaw is the thorn amongst the four beautiful roses in his life, his daughters Erin, Lacey and Rachel, together with Tammy, and all their cows, horses and the famous donkey ‘’Snoop Dong’’, put on an exciting show for the world to see.

Personal life

Tammy has been dealt a bad hand in marriage – she was initially married to David Luttrull and had her daughter Lacey and son David from that union. Her and David’s marriage ended in divorce.

During this time she met the NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw and the two hit it off, as they were both going through similar occurrences at the time.

They both served as a means of support to each other during their divorces, which brought them closer together. They discovered their undeniable feelings for each other during this time and put it into play. Tammy and Terry would adapt to this way of life for the next 15 years until they finally tied the knot on the 8th July 2014. Their significant age gap of 13 years didn’t seem relevant, as their love for each other was immense.

Tammy Bradshaw may have gained a gem for a husband, but she also endured tragedy through the joy of a new found love. In 2009, Tammy lost her son, David Jr. through an accidental drug overdose a month before his 24th birthday on the 6th July 2009. His mother discovered him lying unconscious on the floor of her house, and he was later pronounced dead. This tragedy has had a devastating impact on Tammy’s life, and she is now involved in charity events for drug users to bring about awareness of the dangers that can be caused by it.

 Hobbies and Interesting facts

Tammy is not one to only bask in the joys of fame, forgetting the world behind her.

She has used her presence to make a difference in the world and amongst her favourite things to do is to lend a helping hand as a volunteer that serves others. Together with her husband they have aided countries in Africa which have been hard hit by draught, and have given generous donations to drill wells.

She has an attraction to travel, and has been to almost every state in the US, and has also visited many countries in Africa and Europe.

She is quite the romantic at heart and enjoys a good romance read in her spare time. Her preferred film genre is of the same subject, and she looks forward to watching her favourite actors Tom Hanks and the beautiful Julia Roberts in action.

‘’Runaway Bride’’, ‘’Sleepless In Seattle’’ and ‘’Notting Hill’’ are amongst her favourite films to watch.

Appearance, dress style

This 60 year old beauty stands 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, and weighs in at a well-built 135lbs (61kgs), with blonde hair and marble black eyes.

Her dress style is always elegant as she embraces her status and beauty to always be amongst the best dressed.

Net worth

Although this Diva is somewhat secretive about her accumulated wealth, it’s estimated at about $1 million as of mid-2021. Together with her husband, this lady is said to be living in luxury with combined wealth of more than $26 million.


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