• Mathilde Tantot is a French Instagram star, model, social media influencer and entrepreneur
• At 26 years old, she has not revealed the names of her parents but her mother was a former actress and her father earned a living as a businessman
• She is a fitness enthusiast and an animal lover, and her hobbies include travelling, swimming, and playing beach soccer
• She is Christian, currently dating Martin Offenstein, and has previously dated a high school boyfriend
• She is worth close to $2 million and is expected to earn more as her fame continues to rise

Mathilde Tantot is a notable French Instagram star, model, social media influencer and entrepreneur. The sensational model takes Instagram by storm with her sizzling hot body and curvaceous physique.

Age, Early Life, Education Background

Mathilde was born under the Capricorn zodiac sign on 29 December 1994, in France, which makes her 26 years old as of mid-2021. Although she has not revealed the names of her parents, it’s well known that her mother was a former actress and her father earned a living as a businessman. She was brought up together with her twin sister, Pauline Tantot, known to many as Pops, who is currently a model and a social media sensation.

Khassani, as some people call Mathilde, had a knack for acting ever since she was a child.

She liked practising in front of the mirror. Khassani would often peruse girly magazines together with her peers, which sparked her modelling passion as she was growing up.

The Instagram sensation hasn’t revealed where she attended high school, but is said to have been very physically active, and was both a soccer player and a cheerleader. Mathilde went to University de Bordeaux, France in 2012, where she was admitted in the Faculte de Droit et Science Politique (Faculty of Law and Political Science). She decided to follow her childhood dream, professional modelling, as soon as she had graduated in 2015.

Interest and Hobbies

Mathilde spends her days traveling the world, and snapping immaculate selfies for fashion brand deals, while self-managing her modelling career.

She has toured many parts of Europe, and has gone on vacations in countries such as Greece, England, and Croatia.

She is a fitness enthusiast, and goes to the gym almost daily to maintain her curvy figure. She also does yoga, and takes care of her mental well-being by meditating.

Mathilde’s favourite season is summer; she likes swimming in the ocean and play beach soccer when it’s sunny.

Tantot is an animal lover, but hasn’t kept a pet as she is mostly busy modelling.

She enjoys watching movies and TV shows, and her favourite actors are Natalie Portman, Leonardo DiCapri, and Julia Roberts. She has “V for Vendetta,” “Titanic,” and “Leon the Professional” as her favourite movies.


Mathilde started her career as a model at a tender age, alongside her twin sister Pops. Right now, Mathilde is a top Instagram star who has attracted a lot of attention and gained fame for her appealing body figure and sexy bikini and modeling pictures.

Mathilde has made her childhood dream come true by persuing acting. She featured in 2019’s “Nous Finirons Ensemble”, a comedy drama film directed and written by Guillaume Canet, in which Marion Cotillard, Francois Cluzet, and Gilles Lellouche starred, and which was nominated for an award, and attracted mixed reviews. It follows the story of relatives and friends who meet after being away from each other for seven years. Tantot also made an appearance in the Eric Naulleau-hosted talk-show “De Quoi J’me Mele!” in 2019.

Tantot is also an entrepreneur who founded Khassani Swimwear bikini company, together with her twin sister, and is often seen on her Instagram page wearing her bikini brands.

Mathilde is active on several social media networks such as Facebook, on which she has a high following, and uses the platform to reach out to her fans, family and friends.

She is active on Twitter and TikTok too, but uses her Instagram account for marketing, displaying her brand.

Personal Life

Mathilde is Christian. She is secretive when it comes to her personal life and rarely talks about her boyfriend on social media. She is currently dating Martin Offenstein, who is popular for being a prominent French model ,whom she met in January 2018 on OOTD Magazine’s photoshoot. After dating for a year, Martin moved in with Mathilde. It is rumored that he was in another relationship when he met her, but terminated it to settle in with Mathilde.

In the past, Mathilde was dating her high school boyfriend with whom she had a long-term relationship. According to some speculation spreading on the internet, the two broke-up shortly after their matriculation, when he moved away from Paris to pursue further studies. As of 2021, Tantot is in relationship with Martin, and is unmarried without children.

Mathilde Tantot

Matilde’s Controversies, Opinions, and Responses to Criticism

Mathilde is seen often posting racy and bold pictures of herself on social media. In 2020, she posted a selfie that raised mixed reactions on her Instagram page, that left many of her fans’ pulses racing, she is seen seated topless in her car, with only a seatbelt and her hand covering her breasts. She captioned the photo reminding her avid followers to stay safe and fasten their seatbelts. Some of her followers thought that it was one of the sexiest reminders they have ever seen, while others criticized her for exposing herself.

Mathilde posts most of her photos together with her sister. The two have admitted that they don’t fear expressing themselves audaciously through nudity, which is their art. Instagram trolls are not happy with their so-called art, and they are often criticized.

Contrary to the views of critics, Mathilde believes that a woman’s body should be free and that it should not be subjected to boorish sexual objectification. She has come out as a very strong character, who thinks that it’s time to discourage shaming, and start applauding women’s fearless display of their empowerment, as she once revealed. She shared with Vanity Island Magazine that, ‘In response to criticism, I want to admit that I have always loved taking photos half-dressed since day one. I’m in a good relationship with my body and I have never had trouble sunbathing topless on the beach.” She further stated that she had created a digital mag, which had annual/monthly paid membership, and recommended it because it was a great platform on which women could express themselves without limits.

Mathilde believes that a woman’s body is their power, asset, and a weapon. In response to the allegations made against her that her beauty is not natural, Tantot revealed that her waist and chest were 100% natural, and that hydraulic acid was completely useless for her as her body rejects it very quickly – hydraulic acid is injected into the bloodstream to act as a temporary dermal filler, and is used by many models to smoothen their skin and plump-up their lips. She further stated that her buttock injections had been absorbed completely. However, she admitted to having undergone a nose surgery in the past.

Appearance and  Body Measurement

Mathilde is of Persian and French descent, and has shiny glowing skin and curvy figure.

She has long brown hair and beautiful hazel brown eyes, stands at the height of 5ft 7ins (1.7 m), weighs approximately 125lbs (57kgs), with vital statistics of 34-26-34. Her bra size is 32D, and shoes size 7 (US). The supermodel has several distinctive features, such as a perfect jawline, pear-shaped physique and plush lips.

The prominent model revealed that she had previously gone for cosmetic surgery to improve her facial appearance, as she was responding to critics. She also stated that she once went for a lip injection but has never gone for any other surgical procedure, except for the nose surgery.

Net Worth

Mathilde’s career as a model has brought her fame and fortune. She is reportedly worth close to $2 million as of 2021. She is still young in the modeling industry, and is expected to earn more judging from her increasing fame.


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