• Noel Capri Berry is an American model and social media star, born on 3 October 1995 in Springfield, Missouri
• She gained recognition after appearing on New York Fashion Week in 2014, and has since been featured in magazines such as Shape, Haute Spotter and G.
• She is signed to IMG Models, and has been featured in various TV specials and videos.
• She follows a strict diet and is physically active, and loves to travel and watch movies.
• She has a net worth of over $1 million.

Who is Noel Berry?

Noel Capri Berry was born in Springfield, Missouri USA, on 3 October 1995 – her zodiac sign is Libra and she holds American nationality. She’s a social media star and a model, who’s probably known best for her Instagram account, which is today followed by more than 430,000 people. She’s uploaded over 750 pictures, most of which have been taken during her everyday life as well as during her modelling photoshoots.

Early life, family and education

Noel was raised in Springfield by her parents, about whom nothing is known as they prefer to stay away from the media’s attention, however, her father’s believed to be a real estate agent and her mother a theatre actress. As she hasn’t spoken of having any siblings, Noel’s believed to be an only child.

She played soccer while attending a local elementary school, but after she became interested in modelling, Noel started to take care of her looks and was afraid that if the ball hit her in the face, she would be injured and unable to start modelling. She thus chose to leave soccer behind her, and upon enrolling at high school in 2009 found other hobbies such as acting in school plays, and playing tennis. Noel was bullied at high school, and was nicknamed ‘walking stick’ because she was slim and relatively tall.

She matriculated in 2013, and hasn’t shared any details concerning further education, which is why it’s believed that she didn’t enroll at college.

Career as a model

Noel has been modelling for around eight years, and it was in 2014 that she appeared on her first catwalk for Vivienne Tam and Rachel Zoe for their Spring and Summer collection at New York Fashion Week, and thus gained recognition. She could’ve been seen walking at Etam Live Show in both 2018 and 2019, while she also walked for the 2019 AFRA: Spring and Summer New York Fashion Week.

She has been featured in numerous magazines, with three of the most popular amongst these being “Shape, “Haute Spotter” and “G”.

Noel was previously signed to Ford Models in both Miami, Florida and Chicago, Illinois, while she’s today signed to IMG Models.

Presence on social media networks

She launched her Twitter account in February 2017, but has only tweeted once on 25 February 2017 when she uploaded a picture featuring her posing with several other models. So today Noel’s followed by only 310 people, while she’s following back two people.

She doesn’t have a YouTube channel but has been featured in videos uploaded onto various channels such as Keen Magazine, IMG Models and Visionaire.

TV appearances

Noel has appeared in several TV shows, and is hoping she’ll also be given an opportunity to launch her acting career.

She’s attended several auditions in the past a couple of years, but hasn’t so far won any roles.

In 2018, she was featured as a model in the short video “AREA: Spring/Summer 2019 at NYFW” which also starred Frida Aasen and Samile Bermannelli, and shows several models on the catwalk. In the same year, Noel was featured in the musical TV special “Etam Live Show 2018”, directed by Francois Goetghebeur and which starred Daniel Aciu, Ruth Akele and Lalani Ali; she also appeared in “Etam Live Show 2019” which starred Angele, Emilie Arthapignet and Laure Bensadoun.

Noel Berry

Love life and boyfriend

Noel’s amongst the most secretive of models, as she hasn’t spoken of any men (or women) whom she might have dated, but there are many rumors circulating the internet concerning both her current relationship status as well as her sexual orientation.

Noel’s believed by many of her fans to be a lesbian, because she hasn’t been seen spending time in public with any man, and most of the time is surrounded by women. A fan has claimed to have seen her kissing a woman who could be her girlfriend at a club in Los Angeles, but no proof has been provided to support these claims, nor has Noel taken the time to address this.

Some believe that she’s today in a relationship with a mysterious man whom she has been keeping away from the media’s attention, because of how her career could affect the relationship and vice versa. Once again, Noel hasn’t commented on this.

As of May 2021, she seems to be single, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

Noel’s following a very strict diet, as it’s important for her modelling career not to gain weight. She doesn’t eat fast food nor anything with sugar in it, and has five very small meals every day. She’s also physically active, and has a couple of training sessions each week.

She loves to travel, and her career as a model has made it possible for her to visit various US states, while she’s also been to many European and Asian countries, with her dream travel destination being Paris in France.

Noel’s a dog-lover, and her pet dog can be seen featured in many of her Instagram pictures. She rescued the dog when it was still just a puppy, and has since taken it with her to wherever she,        ’s travelled.

In her spare time which is mostly late at night, Noel likes to watch movies starring her favorite actors and actresses Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie, such as “Meet Joe Black”, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and “Mr. and Mrs Smith”.

Eating disorder

There have been some rumors circulating the internet claiming that Noel has been struggling with anorexia since her early teenage years, as she’s very tall and a lightweight. A couple of her fellow models have come fourth and stated that they’ve been struggling with the eating disorder, however, Noel hasn’t addressed the rumors concerning her.

Age, height and net worth

Noel’s age is 25. She has long brown hair and blue eyes, her height is 5ft 9ins (1.75m) and she weighs around 120lbs (55kgs).

As of May 2021, her net worth has been estimated at over $1 million.


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