• Gelila Bekele is a model, social media star, and documentary moviemaker.
• She was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1986 and holds Ethiopian nationality.
• She has modeled for various brands and companies, and is an Instagram star with over 100,000 followers.
• She dated Tyler Perry from 2009-2020 and has a son with him.
• She enjoys travelling, horseback riding, and playing beach sports.

Who is Gelila Bekele?

Gelila Bekele was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 4 September 1986 – her zodiac sign is Virgo, and she holds Ethiopian nationality. She’s a model, social media star and a documentary moviemaker, but who’s perhaps known best for being the ex-girlfriend of Tyler Perry, a famous American actor, film producer and director.

Early life and education

Gelila was raised in Addis Ababa alongside her sister Anna Wrossetti, by their parents about whom nothing’s known, as Gelila respects their privacy.

She became interested in modelling while attending a local high school, and her parents and friends encouraged her to try her luck as a model.

Gelila still wanted to focus on her education, however, at the age of 17, she was noticed by a modelling scout, and then signed her first contract. It didn’t take long for Gelila to fall in love with modelling, and thus upon matriculating in 2004, she didn’t enroll at a college, but focused on her career.

Career as a model

Gelila has modelled for numerous famous brands and companies, such as Levi’s, L’Oreal and Pantene, and she could’ve been seen on the catwalks for Diesel, Tory Burch and Nespresso, amongst others.

Presence on social media networks

Gelila’s an Instagram star, as she’s amassed over 100,000 followers, and has uploaded over 3,000 pictures, most of which have been taken during her photoshoots.

One can learn a lot about Gelila just by looking at her pictures, such as that she loves being in nature, enjoys showing off her slim figure at the beach, and is interested in photography.

She launched her Twitter account in April 2011, and it’s today followed by more than 8,000 people, while she has tweeted close to 5,000 times. Gelila’s followed by more than 35,000 people on Facebook.

Love life and relationship with Tyler Perry

Gelila’s quite secretive when it comes to talking about her love life, however, it was revealed in 2009 that she‘d begun dating Tyler Perry, as he’s amongst the richest men in the US.

Gelila Bekele

The two could’ve been seen attending numerous red carpet events together, and Tyler spoke about how they didn’t want to marry, so as not to complicate their lives with papers. On 30 November 2014, Gelila gave birth to their son Aman Tyler Perry, but two years later, rumors began circulating the internet claiming that Tyler was cheating on Gelila, after he was apparently seen with another woman; this hasn’t been confirmed to this day.

In December 2020, it was revealed by Tyler that he and Gelila had split for unknown reasons, as neither has spoken of any other people whom they have perhaps been with.

As of July 2021, Gelila’s single, hasn’t married, but has a son with Tyler Perry.


Hobbies and other interests

Gelila’s passionate about travelling, and her modelling career has taken her all around the world. She has visited various US states, has been to Canada on multiple occasions, and has also travelled to a couple of South American countries, including Brazil and Argentina. Gelila has also visited several European and Asian countries – her dream travel destination is Paris, France.

Summer is her favorite season, as she loves being close to the ocean, enjoys going surfing, and playing beach sports with her friends.

She’s a lover of animals, with horses and elephants being her favorites. Gelila was 15 when she began horseback riding.

She’s a huge fan of movies, and has produced two: the 2019 documentary drama “Anbessa”, and the 2020 short action “Noir”. Gelila’s favorite actor and actress are Ryan Gosling and Amanda Seyfried, and a couple of her favorite movies are “The Notebook”, “Letters to Juliette” and “Dear John”.

She’s taking good care of her physique, and has a couple of training sessions at the gym each week, while she’s also following a strict diet.

Age, height and net worth

Gelila is 34 years old. She has long curly brown hair and brown eyes, her height is 5ft 9ins (1.75m) she weighs around 128lbs (58kgs), while her vital statistics are 32-25-33, bra size 32A, and shoes size six.

As of July 2021, her net worth has been estimated at over $2 million, while her ex-boyfriend Tyler’s net worth has been estimated at over $800 million.

Who is Tyler Perry?

Tyler was born as Emmitt Perry Jr. in New Orleans, Louisiana USA, on 13 September 1969 – his zodiac sign is Virgo, and he holds American nationality. Since 1992, the year which marked the launch of his career in the entertainment industry, Tyler has written 58, produced 60, and directed 56 movies and TV series. He’s acted in 45, and overall has won 17 of the 66 awards for which he has been nominated.

Tyler was raised in New Orleans alongside his three siblings, by their father Emmitt Perry Sr. who was a carpenter, and their mother Willie Maxine Perry (nee Campbell) who was a housewife.

He has revealed that his father often beat him, which once led Tyler to attempt suicide. Aged 16, he changed his name from Emmitt to Tyler, because he wanted to differ from his father. Tyler has also revealed that he was molested by his friend’s mother when he was 10, and was also molested by three men. He dropped out of high school, but eventually earned his GED; Tyler was in his early 20s when he became interested in the film industry.

In 1990, the play he wrote entitled “I Know I’ve Changed”, was performed at a local theatre, but received mostly negative reviews. Tyler spent the following eight years improving the play, and in 1998, after it finally received critical acclaim, he began writing new plays.

In 2005, his first movie premiered; the romantic comedy drama “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” cost around $5.5 million to make, while it earned over $50 million domestically.

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His directing debut was the 2006 comedy film “Madea’s Family Reunion”, while he has since directed all five of its sequels. Some of his following successful works were the 2007 romantic comedy movie “Daddy’s Little Girls”, the 2007 comedy film “Why Did I Get Married?”, and the 2008 romantic comedy movie “Meet the Browns”. One of his most recent movies, entitled “The Star”, was released on 17 November 2017.

Tyler’s also known for the deal he made with Oprah Winfrey, back on 2 October 2012. The two have since been collaborating, and have also become close friends.

He’s also a writer, and his first book “Don’t Make a Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings: Madea’s Uninhibited Commentaries on Love and Life” was published on 11 April 2006, while his second book “Higher Is Waiting” followed on 14 November 2017.


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