• Jasmine Williams is an American actress, dancer and Tae Kwon Do instructor
• She is married to Brad Williams, an American actor and comedian
• She has appeared in four TV series, eight movies, and a reality show since 2015
• She is an animal lover and a traveler, and is physically active and follows a strict diet
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $300,000 and her husband's estimated net worth is over $500,000

Who is Jasmine Williams?

Jasmine Williams (nee Gong) was born in the USA; she hasn’t shared her date or place of birth with the public, but her zodiac sign is believed to be Aries, she holds American nationality, and is of Asian descent. She’s an actress, dancer and a Tae Kwon Do instructor, but who’s probably known best for being the wife of Brad Williams, a popular American actor and comedian.

Early life and education

Jasmine was apparently raised in Baltimore, Maryland by her parents about whom nothing is known, as they prefer to stay away from the media’s attention. She hasn’t spoken about having any siblings which is why most people believe her to be an only child.

Jasmine attended a local elementary, where her teacher asked her if she was willing to appear in a school play.

She became addicted to acting straight away, and spent most of her spare time practicing her skills, whether it was in front of her bedroom mirror or with her friends. Jasmine continued to act at her high school, while she was also physically active as she played several sports including soccer and tennis. Upon matriculating, she enrolled at a college from which she obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in theatre.

Roles in TV series

Jasmine has been credited with appearing in four TV series and eight movies. She made her debut TV series appearance in 2015 with her portrayal of a black grid member in the episode “Say Her Real Name” of the action crime drama “Chicago P. D.”, which stars Jason Beghe, Patrick John Flueger and Jesse Lee Soffer.

It follows the intelligence unit and the uniformed cops working in the Chicago Police Department, has been airing since 2014, and has won two of the eight awards it has been nominated for. In the same year, she played Jessica’s Friend in the episode “The Best Little Horror House in Texas” of the action crime horror “From Dust Till Dawn: The Series” created by Robert Rodriguez and which starred Jesse Garcia, Zane Holtz and D. J. Cotrona. It follows a Texas Ranger as he’s trying to arrest the Gecko brothers, while he then finds himself ain a restaurant run by vampires. It aired from 2014 to 2016, and was nominated for seven awards.

In 2015 as well, Jasmine played Richard’s Wife in the episode “Richard” of the drama “Real Stories with Christ”, which starred Josiah David Warren, Mary Becquet and Taylor Murphy, and follows the life of a young Pastor. The series aired six episodes, before being cancelled for low ratings.

Jasmine and Brad Williams

Jasmine’s only other appearance in a TV series has been in the 2019 episode “All Stars” of the reality show “Scenebot Stage Live”.

Roles in movies

She made her debut film performance in 2016, with her voicing role in the short horror science fiction “1/2-Life”, written and directed by Ashley Hernandez and Ike Mckris Onyekwere, both of whom also starred in it alongside Nelly Carrazco. It follows a girl who finds herself in a forest filled with evil spirits.

The year 2016 saw Jasmine play Zoey in the short thriller comedy “Rush”, once again written and directed by Ike Mckris Onyekwere, while the same year saw her appear in her first feature film, playing a refugee in the action adventure science fiction “Stage V”, written and directed by Buddy Calvo, and which starred Madison Calderon, Michel Janse and Callie Hope Haverda.

It follows life in an apocalyptic world in which only teenagers and children are alive. In 2017, Jasmine played Dezi in the short romantic drama “Cloudy Daze”, and in 2019, she portrayed a track teammate in the sports family drama “Round of Your Life”, which starred Cole Allen, Suhail Arastu and Ximena Alvarez, and follows 15-year-old girl Taylor Collins who’s an avid golf player.

Three of Jasmine’s most recent roles in movies have been in the 2019 short drama “Sapphire”, the 2020 short action adventure “Passage”, and the 2020 short action “Scorched Sea”.

Love life and marriage with Brad Williams

Brad Williams was featured in a video uploaded on the YouTube channel “98 Rock Baltimore” on 13 October 2017, which mentioned that he and Jasmine met over the dating app Feeld, which is specially created for the people who are into polyamory – having multiple partners with each of them being okay with it.

He arranged to go out on a date with two women which was to end in a threesome, however, only one of them showed up – Jasmine – and the two fell for each other. They engaged in around 13 threesomes in the first three years of being together, then in 2017 the two married in a private ceremony attended by their closest friends and family members. In 2020, Jasmine gave birth to their daughter who’s suffering from achondroplastic dwarfism just as Brad. It’s said that Jasmine and Brad are still engaging in threesomes, even though they’re married.

Neither of the two have spoken about any other people they have perhaps been with – independently anyway – so as of March 2021, Jasmine’s married to Brad and they have a daughter together.

Hobbies and other interests

Jasmine likes to travel, and her acting career has taken her to various USA states, and she’s also been to several European countries while vacationing with Brad. Some of her dream travel destinations include Athens in Greece, Paris in France, and Venice in Italy.

She’s an animal lover who has volunteered at various animal shelters, and has a pet cat and a pet dog.

Jasmine’s physically very active as she works out several times every week, and also follows a strict diet.

In her spare time which is usually late at night, she enjoys watching movies starring her favorite actor and actress Johnny Depp and Julia Roberts, such as the franchise “The Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Edward Scissorhands” and “The Runaway Bride”.

Age, height and net worth

Jasmine’s age isn’t known. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, her height is 5ft 4ins (1.62m) and she weighs around 120lbs (55kgs).

As of March 2021, her net worth has been estimated at over $300,000, while Brad’s net worth is reputedly over $500,000.

Who is Brad Williams?

Brad Williams was born in Orange County, California USA, on 13 January 1984 – his zodiac sign is Capricorn and he holds American nationality. He was born with achonodroplasia, which is a genetic disorder characterized by dwarfism while it can also cause complications such as ear infections and sleep apnea. Because of his condition, Brad is occasionally mistaken for the stunt performer Jason ‘Wee Man’ Acuna, known best for his role in the reality comedy series “Jackass”.

Brad hasn’t spoken about his siblings which is why he’s believed to be an only child, and he can rarely be heard talking about his parents, although they can be seen featured in some of his pictures on Instagram.

He studied at Sunny Hills High School, and upon matriculating in 2002 enrolled at the University of Southern California, however, he quit as he wanted to focus on his career as an actor and comedian.

Brad gained recognition when he attended a live comedy show of Carlos Mencia. He was in the crowd when Carlos told a joke about dwarfs, and then invited Brad on stage who went on to crack a few jokes, impressing Carlos. Brad went on a tour with him as his opening act ,and after gaining recognition, he was invited to appear in the comedy series “Mind of Mencia”, while two of his other appearances have been in “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

He released his debut comedy album “Coming Up Short” in April 2011, and on 14 April 2014 he began hosting the podcast “About Last Night”, together with popular American actor and comedian Adam Ray. Brad has also released two comedy specials: “Brad Williams: Fun Size” on 8 May 2015 and “Brad Williams: Daddy Issues” on 20 May 2016.


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