• Ryan Hawke is the current wife of actor Ethan Hawke, who was previously married to Uma Thurman
• She is a Caucasian woman born and raised in the US, who pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree at Colombia University
• She has acted in one film, 'The Hottest State', and has gone on to produce multiple biographical documentaries and films
• She is a gym fanatic and an animal lover, who enjoys reading books
• She has a net worth estimated at over $2 million

To remain faithful in marriage is supposed to be mandatory, but unfortunately it’s a practise only followed by some. As the unfaithful would say -‘’What the eye can’t see and the ears can’t hear shouldn’t hurt the ones that it is hidden from’’, however, when the scene is displayed for the eyes to see and ears to hear, then it can only result in shameful gossip. Thus speculation about the burned relationship of Ethan Hawke and his then wife Uma Thurman by their nanny, Ryan Hawke (nee Shawhughes) played a role in the demise of their marriage.

His wife of 13 years and the mother to his two younger children, Ethan Hawkes current wife, Ryan Hawke was a part of his family life way before they got into a relationship. She was the nanny to his older children with his then wife, Uma Thurman, and whether or not rumours are to be believed, their claim of getting together after Ethan’s divorce is what the couple still stands by to this day.

Early life, family, educational background

Ryan Hawke is a Caucasian woman, born and raised in the US, the only child to her parents, and who grew up in a stable middle class family. Her dad, a construction worker, and her mother, a secretary, both worked and provided for their daughter as best as they could. She is said to have had a trouble-free childhood.

Her mind was made up in her elementary years, as she was adamant that she was to be a part of the entertainment industry, as she is said to have always aspired to be an actress. With the help and encouragement from her parents, she went on to pursue her dreams.

She matriculated, and moved on to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree at Colombia University from where she successfully graduated.  Her ability to write and produce was her passion, and obtaining her degree was amongst her biggest achievements.


In 2006 Ryan acted in her first film, ‘’The Hottest State’’, a romantic comedy written and directed by Ethan who was her fiancé at the time.

Ethan and Ryan Hawke

She played the main love interest of the male lead character who was an aspiring actor, and proved to be a distraction to him. The film was well received, but was to be her first and last onscreen appearance.

She went on to produce multiple biographical documentaries, including in 2014 “Seymour, An Introduction”, with her husband Ethan holding the director’s reigns.

In 2017 she ventured out to produce the mystery thriller “First Reformed”, which had Ethan in a starring role. This movie would prove to be the biggest success of her career as it garnered 62 awards, and 104 nominations including an Oscars for writing at the top of the list.

Lending her experienced hand in producing further films such as ‘’Blaze’’ in 2018 and ‘’Adopt a Highway’’ in 2019, it seems that Ryan has used her talents in productions that her husband has been a part of. The duo seem to be soaring hand-in-hand through the entertainment industry.

Her most recent venture is the dramatic mini-series ‘’The Good Lord Bird’’, created by none other than her other half.

Personal life

Ryan Hawke has had her fair share of muddy messes, as she was the talk of the entertainment town after the split of Ethan and Uma was made public.

Gossip mongers had a field day with the nanny and boss affair, and things got even more wilder when Ethan and Ryan went public with their relationship. Whether or not the rumours are to be believed, or if they are just dirty little lies is to ponder, however, these two seem to be enjoying a blissful life.

A heavily pregnant Ryan, together with the love of her life Ethan, tied the knot on the 21st June 2008, the ceremony witnessed by a few close friends and family members, and is said to have been a joyous occasion. Less than a month later, on the 18th July 2008, the duo welcomed their daughter Clementine Jane Hawke, apparently an ecstatic celebration for the newlyweds.

On the 5th August 2011, their family was completed with the arrival of their second daughter, Indiana Hawke. They’re said to be enjoying their family life in Los Angeles.

Hobbies and interesting facts

Being a gym fanatic from an early age has helped Ryan in maintaining her petite physique, as she is said to follow her healthy lifestyle regime religiously – her attendance at gym is a daily priority.

Being a lover of animals, she’s owned several cats and dogs, as a life without them is not something that Ryan envisions. Swimming with dolphins is her ultimate desire, as they’re her favourite sea creatures.

Reading has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember, and tucking up with good book is amongst her favourite things to do, especially renowned author Nicholas Sparks, as romance and heartbreak are her favourite niches. ‘’The Notebook’’ and ‘’Message in a bottle’’ are a part of her personal collection.

Appearance, dress style

Maintaining a petite physique has been rewarding to the 5ft 5ins (1.65m), 128lbs (58kgs) blonde. Her sea blue eyes are an attraction that can be the envy of some, as it enhances her chiselled features.

Comfort is a pair of slacks and a top to complete this lady, as she’s often seen sporting a pair. She is quite the compliment on the arm of her famous husband.

Net worth

Ryan Hawke is said to be a smart worker, and has accumulated a net worth estimated at over $2 million. Her years of biographical and film productions, and her ability to write have had a hand in enhancing her wealth. Although it is nowhere near the staggering worth of her husband at well over $55 million, she has still made her mark in the entertainment industry amid all the speculative gossip.


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