US Army veteran and investment banker Cameron Friscia came into the public eye when he became engaged to Kat Timpf, a television personality, comedian, reporter and libertarian columnist. She gained recognition through her roles as a co-host on Fox News Channel’s “Gutfeld”, and as a regular host on “Fox News Saturday Night.” Since their involvement was announced, there’s been heightened curiosity surrounding Cameron.

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Early Life and Family

Cameron James Friscia, affectionately known as Cam by those close to him, was born on 10 August 1986, in White Plains. Westchester County, New York State. Information about his family is scarce, as Cameron maintains privacy regarding details about his parents. His formative years were likely shaped in an affluent household, characterized by a deep affection for his country, a passion for sports, and a commitment to the Christian faith.


Cameron matriculated from Choate Rosemary Hall, a private college-preparatory boarding school situated in Wallingford, Connecticut, then graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the US Military Academy at West Point University.


Military Service

Cameron Friscia enlisted in the US Army in 2009, embarking on a distinguished journey marked by specialized training and exemplary service. He completed the rigorous Ranger School, a specialized leadership institution focusing on small-unit tactics, and subsequently undertook the Sapper Leader Course, emerging as a combat engineer proficient in mobility, counter mobility, and survivability skills. His commitment to excellence continued with the completion of the Basic Airborne Course, solidifying his role within the airborne forces and qualifying him for parachute operations.

Over a commendable six-year tenure, Cameron held diverse positions, including Executive Assistant to Brigade Commander, Company Executive Officer, and Assistant Operations Officer. Serving with distinction in the renowned 101st Airborne Division, often referred to as the “Screaming Eagles,” he contributed significantly to the division’s mission, extending to Afghanistan, where he participated in multiple combat operations, showcasing his dedication and courage.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Cameron Friscia received prestigious accolades, including the Combat Infantryman Badge, the Army Commendation Medal, and the Bronze Star Medal, underscoring his bravery and exceptional achievements during his military service.

Retirement From The Military

Cameron retired from the military in 2014,, marking the end of a significant chapter in his life. Taking to his Instagram account, he shared his reflections on this occasion, accompanied by a poignant photo of the uniform he’d be wearing for the last time. In what he considers a bittersweet moment, he acknowledged that serving his country had been both gratifying and humbling, emphasizing the unique and challenging experiences he’d encountered.

In this post, Cameron reflected on the profound camaraderie he shared with his fellow servicemen, whom he regarded as true American heroes, and taking a moment to remember and honor four of his classmates who’d made the ultimate sacrifice, contrasting their fate with his own choice to leave the Army.

Cameron extended his appreciation to the men and women who continue to serve, recognizing their ongoing dedication. He expressed a sense of privilege in having served alongside fellow servicemen, and conveyed that, given the situation, he’d willingly sign up for service again without hesitation. Cameron’s sentiments underscored the deep sense of duty, camaraderie, and gratitude that characterized his military service.

Transitioning to Civilian Life

Following on, Cameron entered the banking and investment sector. He started with an entry-level position at Bank of America, later advancing to the role of a broker at Merrill Lynch Pierce Penner & Smith Inc., specializing in wealth and investment management services. His tenure there spanned three years, during which he gained valuable experience.

Since 2017, Cameron has been a key member of Coatue Management, an American technology-focused financial consultancy in New York. In his role as a research associate, he diligently analyzes trends in the market and identifies opportunities within the media, telecommunications, and technology sectors. Cameron’s contributions are integral to enhancing the fund’s performance and fostering its growth.

Instagram Presence

He maintains an Instagram account under the handle “Camfrish,” his initial post dating back to 2013 during his military service; however, his posts are infrequent. Currently, he’s just under 9,000 followers who gain insight into various aspects of his life. These updates include snapshots from his days as an ice hockey and lacrosse player, documentation of his travels and adventures with friends, expressions of his affection for the army, and more recently, glimpses into his relationship with his wife, Kat.

Personal Life

Cameron is known primarily among friends and colleagues, but his association with Kat Timpf has garnered him considerable public attention.

Who is Kat Timpf?

Katherine Clare Timpf, born on 29 October 1988, in Detroit, Michigan, graduated magna cum laude in 2010 from Hillsdale College with a B.A. in English. Venturing into a journalism career, she garnered early recognition for her contributions to esteemed publications such as The Washington Times, Investor’s Business Daily, Barstool Sports, and National Review. Her columns delved into politics, culture, and lifestyle, consistently echoing a libertarian perspective that emphasizes individual freedom and limited government intervention.


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Kat Timpf expanded her reach to TV and radio, making notable appearances on various platforms. In 2015, she joined Fox News and became a regular panelist and co-host on the American news and political satire talk show “Gutfeld” – previously “The Greg Gutfeld Show” – and a regular host on the weekend comedy show “Fox News Saturday Night.” She also has her own show, “Sincerely, Kat,” on Fox Nation.

She engages with her audience on social media, with nearly 450,000 followers on Twitter (now known as X) and close to 850,000 followers on Instagram. Alongside professional wrestler Tyrus, she co-hosted the podcast “Tyrus and Timpf.”  Adding to her accomplishments, she authored a book entitled “You Can’t Joke About That,” released on April 18, 2023.

How Did Cameron and Kat Meet?

The couple initially crossed paths on Raya, an exclusive, membership-based dating platform tailored for individuals within the entertainment industry, encompassing celebrities and professionals alike. Kat initially harbored reservations about Cameron, perceiving him as “clean-cut” compared to her previous relationships. However, as she got to know him better, it became evident that he was the one for her. Falling in love with Cameron brought a newfound sense of freedom to Kat, articulating that this love provided a profound sense of security and support, alleviating anxieties and fostering a feeling of safety that, contrary to her expectations, was anything but mundane. In fact, she found the experience exhilarating, and is currently relishing the most enjoyable phase of her life alongside him. The couple made their relationship public on Instagram around March 2019, marking a significant milestone in their journey together.

Wedding Bells for Cameron and Kat

In August 2020, Kat announced her engagement to Cameron by proudly showcasing her engagement ring on “Gutfeld.” Playfully sharing the moment on Instagram, she quipped that ‘hell froze over’, as prior to meeting Cameron, she wasn’t actively seeking a boyfriend, let alone a husband, being rather skeptical about the concept of monogamy. However, Cameron proved to be a game-changer, making her a believer. The couple sealed their commitment on 1 May 2022, in an intimate wedding ceremony officiated by Lisa Kennedy, the host of Fox’s “The Kennedy Show.” They went to Santorini, Greece for their honeymoon, and currently reside in New York with their cat, Cheens, and dog Carl.

On Having Kids

Kat expressed her enthusiasm for the prospect of evolving and sharing the best moments with Cameron. While she’d never desired to have children before and couldn’t comprehend the reasons why anyone would, being with him altered her perspective. She now feels open to the idea, envisioning that it might happen in the coming years. Cameron’s positive influence has brought about a meaningful transformation in her life, and she describes it as the most wonderful feeling in the world.

Enamored By His Wife

Cameron rarely posts on his Instagram account, but it’s evident that he’s utterly captivated by his wife, as his recent content predominantly features her and captures their travels and special moments. Despite their hectic schedules, the couple carved out time for shared experiences, attending a NASCAR racing event at Michigan International Speedway, immersing themselves in the country life at Wilkens Fruit and Fir Farm, and relishing a tranquil picnic in Central Park.

His Instagram feed serves as a poignant testament to his deep affection for Kat. On her birthday in 2021, he expressed, ‘Nothing makes me prouder than to be your husband!’ The subsequent year, he penned a heartfelt message, acknowledging how his remarkable wife consistently impresses him with her creativity, humor, and kindness. Cameron went on to affirm that he’s become a better person because of her influence in his life.

Interesting Facts

A Big Lacrosse Fan

In a lighthearted series of tweets, Kat Timpf shared her playful rant at Cameron, as he wasn’t paying attention to her at all focus solely on watching lacrosse games. This amusing narrative unfolded during a flight to Montana, and persisted even after the plane touched down. Cameron’s love for lacrosse is unsurprising, given his history on the men’s lacrosse roster at the US Military Academy. Records indicate his active presence on the roster for a three-year period, from 2007 to 2009. His commitment to the sport began even earlier, as he held the position of lacrosse team captain during his high school years at Choate Rosemary Hall. Bob Simmons, lacrosse coach, recognized Cameron’s impact on the field, stating that the young athlete brought heart to the team, and was his biggest contribution.

Driving 12 Hours For His Wife’s Cat

In the “Gutfeld” show, Kat shared that she and Cameron don’t exchange gifts at Christmas, but he does something even better – he drives for 12 hours to get her cat to Detroit. This isn’t a one-time thing; he does it every single year, which is even more impressive. Apparently, the cat has a heart problem, preventing it from flying, and they can’t leave him with just anyone because he’s quite feral, and administering medication would be difficult. When someone called her out for it, she explained that she’s in the car with him; she just can’t drive. She also emphasized that it’s not selfish to care about an animal she rescued and has shown love for 13 years.


Cameron Friscia stands at 6ft (183cms), weighs 143lbs (65kgs), with dark brown hair and gray eyes.

Net Worth

Authoritative sources estimate that Cameron Friscia’s net worth is $4 million, as of February 2024.


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