Reyna Love: a multifaceted American talent renowned for her roles as a fashion model, content creator, and actress. She garnered widespread recognition for her compelling portrayal of the main lead in the movie “Secret Society,” which not only showcased her acting prowess but also ignited vibrant online discussions about her real gender identity. The buzz about her is a testament that fans were eager to witness her ascent to even greater heights in Hollywood.

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Early Years and Family

Reyna Love entered the world on 25 April 1995, in Hialeah, Miami-Dade County, Florida, USA. Born to parents of Cuban-Jamaican descent and growing up in the vibrant Little Haiti neighborhood, she found herself immersed in a rich cultural environment. However, it was her mother who emerged as a guiding force, playing a pivotal role in nurturing her creative inclinations.

Reyna’s mother is an avid activist, engaged in various community advocacies. This exposure instilled in Reyna a heightened awareness of social, economic, and political issues from a young age. Despite facing resource constraints, her mother ensured Reyna had access to every opportunity available, fostering a strong foundation for her future endeavors.

In stark contrast to conventional parenting norms, Reyna’s upbringing was marked by a liberating approach. Her mother encouraged her to explore a diverse array of interests, including acting, music, sports, and modeling. This unconventional guidance propelled Reyna into numerous extracurricular activities, setting the stage for her to evolve into a confident and versatile individual.


Reyna Love pursued her education in the local schools of her hometown, with her academic journey culminating at Miami Edison High School, where she not only excelled in her studies, but was also crowned as the Prom Queen.


From childhood through adulthood, Reyna Love enjoyed privileged access to various career prospects that came to town. She fondly acknowledges her mom’s role in it, saying, ‘I’m so appreciative of how supportive my mom has always been.’

Sesame Street Gig

Reyna’s initiation into the entertainment world took a delightful turn with her first acting gig on the iconic children’s show, “Sesame Street.” The experience proved not only gratifying but also sparked a profound interest in further exploring the entertainment industry. This early exposure also earned her a unique recognition in her school, where she became known as the girl who shared a connection with the beloved character, Elmo.


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Featured in TV series on Starz and HBO

She went to several auditions, as did many people trying to get into the movie and TV industry. She got into a web series called “Magic Show,” which was streamed on Starz and HBO, but was only for a minor role.

Became a Model

While her high school drama teacher recognized and encouraged her acting potential, the allure of modeling proved irresistible to Reyna. Beginning her modeling journey at the tender age of seven, she quickly became a sought-after face, representing various brands for wholesalers in Miami. This local success opened doors to glamorous opportunities and valuable connections, propelling her to model for renowned brands such as Erico Place and Chic Couture in New York and Los Angeles. Her striking appearance also graced the pages of fashion magazines, further establishing her presence in the modeling world.

Content Creator

With the rise of social media as a platform for talent and skill showcase, Reyna seamlessly transitioned into the role of a content creator and social media influencer. She leveraged her confidence in acting to create engaging comedy skits that she shared across her social media platforms. Additionally, Reyna showcased her modeling prowess through captivating photo shoots.

A Breakthrough Role in Her First Movie

While Reyna Love’s social media following may not have rivaled that of other content creators, her content caught the attention of the writer of the movie “Secret Society.” At the time, the writer was in search of an individual to portray the character Celess, described as fashionable with a vibrant personality. The writer reached out to Reyna through Instagram direct messaging, presenting her with the opportunity to venture into acting. Excited by the prospect, she eagerly accepted the invitation to audition for the role.

Despite facing challenges such as a hurricane, barking dogs, and noisy kids, Reyna was determined to record her audition tape. She submitted the video, and fortunately the casting agent prioritized her performance over the background noise, posting positive feedback. She was asked for a second audition to ensure her compatibility with the envisioned character, a challenge she confidently conquered.

Subsequently, Reyna met with the movie’s creative team, and during that face-to-face encounter, the decision was made. She secured the role of one of the main leads alongside Erika Pinkett, Viveca Fox, and Jeremy Meeks in “Secret Society,” directed by Jamall Hill; the film premiered on Amazon Prime in 2021.

A Pandora’s Box with Traumatic Experiences

The Amazon Prime adaptation of Miasha Coleman’s best-selling novel received widespread acclaim, with Reyna Love earning significant recognition for her portrayal of Celess, a transwoman navigating a complex journey of disownment and the constant threat of losing everything gained through hustle by a secret that she kept from everyone.

Beyond its compelling narrative on the transgender community and exploration of often unspoken issues within the Black community, the movie’s casting drew considerable praise. Reyna revealed that, in preparing for her role, she metaphorically opened her own Pandora’s Box, delving into past traumatic experiences to authentically portray the emotions required. Despite initial hesitations due to the pain associated with revisiting these memories, Reyna found the process worthwhile in bringing depth and authenticity to her performance.

More Movie and TV Projects

The triumph of “Secret Society” catapulted Reyna Love into an exciting phase of her career, prompting an invitation to reprise her role as Celess in the sequel, “Secret Society 2: Never Enough,” which hit screens in 2022. Much like its predecessor, the sequel proved to be a resounding success, captivating audiences with an even more enthralling narrative. Reyna, thoroughly enamored with portraying Celess, seized the opportunity to delve into the character’s complexities. The role not only resonated on-screen, but also propelled her onto numerous podcasts and talk shows for insightful interviews.

The franchise expanded into a trilogy with the release of “Secret Society: ‘Til Death” in 2023, and Reyna joyously returned to breathe life into her beloved character. What began as a singular opportunity evolved into a series, leaving Reyna incredulous at the fortune of landing such an iconic role.

In addition the “Secret Society” trilogy, Reyna showcased her versatility in the web series “Secrets and Yards.” Currently in post-production, this series directed by LaShirl Smith is slated for release in the latter part of 2024, promising yet another avenue for audiences to witness Reyna’s dynamic presence on screen.

Personal Life

In a world saturated with content creators baring their lives for public consumption, Reyna Love stands apart by choosing to maintain a veil of privacy. Unlike her counterparts who thrive on drama and exposure, Reyna consciously refrains from oversharing, a rarity in today’s social media landscape, where garnering likes and followers often takes precedence.

She was resolute in guarding her personal life. However, in a rare moment of vulnerability, she shared that she’s a proud mother of two children – a son named Con and a daughter named Rhianna – from a previous relationship. Despite her reserved approach, Reyna opened up about a painful chapter in her life, revealing that she was a victim of domestic violence for eight years. Though she didn’t delve into the specifics of that experience, she found solace and strength in the teachings of the Bible.

Notably, Reyna has chosen not to utilize her social media platforms to showcase her dating life, leading to widespread speculation that she is presently single and wholly dedicated to securing a bright future for her children. This underscores her unwavering focus on what truly matters in her life.

The real gender of Reyna Love

Reyna Love has found herself under public scrutiny regarding her gender identity, a speculation that gained traction following her portrayal of Celess in “Secret Society”, in which the character was revealed to be transgender by the end of the movie. Her deliberate choice to keep her personal affairs private added an air of mystery around her, fueling the rumors.

It is crucial to clarify that Reyna is not a transwoman; she identifies as a biological female, and throughout her career, has consistently presented herself as a woman in both her professional and personal life.

Interesting Facts

Empowering Advocacy

Reyna Love, drawing strength from her own experience as a survivor of abuse, actively engages in raising awareness about domestic violence. Utilizing her platform, she dedicates herself to shedding light on the harrowing realities of such situations, contributing to the collective efforts to combat this pervasive issue.

Belief in Manifestation

A firm believer in the power of manifestation, Reyna incorporates a unique approach to achieving her dreams. She shares her practice of placing small notes on her wall, adorned with affirmations related to self-esteem and resilience. In addition, she visually assembles photos representing her aspirations, emphasizing that it’s not only about visualization, but also verbalization to manifest one’s desires.

Persistence in Pursuing Dreams

Entering the entertainment industry posed formidable challenges, yet Reyna Love’s determination prevailed. Inspired by black celebrities such as Taraji P. Henson, Halle Berry and Zendaya, she tenaciously pursued her passion. Reyna envisions collaborating with her idols in the future.

Entrepreneurial Venture – An Online Store

Before taking on her first lead role, Reyna Love showcased her entrepreneurial spirit by establishing her own clothing line. This venture took shape as an online store, strategically promoted through her Instagram page. The store features a diverse array of clothing items, curated for various seasons, including swimwear. Additionally, Reyna has expanded her offerings to include a range of accessories, creating a one-stop destination for fashion enthusiasts drawn to her distinctive style.

Versatile Hobbies Across Eras

Reyna Love’s diverse interests have manifested in various hobbies throughout different phases of her life. From playing golf and soccer to contributing her voice to a choir, she’s explored a range of activities. Additionally, her pursuit of cultural enrichment is evident in her skills in performing African and Meringue dances, showcasing her dynamic and multifaceted nature.

Social Media Presence

Besides acting, she’s a social media personality enjoying a growing following on Instagram. She shares glimpses of her lifestyle as well as updates her fans with what’s happening to her career, with approximately 140,000 followers on the platform, and close to 40,000 followers on TikTok.


She is 5ft 6ins (167cms) tall, and her weight is about 140lbs (64 kgs).

Net Worth

Reyna Love’s net worth is estimated to be close to $2 million, as of February 2024, according to authoritative sources.


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