• Dasha Taran is an Instagram model, influencer and YouTuber from Krasnodar, Russia.
• She has one older brother, Stefan Taran, who she moved to Seoul, South Korea with.
• Dasha is known for her YouTube channel, which has over 80 videos and has been viewed almost 40 million times.
• She is also a model, having signed a five-year contract with Rainmaker modeling agency, and has worked with brands such as MAC, NARS, NYX and L'Oreal.
• She has an estimated net worth of $1 million in 2021.

Dasha Taran is an Instagram model, influencer and YouTuber, popular for her sketches, beauty and fashion. However, she has only shared vague details of her life on social media. Find out more about Dasha Taran in this biography.

Early Life, Family, Educational Background

Dasha Taran was born in Krasnodar, Russia under the birth sign of Libra, on 12 October 1999. Her name ‘Dasha’ is originally Latin and means ‘God’s Gift’. Her father’s name is Garik Taran, while her mother’s name has never been revealed to the public; Her parents are Russian and Ukrainian, respectively, so Dasha and her brother grew up learning the cultures of both countries.

Dasha’s only sibling, Stefan Taran, is now 17 years old. Their parents prefer to maintain a low profile, hence the siblings are the only public figures in their family. Dasha and Stefan were raised in Russia by their parents. She completed her 11th grade education in a local high school in Krasnodar, after which sShe went on to study Film and TV Directing in college.

As they grew older, Dasha and Stefan decided that they’d had enough of Russia, and moved to Seoul, South Korea where they’ve lived ever since. Growing up, Dasha had dreams of being a politician or joining law enforcement, but her life took another trajectory and she seems to be pleased with how it’s going.



Dasha Taran joined YouTube on 17 March 2013 when she was 14 years old, but her first video “Casual Makeup” wasn’t uploaded until 29 December 2017, but she only started releasing videos consistently in 2019. Some of her earliest videos include “Hong Kong” (2019), “Easy and Beautiful Make-up” (2019), and “How I Do My Eyebrows” (2019).

Basically, Dasha’s YouTube channel covers a wide range of topics including vlogs, make-up tutorials, cosplays, diets, tours, skincare and unboxing videos.

Due to the variety of content she shared, people from various demographics stumbled upon her channel, and started to engage with her uploads, so she’s now amassed over 1.23 million followers.

Some of her most viral videos are “My Skincare Video 1” (2019), “My Skincare Video 2” (2020), “Easy and Beautiful Makeup” (2019), and “My Favorite Daily Make-up” (2020). Total views for all four videos have surpassed nine million as of mid-2021.

She hardly collaborates with popular YouTubers, but when she does, it’s always an amazing time for her followers. She has created vlogs with Elina and her brother a number of times. Funnily enough, the editing stage is Dasha’s favorite part of content creation, once telling a fan that it takes a minimum of two days. Dasha Taran’s YouTube channel now has over 80 videos which have been viewed almost 40 million times.

In September 2020, she received the Silver Play Button from YouTube, and shared the feat with her social media followers.

Modeling Career

Dasha was first spotted as a model on Instagram. In 2017, she modeled some outfits from the 66girls clothing line, for a big Korean boutique, and her breakthrough came when she took part in T.C. Chandler’s “The Most Beautiful Faces of 2018”. Although she wasn’t among the winners, she gained considerable exposure through the contest.

Since she came onto the modeling scene, Dasha has proven to be a force to reckon with. Her clear skin and bright complexion make her the choice model for many brands, and she’s since modeled for brands such as “MAC”, “NARS”, “NYX”, “KYLIE Coco Collection”, “Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance”, “L’Oreal Feline” and “Vieu”.

Dasha Taran

In 2019, Dasha signed a five-year contract with Korean modeling agency Rainmaker. In an interview, Park Sin-hu, the president of the agency said that he was ready to ‘support Dasha Taran without sparing a penny’. She’s also supervised by a team at Profile Model Management.

Social Media Influencer

Dasha’s fame on YouTube led most of her subscribers to her Instagram pages; she operates two accounts on the social platform. On the first, (@tarankaaa), she shares surface details of her life with followers, who now number almost two million on this page.

On the second – @taaarannn – she posts updates about her YouTube channel, and fashion photographs; sometime in 2016, she recreated “Starry Lights”, a famous painting by Van Gogh. She has close to four million followers on this page. Both of her Instagram pages are verified with the blue tick, showing that she is recognized as a public figure.

She also has a TikTok account, on which she posts funny videos and short modeling hacks for aspiring models. Dasha endorses several brands on her various social media pages.

She calls her fans “Dashans”.

Personal Life, Relationship

Dasha doesn’t share much about her personal life. She hasn’t revealed the presence of a boyfriend in her life, however, she has a close relationship with her brother Stefan. They often create cute videos on her channel, and their love for each other is evident. Ms. Taran maintains that her main goal in life is to be happy.

Appearance, Clothing Style

The doll-like beauty has long brown hair and hazel toned eyes. She is 5ft 6ins (1.73m) tall and weighs about 130lbs (59kgs).

Dasha dresses in different ways, depending on the fashion brand she has to model for. She alternates between sexy and comfortable dresses. Her go-to outfit is a hoodie paired with sweatpants or tights.

Hobbies, Favorite Things and Interesting Facts

  • Dasha enjoys cooking, and also loves russian snacks.
  • Her favorite meals are pho bo, sandwich paired with lobster, and pasta.
  • Dasha can speak Japanese, English and Korean as well as Russian.
  • She enjoys Korean popular (K-pop) drama.
  • Lipstick is her favorite make-up product.
  • Her favorite video game is Minecraft.
  • She has two favorite seasons- spring and summer.
  • She loves shoes made by Nike.
  • Her hobbies are going to cafes, watching movies and drawing,

Net Worth and Salary

In 2021, Dasha Taran’s  net worth is estimated at over $1 million, generated largely from Google Adsense, paid collaborations, modeling and her personal projects. She is yet to reveal details of any property ownership to the media.


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