• Kylin Kalani is a model, social media personality, blogger and aspiring popstar
• She was born in the USA in 2005 to a traditional American family
• Kylin started modeling at age 9, and had a breakthrough at 13 with an Apple commercial & New York Fashion Week ramp walk
• Kylin is active on Instagram, TikTok & Patreon, where she has over 570K, 28K & undisclosed followers, respectively
• Kylin has an estimated net worth of $700,000 from brand influencing, exclusive content creation & catwalk modelling

Kylin Kalani is a woman of many talents – model, social media personality, blogger and aspiring popstar – all in one. Fans and critics are eager to know how young Kylin has achieved so much at such a young age.

Read Kylin’s biography to find out how she broke into the modeling industry, and how the 16-year old has stayed on top of her game ever since.

Early Life, Family, Educational Background

Kylin Kalani was born in the USA on 30 December 2005; her astrological sign is Capricorn, she’s of white ethnicity and a Christian, as her parents raised her to be. Just like the traditional American family, Kylin’s father is a businessman, while her mother stays busy taking care of the home.

The Kalanis’ are private people, and choose not to share details of their lives with the public.

Even though Kylin came into the limelight as a teenager, very little is known of her childhood and early education. However, Kylin, her brother and her parents have always lived together in the US. She attended a private elementary school close to her home. During her days at the elementary school, Kylin participated in lots of shows and events. Upon completion of her primary education, she took up modeling as a profession.

Although Kylin decided to explore the possibilities in the modeling industry, she didn’t drop out from school, but moved on to an undisclosed high school while chasing her dreams.

It’s rumored that she plans to enrol into the University of California once she matriculates, however, she has neither confirmed nor denied the rumor.

She once revealed that her brother also has a career in modeling.


Modeling Career

Kylin started modeling at nine years of age, but it was nothing serious at the time. As she grew, she saw the potential in becoming a model at a young age, and she did. A combination of Kylin’s beauty, toned body and natural affinity to the camera won her lots of offers from top fashion brands. Her demand was even more amplified when she started sharing content consistently on social media.

At 13, Kylin made her breakthrough, appearing in a commercial for Apple’s iPhone line. Later in the same year, she was invited to walk on the New York Fashion Week Ramp (September, 2018). Soon after, Kylin also appeared on the catwalk for the Los Angeles Fashion Week.

Her entire demeanor at both events endeared her to the crowd. She stunned the audience and event organizers so much that she was invited for the New York Fashion Week in 2020.

It was after her appearance at the New York Fashion Week in 2018, that she became known all over the U.S and beyond as a hotshot model.

Kylin landed a lead role in the second season of the reality TV show “Rising Fashion” as a star model. The television show aired in 2019, and Kylin’s fame skyrocketed.

In the course of her modeling career, Kylin has worked with other high-end fashion brands; some of them are “Prom Girl XO”, “Boutine LA”, “Rubens Osbaldo”, “Chick”, “Fouzias Couture”, “Love Baby J” and many others.

Since the occurrence of these major events in her life, Kylin’s career as a model keeps growing by leaps and bounds. She appears to be a woman on a mission, and there’s no stopping her.

Kylin Kalani

Social Media Influencer

Over time, Kylin’s career as a social media influencer has become a source of income. She’s in a position where she can convince her followers to make purchases from certain brands online.

She is most active on Instagram, where she has over 570,000 followers. On TikTok, she boasts an audience of over 28,000. On these social platforms, she collaborates with numerous fashion brands to model and advertise their products.

Aside from Instagram and TikTok, Kylin also posts content on a subscription-based platform, Patreon. She occasionally shares exclusive content on that space, and generates income through that platform as well.

Personal Life, Relationship

The reason Kylin keeps putting herself out there is to get ahead in her career. Profession aside, she has no interests sharing her personal life with the media. This is probably for the best, seeing as she is still a teenager and needs the right environment to grow up like others her age.

Having noted that, Kylin hasn’t disclosed the presence of a boyfriend or any romantic interest in her life.

Kylin however, did mention her interest in a musical career. She hinted to her followers the possibility of her debut single in the near future.

Hobbies, Favorite Things, Interesting Facts

  • Kylin is a pet lover, and has two dogs of her own, Maddie and Ande.
  • She likes traveling.
  • Kylin loves to dance for fun.
  • She enjoys playing musical instruments and is currently learning to play the clarinet.
  • She likes to eat sushi, and also has a weakness for sweet foods.
  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • Tom Cruise is her favorite actor.

Appearance, Clothing Style

At 16, Kylin is already 5ft 7ins tall (1.7m )! Her fans speculate that she will grow even taller because of her age. She weighs about 120lbs (55kgs). Her hair is dark brown and she has black eyes.

Kylin started modeling for fashion brands at a really young age, so it’s not weird that she is a fashion icon, most Generation Z ladies look up to. All the yoga and cardio exercises are finally paying off, as Kylin continues to flaunt her sculpted form in clothes from top shot fashion brands in and out of the US. Her style is high end fashion, as she wears classy designs with room for comfort.

Net worth and Salary

Kylin’s income is reportedly from $100,000 yearly, earned from brand influencing deals, exclusive content creation and catwalk modeling. At the time of this writing, her net worth is estimated at close to $700,000.

Due to Kylin’s private nature, she is yet to share any information regarding her personal properties to the public.


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