• Lara McDonnell is a 17 year old Irish child actress
• She began her career at the age of 11 and has received much praise for her acting performances
• She is most known for her role as Holly Short in the Disney movie ‘’Artemis Fowl’’
• She is an avid reader who enjoys Sci-fi novels, and is a trend setter with her dress style
• She has an estimated net worth of $500,000

To gain international fame in your childhood is an accomplishment that is celebrated by a few, and when it comes to the beautiful actress Lara McDonnell, it seems like this fortune was engraved in her life’s journey. Born with a natural talent in performing arts, this young lady has garnered a name for herself in the actors’ world. Her phenomenal performances on stage and in film are said to be a force to be reckoned with.


Lara McDonnell, born on the 7 November 2003, in Dublin, Ireland, is an Irish child actress who works in both British and American productions. She is amongst the young and upcoming stars as she has made her mark on stage, in film, and on social media platforms.

Her acting talent has rewarded her with a front seat in the rising star category and she is slowly making her way up the ranks. Her fitness regime is shared on public platforms such as Instagram as a means to guide and motivate others who want to reach their fitness goals.

Debuting at the early age of 11 in the title role of the musical theatre production ‘’Matilda’’, for the Royal Shakespeare company, Lara showcased her stage performance. She received much appraisal for her performance, and then went on to play the title role in her first film ‘’Love Rosie’’in 2014, a romantic comedy based on the novel ‘’Where Rainbows End’’ by Irish Author Cecelia Ahern.

She later appeared in films such as ‘’To Walk Invisible: The Bronte Sisters’’ in 2016 as ‘’Anne’’, and ‘’The Delinquent Season’’ in 2018 as ‘’Alannah’’ which has cemented her spot as an upcoming star.

With years of acting experience under her belt, Lara’s talent can clearly be seen in her role as Holly Short in the Disney Sci-fi movie ‘’Artemis Fowl” alongside actors Collin Farrell and Judi Dench, based on the books of the same name and released on 12 June 2020. Although the movie is said to be a bad adaptation of the books, Lara’s acting talent was evident, gaining her international recognition as a great influence on young actors.

Early life, Family, Educational background

17 year old Lara McDonnell has light brown hair and brown eyes. Although she hardly ever mentions her family, she has hinted that she has had the privilege of growing up in a stable home, and that her younger brother and sister look up to her. They are proud of her achievements, and she takes pride in setting a positive example for them

She aspired to be an actress from toddler years, as she’s always enjoyed the portrayal of a variety of characters, re-enacting them from the movies that she would watch.

Her family has always enjoyed watching her perform and are said to be singing her praises. Her dreams were supported by her family as they could see her outstanding ability to act from a young age.

Lara is home-schooled, as the demands of being a young actress together with her schooling career never kept her in one place. Her acting career demanded frequent travel to the US, so an online course especially designed for young artists was the best choice for her to complete her schooling career from home. She is said to be coping well with the arrangement, as it gives her a chance to do what she loves.

Lara McDonnell


She is most famously recognized for her outstanding portrayal of ‘’Holly Short’’ in the Disney movie ‘’Artemis Fowl’’ in 2020. This role has given her instant international stardom as she has undoubtedly given off her best performance.

We can only wish for the best for this talented young lady as she seems to be travelling in the right path.

Personal life

Lara is not one to publicly speak about her personal life and is said to have her full focus on her studies and career. There is currently no sign of a boyfriend.

By the looks of things on her Instagram account ‘’laramcdonnellofficial’’, it seems that Lara is busy with other ventures in her life, as aside from studying and acting, she seems to be a health and fitness diva as well. She has more than 28,000 followers and graces their Instagram presence on a daily basis.

Hobbies and Interesting facts

Lara is an avid reader who enjoys Sci-fi novels as she is quoted to have said, ‘’I absolutely Love the books of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, so Artemis Fowl was perfect for me’’.

Her favourite from the lot is the renowned author JK Rowling, as she is often seen commenting on her Twitter and Instagram pages about her love for the books. She is said to still be waiting for her ride to Hogwarts.

As the theatre production ‘’Matilda’’ is long standing and has seen many actresses portray the role of ‘’Matilda’’, Lara McDonnell is the first Irish actress that has fitted this role.

Appearance, dress style

This petite young lady stands at 5ft 2ins (1.57m), with a feather light weight of just 100lbs (45kgs). Her brown hair complements her sparkly brown eyes, and as she has grown older in the entertainment industry, she is now being recognized for her tremendous beauty.

Lara seems to be a trend setter with her comfortable casuals and smart dress style. She is often seen sporting a jacket to compliment her outfit of the day.

Net worth

This young lady is quite the hard worker as she has started off her career at an early age, already accumulating an estimate $500,000 net worth.


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