• Ruby O. Fee is a Costa Rican actress and producer with German heritage
• She made her acting debut at fourteen years of age in 2010, in the sci-fi drama “Womb”
• She had one of the starring roles as Laila in “Löwenzahn • Das Kinoabenteuer” in the following year
• Her first regular role was in 2010 and ended in 2012, in the award-winning German series “Allein gegen die Zeit”
• Her most notable roles include Sternchen in “Als wir träumten” and Sindy in “Polar”

Who is Ruby O. Fee?

Ruby O. Fee is a Costa Rican actress and producer with German heritage, born on 7th February 1996, in San José, Puerto Rico. After her parents divorced, Ruby lived in Brazil with her German mother and French stepfather, before relocating to Germany in 2008 and pursuing an acting career almost immediately. Measuring 5ft 6in (160cm) tall, and weighing 120lbs (55kg) with vital statistics of 35-25-35, the brunette bombshell has won over hundreds of thousands of fans due to her acting skills and bubbly personality.

Ruby’s First Roles

Ruby made her acting debut at fourteen years of age in 2010, in the sci-fi drama “Womb”. Starring Eva Green and Matt Smith, the movie’s plotline is based around a woman who decides to give birth to a clone of her dead partner, and the controversial consequences of her decision. Despite not being a box office hit, “Womb” won a Junior Jury award at the Locarno International Film Festival, and was also nominated in the Golden Leopard category at the same event.

In the following year, a young Ruby had one of the starring roles as Laila in “Löwenzahn – Das Kinoabenteuer”, a family-friendly adventure movie written by André Georgi and Henriette Piper.

Ruby’s co-stars included Dominique Horwitz and Guido Hammesfahr, and the German production was fairly well-received by critics.

Ruby’s first regular role came in 2010 and ended in 2012, in the award-winning German series “Allein gegen die Zeit” – English title “13 Hours: A Race Against Time” – which ran for two seasons with each episode being 25 minutes long. The first season of the family adventure series was based on young children fighting against terrorists who infiltrate a school looking for advanced scientific technology; in season two, the same group of children and some new faces strike against the bad guys who are developing a bioweapon.

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Ruby became more active in the acting industry in 2013 and 2014, with roles in four movies and bit parts in two series. The young actress took this time to amplify her portfolio, and branch out into diverse genres such as fantasy, thriller and crime.

Ruby’s Notable Roles

Ruby played Sternchen in “Als wir träumten” – English title “As we were dreaming” – a 2015 movie about three teenage boys who start their own techno music club, working with talented young actors Merlin Rose and Joel Basman among others. The film did well in its home country, being nominated for a Golden Bear award at the Berlin International Film Festival. One Spanish movie critic praised the film, saying: “It’s as if Shane Meadows took the essence of ‘Trainspotting’, and with it, made a movie about German youngsters in the suburbs”.

In 2017 Ruby starred in “The Invisibles”, a gritty wartime movie about four young Jewish people who were part of the small community that survived in Berlin until the end of WWII. Written and directed by Claus Rafle, the film won the Best Narrative Feature award at the 2018 Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival.

Ruby’s last notable role was in the 2019 movie “Polar”, an action drama film released via Netflix, about a retiring assassin who discovers his employer has put a hit out on him. The movie was based on Víctor Santos’s graphic novel of the same name and starred big names in the entertainment industry such as Vanessa Hudgens and Matt Lucas. Playing the role of Sindy, Ruby was one of the lead characters, and this performance is deemed one of her best to this day.

As for future projects, Ruby will soon be starring in Matthias Schweighöfer’s “Army of Thieves”, the prequel to the zombie movie “Army of the Dead”, and set to be released on Netflix on 29 October 2021, despite the poor performance of its predecessor which earned just $780,000 with a colossal $80 million budget.

Ruby’s Social Media

As of late 2021, Ruby boasts over 200,000 followers on Instagram. The actress’s tastefully curated feed on @rubyofee is an artful mix of food, gym workout sessions, and carefully filtered selfies. On average, Ruby’s posts are liked by 15,000 of her loyal fans and receive an outpouring of positive comments.

Not everything is glitz and glamour, however: the actress also uses her influence to shine a light on causes close to her heart, such as “Fridays For Future”, a global climate group which promotes itself as a ‘youth-led grassroots movement’, and educates anyone interested on important topics including the links between climate justice and small farmers.

Ruby also uses her Instagram for occasional social media advertising, such as her February 2021 campaign with Coca-Cola. The star likes to promote small clothing brands as well.

Ruby’s Love Life

Ruby was previously in a relationship with Joaquim Lopes, a Brazilian actor who’s considered quite the heartthrob in his home country. The pair began dating in May 2016 when she was 20 and he was 36; they reportedly broke up due to distance and conflicting work schedules, but it’s unknown if their 16-year age gap or the actor’s complicated dating history factored into the split.

Between 2009 and 2015, Joaquim was in a relationship with Paolla Oliveira, a Brazilian actress in her late thirties. He was also previously married to Thaís Fersoza, and is now married to Marcella Fogaca, another Brazilian celebrity.

Joaquim posted a few sweet snaps with Ruby during the length of their short relationship, but the couple parted ways in early February 2017, leaving their respective fans heartbroken. However, Ruby soon found love again, with German actor and musician Matthias Schweighöfer; the handsome pair have been together since January 2021. Matthias was previously married to Angelika Schromm and shares two children with the scriptwriter; his net worth is estimated at over $4 million – he’s been active in the industry since 2000.

Ruby’s Net Worth

Having been in the film industry for over a decade, Ruby has a net worth estimated at over $800,000 is likely to keep growing thanks to her numerous social media endorsements and movie roles.


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