• Noah Strausser Speer Wyle was born in Hollywood, California on June 4th, 1971 and holds American nationality.
• He is an actor with more than 50 credits to his name, most notably for his portrayal of John Carter in the series "ER" from 1994 to 2009.
• He has won 12 awards for his performance in "ER", including four Online Film & Television Association Awards, a Prism Award, and four Screen Actor Guild Awards.
• He is currently married to his second wife Sara Wells, and has a daughter with her, while he has a son and daughter with his first wife Tracy Warbin.
• As of August 2021, Noah’s net worth has been estimated at over $25 million.

Noah Wyle Wiki Bio

Noah Strausser Speer Wyle was born in Hollywood, California USA, on 4 June 1971 – his zodiac sign is Gemini, and he holds American nationality. He’s an actor with more than 50 credits to his name, perhaps still known best for his portrayal of one of the lead characters, John Carter, in the romantic drama series “ER”. Created by Michael Crichton, it also starred Anthony Edwards, George Clooney and Julianna Margulies, and follows the people working at Chicago County General Hospital; the series aired from 1994 to 2009, and won 179 awards, including 23 Primetime Emmys, while it was nominated for 370 other awards.

Early life and education

Noah was raised alongside his two siblings in Hollywood, by their Jewish father Stephen Wyle, who was an entrepreneur and electrical engineer, and their Episcopalian mother Marjorie (nee Speer) who was an orthopedic head nurse.

Noah’s parents divorced before he turned 10, and Marjorie married the American film historian James C. Katz.

Noah became interested in acting while attending a local elementary school, and made his debut film appearance in 1984 aged 13, when he portrayed Young Man in the western comedy “Lust in the Dust”; it starred Tab Hunter, Divine and Lainie Kazan, and follows three people who are searching for buried treasure. Noah then took a break from acting, returning in 1990, and has since been active in the film industry.

He studied at The Thacher School, and upon matriculating in 1989, he enrolled at Northwestern University, from which he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in theatre arts in 1993.

Roles in TV series

Noah made his debut TV series appearance in 1990, with his portrayal of Eric in both episodes of the thriller mini-series “Blind Faith”; a couple of his following roles were in the 1995 episode “The One with Two Parts: Part 2” of the hit romantic comedy “Friends”, the 1995 episode “Eight” of the comedy “The Larry Sanders Show”, and two episodes of the animated adventure comedy “Sesame Street” (voice role).

Noah was then cast to star in the series “ER”, and didn’t appear in any other series during the 15 years he was shooting for it. His next role was in the 2013 episode “Twas the Mission Before Christmas” of the action comedy drama “Lab Rats: Bionic Island”, and the following year heard him voice Martin the News Vendor in the episode “Night of the Living Pharmacists: Part 1 & 2” of the popular short animated action “Phineas and Ferb”.

Noah Wyle

Between 2011 and 2015, Noah played the main character Tom Mason, in the action adventure drama “Falling Skies”, created by Robert Rodat, and which also starred Drew Roy and Maxim Knight. It follows the people who have survived an alien attack on Earth, and have now started fighting back; the series won three of the 37 awards for which it was nominated, including two Primetime Emmy nominations.

Three of Noah’s most recent roles in TV series have been in the 2018 episode “The Royal We” of the drama “The Romanoffs”, eight episodes of the crime drama “The Red Line” in 2019, and nine episodes of the mystery crime thriller “Leverage: Redemption” in 2021.

Roles in movies

In 1992, Noah was cast to play Corporal Jeffrey Barnes, in the evergreen thriller drama “A Few Good Men”, directed by Ron Reiner, and which starred Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore.

It follows military lawyer Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee, as he’s defending a group of Marines who have killed several people, but have stated that they were acting under orders; the movie won 10 of the 44 awards for which it was nominated, including four Oscar nominations. The remainder of the ‘90s saw Noah appear in several other critically acclaimed movies, such as the 1993 musical drama “Swing Kids”, the 1997 romantic comedy drama “The Myth of Fingerprints”, and the 1999 biographical historical drama “Pirates of Silicon Valley”.

In 2001, Noah portrayed Professor Kenneth Monnitoff, in the mystery science fiction drama “Donnie Darko”. It was written and directed by Richard Kelly, starred Jake Gyllenhaal and Jena Malone, and follows a teenager who has visions of a man in a strange rabbit suit, who’s talking him into committing various crimes; the movie won 12 of the 28 awards for which it was nominated.

In 2002, he appeared in the award-winning drama “White Oleander”, and in 2004, he starred as Flynn Carsen in the action adventure comedy “The Librarian: Quest for the Spear”, a role he reprised in the 2006 sequel “The Librarian: Return to King Solomon’s Mines”, and the 2008 further sequel “The Librarian III: The Curse of the Judas Chalice”.

In 2015, Noah played the main character Leonard, in the drama “The World Made Straight”, and in 2017, he appeared in the biographical historical drama “Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House”. His most recent movie role has been in the 2020 short comedy “Thanks Nurses”, while he’s currently shooting for the upcoming drama “A Dolphin in Our Lake”.

Writing, producing and directing credits

Noah has one writing, four directing and seven producing credits.

He made his producing debut back in 1997, with the movie “The Myth of Fingerprints”, while he then produced the 2006 film “The Librarian: Return to King Solomon’s Mines”, the 2008 movie “The Librarian III: The Curse of the Judas Chalice”, and 31 episode of the series “Falling Skies” between 2012 and 2015, and also directed the 2015 episode “Stalag 14th Virginia”.

In 2017, Noah produced the drama “Shot”, and between 2013 and 2018, he wrote two, produced 31 and directed five episodes of the series “The Librarians”. In 2021, he directed the episode “The Tower Job” of the series “Leverage: Redemption”, and he’s currently producing and directing the upcoming movie “A Killer Story”.

Other credits

Noah received special thanks for the 2001 short documentary video “Code of Conduct”.

In 2005, he voiced Dr. John Carter in the video game “ER: The Game”, and in 2014, he voiced Tom Mason in the video game “Falling Skies the Game”.

Noah has been featured in numerous documentaries, most recently in the 2016 movie “Classic Hollywood Cinemas”, the 2017 TV special “The Paley Center Salutes NBC’s 90th Anniversary”, and the 2017 series “Who Do You Think You Are?”

He has made a guest appearance in many talk-shows, such as “Home & Family”, “Steve” and “Stars in the House”.

Awards and nominations

Noah has won 12 awards, all for his performance in the series “ER”. including four Online Film & Television Association Awards, a Prism Award, and four Screen Actor Guild Awards.

He has been nominated for 27 other awards, including five Primetime Emmys, six Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films Awards, and three Golden Globes.

Love life and marriage with Sara Wells

On 6 May 2000, Noah exchanged vows with his first wife, the American make-up artist and film producer Tracy Warbin, who has worked on a couple of popular movies, including the 1995 animated adventure drama “Balto”, and the 1996 drama “Sling Blade”.

On 9 November 2002, Tracy gave birth to their son Owen Strausser, and on 15 October 2005 to their daughter Auden. However, Noah and Tracy separated in October 2009, and their divorce was finalized in 2010.

Noah announced in January 2014 that he was engaged to Sara Wells, an American actress who’s perhaps still known best for her portrayal of Girl with Ferrari Guy, in a 2007 episode of the series “Californication”. They married on 7 June 2014, in a private ceremony attended by many of their friends and family members, and on 22 June 2015, Sara gave birth to their daughter Frances Harper.

As of August 2021, Noah’s married to his second wife Sara Wells, and has a daughter with her, while he also has a son and a daughter with his first wife Tracy Warbin.

Hobbies and other interests

Noah’s a collector of various items, including baseball cards and antiques.

He’s a fan of tattoos, and has two: the letter ‘O’ on his left wrist, referring to his son Owen, and his daughter’s name Auden above it.

Noah’s a philanthropist, and has spent a lot of time contributing to the organization Doctors of the World, and to Human Rights Watch. Back in 2004, he was the spokesperson for the campaign Cover the Uninsured, which is still active today, and aims to help people who are without health care coverage. In 2009, Noah was a spokesperson for World Wide Fund for Nature, and in 2012, he supported ADAPT (American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today).

He has his own favorite actors and actresses, some of whom are Keanu Reeves, Russell Crowe and Julia Roberts, while a couple of his favorite movies are the trilogy “The Matrix”, “Gladiator” and “Pretty Woman”.

Age, height and net worth

Noah’s age is 50. He has short brown hair and brown eyes, his height is 6ft 1ins (1.85m) and he weighs around 180lbs (82kgs).

As of August 2021, his net worth has been estimated at over $25 million.


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