Shahar Isaac is an accomplished actor and social media personality based in the United States, who catapulted to international fame through his compelling depiction of Simon Peter, a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ, in the acclaimed religious television series, “The Chosen.” His noteworthy contributions to the show have solidified his standing in the entertainment industry, establishing Shahar as a notable figure with a significant presence both on screen and in the realm of social media.

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Early life, family, and education

Shahar Isaac was born in February 1993 in Israel, to parents who have chosen to remain anonymous. Despite the lack of precise information about his birth date, sources suggest that his zodiac sign is Pisces. There is also a lot of speculation surrounding his early years, with clues pointing to a birth in Israel and subsequent relocation to the United States.

Embracing his Israel-American ethnicity, Shahar is deeply rooted in his Jewish heritage, a reflection of his upbringing by parents who shared the same cultural and religious background. His commitment to Judaism adds a significant layer to his identity and influences both his personal and professional life.

Shahar Isaac pursued his education in the US, completing his schooling then enrolling in the Rutgers School of Acting. Under the guidance of mentors David Esbjorn and Barbara Marchant, he dedicated himself to his craft, earning a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. This educational journey laid the foundation for his flourishing career in acting, setting the stage for the international recognition he later achieved through his compelling portrayal of Simon Peter.


Shahar’s journey in the world of performance arts began in his school years, when he showcased his talents on the theatrical stage. Engaging in various productions, he participated in plays such as “Merchant of Venice,” “The Two Gentlemen of Verona,” and other works by the renowned playwright Shakespeare, honing his craft and laying the groundwork for a promising career.

His foray into television commenced with a role in the series “Person of Interest,” in which he portrayed Tariq Al Juhan. This marked the initiation of his on-screen presence, leading to subsequent appearances in the TV drama “National Theatre Live,” as the character Salman.

The turning point in Shahar Isaac’s career came in 2017, when he secured the role of Simon Peter in “The Chosen,” an American historical drama series created and directed by Dallas Jenkins. Premiering on 24 December 2017, this public-funded series delves into the life of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and his disciples. Isaac’s portrayal of Simon Peter, a pivotal disciple, garnered significant attention, as he featured in 26 of the 34 episodes spanning four seasons. The latest season of the show premiered on 1 February 2024, and has received mostly positive reviews.

In 2022, Shahar appeared in three episodes of the crime drama series “The Good Fight,” which was created by Michelle King. He portrayed the character Zev Beker, a tough and charming Israeli Krav Maga instructor, appearing on the big screen alongside popular actors such as Christine Baranski and John Slattery.

Beyond his acting prowess, Shahar Isaac possesses a passion for photography, a hobby that extends beyond personal enjoyment to an additional source of income. Regularly sharing his captivating visuals on platforms Instagram and Facebook, he’s created an avenue for admirers to engage with his artistic perspective. Shahar offers his work for purchase on his dedicated website, This multifaceted approach to the arts showcases Shahar’s diverse talents and contributions to both the performing and visual arts realms.

Social media presence

Shahar Isaac’s presence on social media platforms is limited to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. He primarily uses Instagram in recent years and has a large following of 276,000 fans. He mostly posts his artistic photographs and occasional promotional material for the movies and TV series he takes part in. He also loves to upload highlights from his travels and daily life. So far, he’s uploaded over 75 posts on his profile.

He doesn’t seem to be very active on Twitter, as his most recent post is from January 2023. He has around 4,000 followers on the platform, and only a handful of posts.


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In addition to his acting prowess, Shahar has showcased his passion for music, particularly as an instrumentalist. On various social media platforms, notably Instagram, he’s shared glimpses of his guitar-playing skills. Reports highlight that Shahar is proficient on guitar and as a bass player, having performed in bands and solo in the past.

While there is no evidence of recorded material or official releases in his musical portfolio, it’s evident that Shahar finds joy and fulfillment in playing instruments. Despite his musical talent, there is no indication that he is actively pursuing a music career or has a desire to release any material.


Shahar is a very private individual, who’s managed to keep details about his personal life away from the public eye. Currently unmarried, there is a lot of speculation about his relationship status, with some suggesting he might be single while others believe he could be in a relationship. Given his commitment to privacy, the specifics of his romantic life remain undisclosed to the public.

Appearance and clothing style

Standing at a height of 5ft 8ins (1.72m), and weighing around 145lbs (66kg), Shahar Isaac possesses a distinct and captivating appearance. His long, dark brown hair complements his sharp, piercing brown eyes. Additionally, he maintains a short beard that complements his hair and eyes.

Shahar is dedicated to maintaining a chiseled physique through regular workouts, and he embraces a natural look by choosing not to have any tattoos on his body. His preference for a body’s natural aesthetics aligns with his overall approach to personal style.

In terms of clothing, Shahar Isaac exhibits a casual and laid-back style. He often opts for tank-tops, linen shirts and jeans, reflecting a relaxed yet fashionable approach. To complete his look, he is frequently seen wearing sunglasses, adding a touch of flair to his overall outfit. This combination of physical fitness, natural aesthetics, and a laid-back clothing style contributes to Shahar’s distinctive and appealing presence.

Net Worth

As of early 2024, Shahar Isaac’s net worth has been estimated at around $10 million. His impressive net worth primarily comes from his successful acting career, but also from his ventures into photography.


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