• Catherine Mooty (Capa Mooty) is an American entrepreneur and co-founder of fashion brand 'LuxeLiner'
• She was born in Dallas, Texas USA in 1970 and is 5ft 4ins (156cm) tall, with vital measurements of 34-26-38
• She and her husband Troy Aikman have a blended family from their first marriages, and married in 2017
• Her net worth is estimated to be under $1 million and her husband's is estimated to be $50 million
• She is active on Instagram as @capaaikman with just under 2,000 followers

Who is Catherine ‘Capa’ Mooty?

Catherine Mooty, also known as Capa Mooty, is an American entrepreneur and co-founder of fashion brand ‘LuxeLiner’. She is also married to former American Football quarterback turned broadcaster Troy Aikman. Keep reading to discover her age, net worth, measurements and more!

Catherine’s Birthplace & Personal Stats

Catherine was born on 13th October 1970, in Dallas, Texas USA. She measures 5ft 4ins tall (156cm) and weighs around 55 kilos (120lbs), with her vital measurements being 34-26-38. Although there’s little information about her education or family, we know Catherine’s full maiden name is Catherine Cecil Person, and her father is named George J Person.

Catherine’s Business Ventures

Catherine is a savvy businesswoman, who co-founded ‘LuxeLiner’ in 2012 with four friends: Jennifer Clark, Wendy Poston, Alyson Griffith, and Charlotte Jones Anderson.

In November 2012, D Magazine was invited to the boutique’s exclusive launch party, and deemed the experience ‘sophisticated shopping on wheels’. There’s no doubt that LuxeLiner was an innovative concept for its time, being a mobile shop, full of haute couture and sophisticated high-end pieces.

With that being said, we have no idea if the boutique still exists as of today, as the brand’s Twitter account has been inactive since September 2014, and many online users even search ‘Is LuxeLiner still in business’ on Google.

It’s possible that Catherine and her friends decided to focus on other business ventures, which means their fans may have something to look forward to soon.

Catherine & Troy’s Marriage

Catherine and Troy have been deemed ‘the real-life Brady Bunch’ by the press due to their seemingly idyllic blended family. Before marrying, Catherine had two sons and Troy had two daughters from their first marriages.

Troy proposed to Catherine during their vacation in Lake Como, Italy, on 2nd June 2017. The couple wasted no time getting married, and tied the knot just over three months later in a lavish ceremony in Santa Barbara Beach at the Biltmore Four Seasons hotel in Montecito, California.

Previously, the couple stated that the key to their strong marriage was that both had spent years as single parents before meeting each other. Troy also revealed that the couple have the same love language and love going on adventures together.

Prior to their fairytale wedding, Catherine had been married to Jerry Mooty, nephew of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Before divorcing, Catherine and Jerry had two sons, Luke and Val. As for Troy, who was once named Dallas’ most eligible bachelor by Texas Monthly, we only know about two of his prior relationships. In the nineties, he dated country singer Lorrie Morgan. Then on 8th April 2000, he married former Dallas Cowboys publicist Rhonda Worthey in Texas.

Worthey and Aikman had two daughters during their marriage: Jordan Ashley Aikman, born in 2001, and Alexa Marie Aikman, born eleven months later in 2002. Although there were never any rumors or scandals regarding the marriage, the couple announced their separation on 24th January, 2011, and finalized their divorce on 12th April, 2011.

We don’t know the cause of Worthey and Aikman’s divorce, but Rhonda was arrested on public intoxication charges at the end of August a year later. The arrest took place at McMillen High School at approximately 9:30 in the morning. The police report was released a week later, and stated that Rhonda was slurring her words and had two water bottles of yellow liquid that smelled of alcohol in her car, as well as a bottle of unidentified medication which could either be muscle relaxant or epilepsy pills.

Troy Aikman

According to the report, Rhonda resisted arrest and even said that it would “hurt Troy”. When asked to exit the vehicle, Rhonda resisted by “trying to pull away, wrapped her legs under the seat and grabbed on to the steering wheel”. Eventually, police had to forcibly pull her out of the car.

The arrest was reported by several media outlets, including TMZ and the Dallas Times and led to speculations that Troy and Rhonda broke up due to her alcohol or medication abuse problems. It was reported in late January 2013 that Rhonda got off with 30 days probation.

Catherine’s Social Media

Catherine isn’t a prolific social media user, and only has one public Instagram profile, @capaaikman, with just under 2,000 followers.

She uses her profile from time to time to post about her sons, stepdaughters, husband and friends.

Of the couple, Troy definitely has the bigger social media presence, boasting over 260,000 Instagram followers. The former quarterback uses his profile to document his family life, and show his fans his interests, which include traveling, photography, and working out regularly.

Catherine & Troy’s Marriage

Some sources report Catherine’s net worth as up to $3 million, due to her LuxeLiner business. However, this figure is highly unlikely, taking into account the amount of money needed to operate a business, as well as the fact that the mobile boutique hasn’t been active since 2014, and was only operating for a couple of years.

For this reason, we calculate Catherine’s personal net worth as well under $1 million. However, if we were to combine Catherine’s net worth with her husband’s, the figure would rise considerably.

Troy Aikman enjoyed a star-studded career as a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, and helped his team win three Super Bowls in the nineties. Despite retiring due to his health concerns which included several concussions, he didn’t stop working, and instead joined the NFL commentary team to work with Joe Buck and other household names.

Aikman’s fantastic football career, combined with his broadcasting and endorsement revenue streams, have helped bring his net worth up to the impressive sum of $50 million. It’s even been reported that Aikman earned more from his Wingstop endorsement deal than he did when he signed his first contract with his Dallas Cowboy.

The broadcaster never stops thinking of creative ways to accumulate wealth. Apart from dabbling in real estate, Aikman also sells fans autographs for as much as $200.00 via his website.


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