• Born in the USA on 7 August 1996
• Son of Guy Fieri, a famous American author, restaurateur and TV presenter
• Attended Sonoma Academy and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2018
• Appeared on an episode of his father’s reality show “Guy’s Big Bite”
• Enjoys cooking, playing sports, and is a fan of Miley Cyrus and Brad Pitt/Johnny Depp movies

Who is Hunter Fieri?

American chef Hunter Fieri was born in the USA on 7 August 1996, so Leo’s his zodiac sign. He’s probably only known for being a son of Guy Fieri, a famous American author, restaurateur and TV presenter.

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Education and early life

Hunter was raised in the US alongside his brother Ryder, by their father and mother Lori Fieri who’s a housewife; Guy and Lori also raised Jules, whose mother, Guy’s sister died when Jules was 11 years old.

Hunter was mostly focused on his education while growing up. He studied at Sonoma Academy and was interested in several activities during his four years there, as he often played soccer and football with his peers, and also enjoyed running track; Hunter also spent time with his father at his restaurants, wanting to learn more about the business.

He matriculated in 2014, and then enrolled at William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in 2018.

Hunter’s career

Hunter began working at the restaurant Neapolitan Pies while still attending high school, and it’s believed that he’s today working at one of his father’s restaurants.

He attracted a lot of attention when he appeared in an episode of his father’s reality show “Guy’s Big Bite”, which has been airing since 2006, today numbering over 270 episodes. Each episode follows Guy or his sons as they’re preparing reputedly delicious meals, and the series has been nominated for four awards.

Love life and sexual orientation

Hunter’s not into speaking about his love life in public, and whenever asked about his past and present relationships, explains that he’s currently focused on working on his career rather than pursuing love.

Some of Hunter’s fans believe that he’s gay, and that this is why he avoids speaking about the topic, while some have even claimed to have spotted Hunter spending time with his boyfriend on more than a single occasion. Others believe that he’s perhaps dating a non-celebrity American girl, but prefers to keep this away from media, however, no rumors have been addressed by Hunter.

He seems to be unattached as of February 2023, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

More than 120,000 people are following Hunter on Instagram today, and he’s posted close to 300 pictures and videos onto the social media network; most in one way or another related to cooking.

He’s physically active and works out at the gym nearly every day; Hunter also still enjoys playing tennis and soccer with his friends.

He loves animals, and dogs are his favorites.

He’s a huge fan of American singer Miley Cyrus, and has recently uploaded a picture onto his Instagram account which features them together.

Hunter’s favorite actors are Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp, and some of his favorite movies include “Babylon”, “Fury” and “Bullet Train”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Hunter’s age is 26. He has brown eyes and hair, is 5ft 7ins (1.71m) tall and weighs about 150lbs (69kgs).

Hunter’s net worth’s been estimated at over $200,000 as of February 2023, but his father Guy’s at an impressive $70 million.

Who is his father Guy?

Guy Ramsay Fieri was born in Columbus, Ohio USA on 22 January 1968, meaning that Aquarius is his zodiac sign. He’s a co-owner of three Californian restaurants, and owner of two in Las Vegas, Nevada and New York City – since the mid-2000s he’s hosted various shows on the Food Network.

Guy was raised in Humboldt County, California by his father Lewis James Ferry and mother Penelope Anne (nee Price), but not a lot has been shared about them because Guy respects their privacy. He fell in love with cooking while attending a local high school, but it was while spending a summer in France as an exchange student that he decided he wanted to become a chef. Guy matriculated in 1986, and then enrolled at University of Nevada, Las Vegas from which he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in hotel management in 1990.

Upon his return from France, and while still attending high school, Guy began working at the Red Lion Inn, and upon graduation started by managing the Stouffer’s restaurant Parker’s Lighthouse; following this, he became the general manager at Louise Trattoria, which numbered six restaurants.

He and Steve Gruber opened their restaurant Johnny Garlic in Santa Rosa, California in 1996, and then their second location in Windsor three years later; they opened another in Petaluma in 2000, and their fourth in Roseville in 2008. The two businessmen also opened the barbecue and sushi establishment Tex Wasabi in Santa Rosa in 2003, and in another location in 2007; their fifth Johnny Garlic’s was opened in 2011, in Dublin, California.

In 2012, he opened Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar in New York City, but it closed in 2017; regardless, he opened a restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada in April 2014, and another in Baltimore, Maryland in 2015.

Guy and British-American businessman Robert Earl opened together a fast food chicken sandwich shop in Walt Disney World in 2018.

Guy’s been on TV since 23 April 2006, when the first episode of his show “Guy’s Big Bite” premiered on the Food Network. His second show “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” premiered in April 2007, and was followed by his shows “Ultimate Recipe Showdown”, “Guy Off the Hook” and “Minute to Win It”.

He officiated 101 gay weddings at the 2012 South Beach Food and Wine Festival, and then also the 2015 same-sex wedding of American chef Charles Arthur Smith.

Guy’s also the owner of a vineyard, and sells his own wine Hunt & Ryde, named after his sons.

He met his future wife Lori when she came to the restaurant in Long Beach, California which he was managing; they exchanged vows in 1995. Guy’s sister died from metastatic melanoma in 2011, and he and Lori thus decided to take in her 11-year-old son Jules.

Guy’s a collector of classic American cars, and often shows them off in his Instagram pictures.


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